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7 Best Hemp T Shirts You Can Buy Today

A man relaxes on a wooden porch in one of his hemp t shirts.

I’m a huge fan of hemp clothing, which is why you’ll often find me decked out in a hemp bra, hemp t shirts, weed underwear, and the like. I may go a little overboard at times, but when hemp is breathable, antibacterial, lightweight, and produced without toxins or chemicals, there’s really no better fabric for your body.

So, yeah, okay, maybe I sport a “hippie tuxedo” (PNW tuxedo? Natural tuxedo?), but I’m living the good life. Hemp shirts keep me breezy, hemp bras avoid the dreaded boob sweat, and hemp pants help my sustainable underwear do its job. If you’re ready to jump on the hemp t shirts wagon with me, I’ve rounded up my favorite brands with some of the best hemp shirts.


Whether you’re looking for organic hemp t shirts that are purely hemp, tees made with recycled fabric, or organic cotton blends, there are lots of options out there. But before diving into the list, I wanted to warn you about a sneaky fabric that likes to make its way into hemp products: viscose.

It can be challenging to find 100% hemp t shirts or organic hemp t shirts, but you can find many blended with organic cotton, which is the next best thing. If you see a shirt made with a viscose hemp blend—run.

Our viscose hemp vs hemp article gives all the details, but to sum it up, hemp viscose is a regenerated fabric, which can sometimes be sustainable. In this case, though, it isn’t. Viscose (also called rayon) requires a ton of chemicals during manufacturing, so it’s dangerous for the environment, you, the farmers, and the garment workers.



Whether you’re looking for organic hemp t shirts that are purely hemp, tees made with recycled fabric, or organic cotton blends, there are lots of options out there. My top seven brands are a mix of big and small companies that make a range of hemp shirts. I try to get the highest percentage of hemp, but some companies win me over by using organic cotton to save water or recycled textiles, which are both important to me.


A man wearing rock climbing gear is a fan of ONNO hemp shirts.

Hemp fabric is incredibly durable, but also very soft, so it never feels constricted like some other natural fabrics. And not many brands do this better than ONNO, with their Made to Move™ promise. Although they use various materials, their organic hemp t shirts are some of the softest (and only get softer with each wash).  


  • Choose from men’s and women’s hemp shirts in more than ten different colors.
  • The fit is tailored—but not tight—with a classic scoop neck.
  • Made with a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.



Two people stand wearing Recreator hemp t shirts.

Recreator also produces 100% hemp t shirts, plus others that mix in organic cotton. You can opt for a slightly sheer version of the tee for men’s styles, which increases breathability and airflow. And because all shirts use hemp, you get that antimicrobial benefit, meaning you can wear these tees for multiple days without getting smelly.


  • Classic crew tees sport either solid colors or logo prints.
  • Women can opt for v-necks, tye-dye prints, crops, and tanks.
  • Choose from 100% hemp or two organic cotton/hemp blends (70/30 and 55/45).



Three people standing together wear hemp t shirts from Jungmaven.

Not only is hemp fashion great for your body, but it’s also beneficial to the environment. Hemp uses 50% less water than cotton and provides nutrients to the soil naturally. This is why Jungmaven produces some 100% hemp t shirts, which isn’t an easy feat. But they do it by layering the fabric and texturizing it, so it drapes well and feels amazing.


  • This is hemp fashion at its finest, with lots of prints, patterns, and different cuts.
  • Choose from classic fits, polos, tanks, long-sleeved, and more.
  • Get 100% hemp tshirts or those with a blend of hemp and organic cotton.



Three people sitting on chairs wear hemp tshirts from Toad&Co.

Toad&Co uses hemp to produce their hemp tshirts, but the company also promotes textile recycling. Some styles blend hemp and organic cotton, but others use recycled polyester. Although synthetic, you can feel good about upcycling old fabrics (which is huge considering 85% of textiles end up in landfills each—yikes).


  • Women’s styles include a classic scoop neck, button-ups, or a tee with a cute front tie.
  • Men’s styles offer striped tees and super breezy button-ups.
  • Made with a blend of recycled polyester, hemp, organic cotton, elastane, and/or Tencel.



A woman poses wearing Kind Hemp Co. hemp tshirts and socks.

Kind Hemp Co. is a brand that gives it their all and produces 100% organic hemp t shirts. The options are fairly basic, but they offer a solid staple when you’re in need of a standard go-to tee. The young owners are passionate about educating the public about hemp products and bringing the fabric into every closet. You can also score hats, socks, and CBD oil on their website.


  • All tees are unisex, so they’re perfect for that extra comfy fit.
  • The company is one of those true blue hemp clothing brands, in that they grow their own hemp on their farm!
  • Kind Hemp Co. offers two hemp t shirt styles: one that's 100% hemp and another that combines 55% organic hemp with 45% organic cotton.



A man leaning on a chair models TACT & STONE’s hemp shirts.

TACT & STONE practices what it preaches, and I love that! Although they only make men’s hemp tshirts, TACT & STONE list each style based on gallons of water saved. Their hemp and organic cotton tees save 90% of water when compared to conventional cotton tees, and you’ll personally save over 100 gallons of water if you buy long-sleeved hemp shirts.


  • These basic tees are great for multi-day or everyday wear, thanks to the odor control from hemp!
  • Choose from two styles (long-sleeved and short-sleeved) and four colors.
  • Made with a blend of hemp and organic cotton.



A man rock climbing wears Patagonia’s new hemp collection with hemp tshirts.

I prefer to support smaller businesses, but I can’t ignore Patagonia’s new hemp line! On their website, the company notes that hemp accounts for less than 0.1% of the worldwide fiber market. And according to the annual Material Market Report, hemp is the least-used plant-based fiber. But the company is jumping on board because they understand all the incredible benefits, which are perfect for Patagonia’s niche: multi-day and sweaty activities, like backpacking, camping, hiking, and more.


  • Hemp shirts are highly breathable, so perfect for warm-weather, outdoor activities.
  • Right now, options are limited to pocket tees, but women can choose from three colors, and men can opt for short sleeves, long sleeves, or henleys in five colors.
  • Made with a blend of hemp and organic cotton.



A woman wears a hemp bralette instead of a hemp t shirt.

Bralette outfits are popular because they’re super comfy and relaxed, and although you’re technically just wearing underwear, somehow they remain fashionable. If you wear a hemp bra, you get all those amazing benefits—and with a bralette, you can grab and go. But if you’re not into the bra-only look, opt for a WAMA bralette to wear under hemp t shirts!


  • The racerback bralette is a pullover bra and wears well on its own.
  • The triangle bralette has convertible straps (so I’m in love).
  • Both bras contain a mix of hemp, organic cotton, and spandex.



Hemp shirts are perfect for any type of wear. Whether you’re in a meeting for work, climbing a mountain peak, or sitting at the beach, hemp t shirts are breathable, antibacterial, and oh-so-comfortable. Plus, they’re lightweight, nontoxic, and good for the Earth. Wins all around!

Do you wear hemp on hemp on hemp yet? If it’s not a staple in your wardrobe yet, where do you plan to start? Lemme know in the comments!  

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