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Here's How Buying Hemp Underwear Can Help Save The Planet

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When you purchase WAMA hemp underwear, you're not just buying a comfortable, long-lasting undergarment: you're joining a movement to make the world a better place.

That sounds like a bold claim, but we think you'll agree if you learn a little more about what makes hemp special.

Hemp is better for the environment and better for consumers, whether you're eating hemp foods or wearing hemp clothes. Once, these beneficial properties made hemp an everyday part of most people's lives, but today many people have never heard of hemp or confuse it with its close cousin, psychoactive cannabis or marijuana (the form of the plant that gets you "high").

In reality, agricultural hemp -- the kind that's made into textiles like the hemp found in WAMA underwear -- not only won't make you high, but it just might help save the earth. But before it can do that, the world has to learn about it, and that's where you come in. In this short article, we'll explain the difference that hemp makes and how you can help.

A green hemp plant grows in a field.

Hemp is sustainable, durable, comfortable and healthier for growers and consumers

The stigma around cannabis has meant that many people avoid learning about hemp's benefits, if they've heard of hemp at all. Once a part of everyday life, hemp products mostly disappeared from America when growing hemp was banned along with marijuana in the early part of the 20th century. Only in the past several decades have people in the United States begun to rediscover how hemp can make their lives better.

When it comes to the benefits of hemp, let's start with how hemp is grown: hemp requires fewer pesticides than most other commonly grown crops, making it more sustainable and healthy for growers. It's easy to grow, and the growing market for hemp means it can be a part of reviving struggling farms.

Even more importantly, hemp is an incredibly versatile crop -- underwear is just the beginning of its potential uses. Hemp can be made into dozens of products, including paper and plastic, making it a potential part of the solution to deforestation and our dependence on fossil fuels. Hemp can even help make the earth cleaner where it's grown.

When it comes to consumers -- people like you -- there's still more about hemp to love. Hemp is well known for its durability and comfort: over time, hemp garments grow softer with use, while maintaining their strength. Even more importantly for garments, especially underwear, hemp is a breathable fabric that's naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Hemp deserves an important place at the dining table, too: hemp seeds are an incredible source of protein and amino acids and other vital nutrients, while packing a delicious, nutty flavor. Hemp seed oil is even becoming a common ingredient in skin care products

Let the world know that hemp is better

You might be asking yourself now, "Why isn't hemp everywhere?" At WAMA, we ask ourselves this question, all the time.

While some especially creative designers are beginning to experiment with hemp, we hope someday hemp is everywhere, from the fashion industry to soda bottles, and even in our homes. Just like our underwear, homes made from "hempcrete" are more breathable, and naturally healthier for the occupants than the more commonplace alternatives.

Unfortunately, the "hemp revolution" can't happen unless more people learn about it. Right now, when most people think of hemp, they don't think of it as something they could use every day, in so many different ways.

Once you try WAMA underwear, you'll learn that it's comfortable, soft and stylish. You can start with hemp undies for yourself, but we hope you won't stop there. We hope you'll give WAMA to your friends and loved ones to wear, and that WAMA will be just the beginning of your exploration of all that hemp has to offer.

Together, we can spread the word that hemp is comfortable, sustainable, and healthier for you and the planet.


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