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15 Minimalist Clothing Brands That Make Getting Dressed Super Easy

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By: Meagan Neville


There is a cultural transition now more than ever, where shoppers are fully and consciously aware of the major effects of the fashion industry, and the real and problematic issues they impose onto the people involved in the product life cycle, as well as the planet.

As a result of this, the desire to live minimalistically is kicked into high gear and folks like you and I are transitioning our shopping habits to reflect our adapting lifestyle choices.

Bloggers and fashionistas alike are documenting capsule closets including a few favorite minimalist clothing brands, ensuring that they carry elements of natural materials or boasting other key ethical benefits. New sustainable clothing brands are emerging each week and fashion-forward shoppers are focusing on buying fewer yet higher-quality items rather than purchasing a higher quantity of lesser quality items.

As you read on and explore some of my favorite minimalist brands, of course while focusing on some key sustainability points, you can see what brands you want to support and who is making getting dressed super easy.

15 Minimalist Clothing Brands That Make Getting Dressed Super Easy

(table of contents)


The Wrap Jumpsuit by Vetta, a minimalist capsule brand


Vetta has one goal, and it’s to create capsule wardrobe essentials. Out of the six capsule options, my favorite is The Relaxed Capsule. I mean, The Relaxed Tunic is adorable and The Tapered Pant is to die for, but The Wrap Jumpsuit with its chic design and superb combination of a linen and tencel blend.

This is a brand that has thoughtfulness in every detail, from the materials used in the design process, to the factory in LA obtaining 70% of its energy from solar power, to my favorite piece that embraces the opposite of overconsumption.



  • Responsible Factories: Vetta works with a family run factory in NYC and a partner factory in LA.
  • Sustainable Fabrics: Tencel, Organic Cotton, Linen.
  • getting Dressed Super Easy:Mix and Match 5 pieces to create 30 outfits.



Lindsay Robinson Rio Jumpsuit


Dreamy, breezy and whimsical is the aesthetic, mixed with sustainable elements. Lindsay Robinson is a textile designer with a background in traditional dyeing and weaving. With a few (not-so) basic, minimalist silhouettes that she has perfected, you can find one-piece jumpsuits, easy-moving dresses, and light-weight blouses to make you happy.

When I find out that natural dyeing is involved in the design process of any clothing line, I will admit that my heart skips a beat. Although Lindsay uses a local garment dyer to keep up with demand for her clothing line, it is something she is definitely inspired by. In the past, one of the traditional dye processes that Lindsay is has worked with is cochineal, which yields a beautiful red color, but could also be used to make shades of peach, pink, purple and black.



  • Responsible Harvesting: Harvesting the cochineal bug earns enough money to feed and clothe a whole family in the impoverished highlands region of Peru.
  • Sustainable Elements: Traditional dyeing and weaving.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy:Choose from 3 simple, easy, go-to silhouettes that will make a statement.



SimplyLivAndCo wearing Wama Underwear in Hipster Style


Every minimalist wardrobe needs a few perfect staple pieces of underwear. Not only will you love that hemp is the most sustainable fabric to choose for your underwear, but there’s a bonus for the naturally occurring, anti-bacterial fabric. From bikinis and hipster style undies for her to boxer briefs and trunks for him, you will be sure to find the perfect fit for you and your minimalist wardrobe.

With four options for both men and women to choose from each, Wama Underwear definitely keeps tight, capsule style options for you. And from a minimalist standpoint, I like it when are options are few and far between.



  • Responsible Harvesting: Sometimes referred to as a miracle crop, hemp is amazing as it requires about 50% less water compared to cotton.
  • Sustainability: Completely sustainable manufacturing process known as “retting” without the use or need of chemicals.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: If for any reason you are not happy with your first pair of underwear, you will receive a new size, color or issue you a refund.



Adult Sleeping Dress by Rudy Jude


Minimalist wardrobing for adults is one thing. So often, fashion is associated with folks aged twenty and over, but Rudy Jude keeps in mind that kids should dress sustainably and with minimalism in mind as well. This is another brand that has a solid selection of silhouettes that keeps it real with natural dyes.

Caring for naturally dyed garments is a little different than caring for conventionally dyed garments, so its nice that Rudy Jude has some comprehensive instructions as to how to wash her designs. Although it may seem time intensive, it would soon become an easy part of your routine.



  • Responsible Fabrics: Organic cotton fabric sourced from sustainable mills in Japan.
  • Sustainability: This brand does their best to source the kindest fabrics and the most natural dyes.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: Clothing options for you and your kid(s)



Study NY SS16


Study NY doesn’t subscribe to the standard season-by-season calendar upheld by the fashion industry, and instead creates sustainable clothing made locally and ethically. When I met Tara St. James at FIT while studying toward my Sustainable Design Certificate, I remember being inspired by her drive to work against the grain and focus on producing seasonless clothing. The aesthetic is clean-lines, functional wear, and definitely fits the mold of minimalist clothing.

Study NY cuts and sews collections domestically using both ethical fabrics and production methods, including utilizing Zero Waste design methods. Any scraps that are unable to be repurposed or give a new life to, are recycled.



  • Responsible Fabrics: Organic Cotton from California, Organic Linen from Poland, Hand-Weaving done by the Brooklyn Weavers Guild.
  • Sustainability: Study NY encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and zero waste.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: Many of the styles can be worn different ways, for example, with the back open or closed, or as crops or dresses.


6. DL1961

Hepburn High Rise Wide Leg by DL1961


When committing yourself to working within the sustainable standards that a minimalist wardrobe upholds, denim is without a doubt a go-to that should be in the mix. In my experience, it’s pretty hard to find that perfect pair of jeans that has a good fit, are super flattering and carry elements of sustainability. Here is where DL1961 steps in.

The average pair of jeans uses approximately 1800 gallons of water, where an average pair of DL jeans uses just 8 gallons. Bonus points for their onsite self-power generation that uses a heat recovery system for denim production.



  • Responsible Fabrics: DL1961 uses long staple cotton that holds the following certifications: GOTS, GRS, OCS and RCS.
  • Sustainability: Indigo dye excess is eliminated by using a zero discharge process taking air from the surrounding environment and transforming it into ozone.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: Plenty of perfect styles to compliment your minimalist style.



Two Fold Clothing Short Sleeve Clara Top in Raw Silk


Small-batch (adj): Designating or relating to a type of small-scale production in which goods are made in limited quantities, often by means of traditional or artisanal methods. This is how Two Fold Clothing has set up their production standards, and they have some strong environmental and socially conscious implementations into the brand as well.

By utilizing high quality, sustainable fabrics in their designs, it’s apparent that they are fighting to be gentler to our planet. The socially conscious piece incorporates encouraging and uplifting other women to live their best lives.



  • Responsible Fabrics: Organic Cotton, Tencel, and Raw Silk Noil are completely biodegradable and are made from all renewable resources.
  • Sustainability: Designs are created from start to finish under one roof, overseeing quality control, having healthy environments and fair wages for workers.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: Made to Order pieces are meant to last, with versatility and simplicity at the core.



Cuyana Recycled Cashmere Sweater


Who knew that a minimalist brand could be simultaneously expansive? By integrating concepts like “The Lean Closet” and “The Foundation of Fewer” into the brand, you would think they’d have to keep things tight and simple. But in fact, Cuyana has huge sustainable initiatives and works globally with skilled artisans throughout Europe, South America, China, and the United States.

The strong and intelligent women behind Cuyana encourage customers to purchase fewer, better quality pieces that they will love and treasure for years to come. With each item, the designers carefully consider the materials and production processes for a greater impact on customers’ wardrobes and a smaller impact on the environment.



  • Responsible Fabrics: Use of both Natural and Recycled Materials.
  • Sustainability: By using methods including minimalist design, responsible fabrics, and working with skilled artisans, this brand is on point.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: They create fewer, better things, making it easy to pick out the perfect pieces to compliment your capsule wardrobe



Harriet Ruffle Sleeve Prairie Dress by Voloshin


Voloshin practices the art of minimalism in a variety of ways, from minimizing their environmental impact to working with natural fibers that are are also biodegradable. As a business approach, the couple behind the brand likes to think about the different ways they can treat our planet a little better while creating a collection of soft, natural fabrics in breezy, flattering silhouettes. In addition, Voloshin donates 2% of sales to a non-profit that mirrors their ethics each quarter.

With the fun combination of sustainable practices and flattering pieces, this brand is just perfection. I am so excited to see that the Fall 19 Collection is heavily influenced by pioneer living, fused with Indian textiles, and modern silhouettes.



  • Responsible Fabrics: All of Voloshin’s collections are produced in small batches. This means there is no excess inventory that could later end up in landfills or incinerated.
  • Sustainability: The brand chooses to work with natural fibers and organic materials.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: For the folks at Voloshin, it’s important that they design clothes that feel as good ethically as they look aesthetically.


10. KOTN

 Band Tee by KOTN


Two words: Egyptian Cotton. It all begins where the Nile splits in two and feeds into the Mediterranean. KOTN aims to create a high-quality, affordable cotton tee shirt that embraces nothing but comfort. The cotton used is both grown and manufactured into a tee all while working with small, family-run farms.

With simple basics designed well, KOTN proves that you can combine beautiful design, premium quality, and ethical manufacturing without costing a fortune. Finally, you can find quintessential minimalist tees to add as your year-round wardrobe staple.



  • Responsible Fabrics: Vertically integrated production process of creating Egyptian Cotton starting at the Nile River.
  • Sustainability: Working with a local NGO, KOTN is working to provide every child in their farming communities with safe, convenient, quality education.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: Nothing beats a super soft, go-to, comfy cotton tee.



Curator Painter Pain in Evergreen


Easy, feminine separates, dresses, and jumpsuits are staple pieces for a minimalist closet. Curator does all of this while keeping manufacturing here in the States. The relationships with the factories are close-knit, while while working with independent craftspeople together to create uniquely styled pieces that are perfect additions to any wardrobe.

The Painter Pant should be in everyone’s closet because this is a perfect pant for office to dinner looks during the week, but can also be worn to the farmers market over the weekend. This best-seller can be worn cuffed at the ankle, or uncuffed.



  • Responsible Fabrics: Curator works with independent craftspeople who help to produce high-quality garments while minimizing waste.
  • Sustainability: Small batch production using cotton fabrics and deadstock fabrics.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: This is a brand that promises to craft clothing that’s both beautifully made and beautifully worn.



Parabola Dress by Elizabeth Suzann


Transition and minimalism go hand in hand, especially when you want your thoughtfully curated closet to stay updated season after season, year after year. Linen fabrics, trapeze shapes and earthy vibes are what you will feel when scrolling through the Elizabeth Suzann collection.

Cut and sew takes place in their Nashville design studio using only the highest quality, natural fiber materials like silk crepe, midweight linen, linen gauze and cotton canvas. It’s the hope of the Elizabeth Suzann team that by producing and consuming mindfully, they can focus on craftsmanship, reducing waste, and creating truly impeccable clothing for the discerning customers, like you and me.



  • Responsible Fabrics: There is a list of every fabric used on the website, and includes the weight, how long it takes to biodegrade, the natural properties, where and how it’s made - and so.much.more.
  • Sustainability: It’s an important rule for the brand to respect the people that they work with, the relationships that they foster, the company culture, the environment, humanity, the natural materials that they build their products from.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: The fabrics used are wearable all year round and are super easy to wash.



Frank And Oak Slim fit Mockneck.


Montreal-based brand Frank and Oak is known for being committed to offering you quality, budget-friendly styles while being awesome and reducing its carbon footprint. It’s refreshing to find a brand using low impact products through the careful sourcing of sustainable materials.

Everything from this brand would fit into the minimalist clothing theme going on here, with their simple options of sweaters, dresses and pants. The styling, aesthetic and fabrication are all factors that make mama happy (that’s me).



  • Responsible Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Hemp, Recycled Wool.
  • Sustainability: Not only are the folks here increasing the usage of recycled materials and reducing waste to landfill, they also are firm believers in equality and promoting socially responsible economic development.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: No worries on the level of comfort or versatility here. You can find the perfect pieces to compliment your style and your closet.


14. ADAY

Over In One Dress by ADAY


It always catches my attention when a brand’s tagline is “technical, seasonless wardrobe staples.” Hello, minimalist clothing brand! Versatility is key when is comes to minimalism, and Aday is just so on point. My favorite piece from the collection is the Over In One Dress, which was carefully designed to be reconfigured in at least three ways, creating slightly different looks.

By using super-soft technical stretch fabric, you'll be extra comfy no matter what piece of theirs you wear, or how you wear it. I just love when I spot a brand with a mission to revolutionize clothing through conscious design.



  • Responsible Production: ADAY is very selective in choosing partners that are Oeko-tex and Bluesign approved—meaning the chemicals used to treat the fabrics aren’t harmful to the environment.
  • Sustainability: As the brand is growing, they are using more recycled and regenerated fabrics.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: By simplifying your wardrobe, ADAY is creating a new standard for clothing that lets you and me do more with less.



 The Tommy in Dark Indigo by Boyish jeans


When the only impact a brand will leave on the planet is good jeans, you know you’re in the right place. Boyish jeans are a revolutionary change in the denim game. With denim polluting rivers and drinkable water in many countries, it’s a clear identifier that something needs to change. Here is where Boyish steps up to the plate.

By using Intertek as a third party factory auditor, the folks at Boyish are able to ensure that their suppliers meet the standards for social responsibility as well as safe, non-toxic, and better materials.



  • Responsible Production: Dyeing is a huge part of the denim process, and Boyish recycles the water they use, manages the amount of indigo used and the fabrics don’t require extra dye dips.
  • Sustainability: All cutting waste is recycled. Some of this gets recycled back into new fabrics and some gets recycled back into industrial use.
  • Getting Dressed Super Easy: Each collection is centered on vintage silhouettes with a modern update, all available at an attainable price point.


What is your favorite minimalist brand? Were you excited to see them on this list or did we miss them? Send over a note and let us know!

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