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Can Hemp Underwear Actually Protect Your Privates?

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By: WAMA Underwear

A woman in hemp underwear kneeling in front of a mirror, shown from waist-down.

Your underwear is the most important piece of clothing you choose to wear each day, and nothing protects your privates like hemp underwear.

You might not put too much thought into your underwear, except maybe to pick out that pair on special occasions. But when you get down to it, we all have privates and we all (well, almost all of us!) wear underwear.

So doesn't it make sense to choose the right pair every day?

Undies are the foundation of every outfit, and underwear made from hemp is not just incredibly comfortable, but actually keeps your goods safer from the toxins and general "bad stuff" of the environment we live in.

That's because hemp is naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and it has anti-odor properties-- a perfect option for antibacterial underwear.. It's also more breathable than other fabrics... another reason you'll stay fresher in hemp underwear than any other kind.

Read on as we explain more about what makes hemp so great.

The Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial, Odor-Stopping Magic of Hemp

Hemp plants are naturally resistant to microbes, bacteria, and molds. All these magical qualities are present in fabric, or in our case, underwear made from hemp, too. Beginning as far back as 1958, there's literally decades of research which proves that hemp is anti-bacterial, and that that property remains effective even after being processed from plant form into other products.

A woman in hemp underwear and boots in the middle of the woods. Her back is to the camera.

You may have heard about other antibacterial fabrics on the market, but some of these use silver threads to discourage the growth of bacteria. While silver is anti-bacterial, there's also evidence that metals like silver can cause harm to our health if ingested. There's no proof yet that silver fabrics pose the same risk, but why take a chance with such a sensitive and delicate part of our bodies, especially when there's a natural alternative like hemp underwear?

Not only can bacteria and germs contribute to illness, but they are also a major cause of body odor, which can leave you feeling seriously funky down there when you should be feeling ready for... ahem, "adventure."

As a result of hemp's natural anti-bacterial properties, it also cuts down on odor and keeps you feeling fresh for longer. Even after getting sweaty, hemp fabric dries quickly and won't retain odor, so you're ready to go from the gym right back to work.

Natural, Breathable Fabrics Like Hemp are Better for Your Privates

Another reason hemp underwear protects your privates (while cutting down on body odor) is that it's more breathable than synthetic fabrics.

Unfortunately, some of the most popular brands of undies online are made from synthetics. That's despite the advice of experts who insist that underwear is better and safer for your privates if it's made from natural materials.

This great guide to choosing the right panties suggests choosing cotton panties because they're naturally moisture wicking and more breathable than synthetic fabrics. Breathability and moisture wicking are important for anyone's privates, but they're especially important to maintain health in people prone to yeast infections. Natural fabrics like cotton are the number one recommendation for preventing yeast infections and, if anything, hemp is even more breathable than cotton alone.

WAMA hemp underwear actually is a blend of organic cotton and organic hemp, is incredibly soft, amazingly durable, and combines all the benefits of both fabrics. Whether or not yeast infections are a concern for you, you'll benefit from how hemp underwear lets your privates get fresh air while keeping them safe.

It's also proven that hemp offers natural UV protection too, meaning your privates are protected from sunburns (ouch!) and the other harmful effects of solar radiation like skin cancer.

Now that you know all the ways that hemp protects your privates, we hope you'll agree: it makes sense to put some care into choosing your underwear!

The Verdict? Choose Hemp Undies & Protect Your Privates!

Hemp has so many benefits, we can't even list them all here. Not only is hemp underwear incredibly soft and comfortable, but it will last far longer than other pairs. Hemp fabrics are known to grow softer with washing, while retaining their durability, meaning your undies will get even better with time.

There's so many reasons to try out hemp underwear, no matter who you are. Almost all of us wear underwear, so we should make sure to choose undies that'll be good to our bodies. Since hemp is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, breathable, UV-resistant, comfortable and durable, we think you'll want to give it a try -- and once you try one pair of hemp underwear, we bet you'll be back for more.

Protect your privates naturally with hemp underwear from WAMA.


Photo Credit: Blog by Carolina

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