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8 Vegan Clothing Brands For Your Eco Wardrobe

Where To Find The Top Vegan Clothing Brands


It’s important to look good, and not harm animals in the process, which is why choosing Vegan Clothing Brands that are trustworthy is so important. Trust is a strong and meaningful word - right? You want to be able to shop comfortably knowing that the brands that we are putting our trust in are focusing on eliminating the use of animal products so that you can live life looking good while doing good.

When thinking of the lifestyle choices that you and I make on a daily basis, they don’t start and end at the compassion you have for animals.

A lot of thought goes into the people making our clothing and the environment that we exist within as well. This makes the vegan shopping experience difficult to navigate since lots of vegan fashion brands rely on synthetics and producing alternative types of faux leather that may not have the most clean or sustainable production processes.

As you dive in and explore some of the top vegan clothing brands that are clean, sustainable and ethical, you can see what cruelty-free clothing brands you want to support and where to find them.


Hemp Panties

The Trusted Pair of Vegan Underwear


Hemp Panties

The Trusted Pair of

Vegan Underwear

8 Ethical Vegan Clothing Brands

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Go Vegan Baby Organic White Shirt by In The Soulshine


Since it’s good for your health, the animals, and the planet to go vegan, I really love In The Soulshine. This brand popped out to me when I saw that they use vegan ink in their tee’s sourced from a factory in Bali where salaries are three to five times more than the average for a tailor on the island! In the Soulshine is looking good to me so far.

They also have a collaborative clothing line with PETA and boast a highly sought after GOTS Certification, which is a very costly and intensive process, so here’s another gold start for In The Soulshine.

One of my favorite elements about In The Soulshine is that they are part of Fashion Revolution, which is a global movement working for a more sustainable fashion industry. Like you and me, they love fashion, but don't want our clothes to exploit animals, people or destroy our planet.




Antonella Color Block Sweater by Armed Angels


This brand carries the PETA-Approved Vegan Label that marks products by Armed Angels as a brand that designs with no animal derived components whatsoever. Who knew shopping vegan was so easy! I mean, down to the denim details, Armed Angels stopped using leather patches in their denim collection in 2016.

Armed Angels in yet another brand also sticking to all-around sustainability with some top tier sustainability certifications, like GOTS, Fair Wear Foundation, and Fairtrade Certified Cotton.

Fabrics like organic cotton and organic linen are used, along with organic wool. I know - how is that vegan?! Well, AA uses wool from certified organic livestock farming using mulesing-free methods, ensuring that the animals are treated humanely.




Fair trade sleeveless jersey dress by Recolution


Consciously abstaining from using animals for fashion is a plus for our list. Add a GOTS Certification to the list, and hello happy shoppers! Recolution has been awarded the PETA-Approved Vegan Label for their cruelty-free brand, and instead of using wool, they focus on using a soft and warm organic cotton for their knitwear, which when cultivated, maintains a healthy level within the natural ecosystem.

While influencing transparency into their brand, Recolution oversees the entire supply chain for responsible production conditions and fair treatment of people and nature. By utilizing clean processes and materials, they can produce organic, fair and vegan streetwear just for you. Comfortable for dog-walking, too :)




Abaya Ahimsa Silk Long Kimono Dress by Poethica


Cruelty-free silk is the ultimate Vegan shopper’s dream! Poethica is a clothing brand that produces silk by means of an Indian handcrafted tradition, and a long, gentle process of craftsmanship where butterflies are free to live and have their role in the ecosystem. The result: a white, creamy fiber with the feel of silk, the comfort of cotton and warmth of wool.

Aside from using non-cruelty silk, Poethica also carries fibers in their line such as organic cotton, organic hemp and vintage yarns. As an ethos, they strive to keep yarn and fabric production as close as possible to the places of origin so that the fibers can be in balance with the ecosystem.

More than anything, I love the integration of designing beautiful, ethereal pieces while looking towards innovative production solutions that respect the environment on the same scale as human life and animal life.




Mindy Velvet Pinafore Dress by People Tree


With flattering sweaters, perfect layering pieces, and show stopping dresses, People Tree designs pieces made with the highest ethical and environmental integrity from start to finish. Their comfortable fabrics, like organic cotton and organic linen, are all certified by PETA, guaranteeing an animal free supply chain that is suitable for all happy vegans.

Who doesn’t love a brand that works to protect the environment and their workers, uses natural resources throughout, ensures cruelty-free products, and promotes environmentally responsible initiatives to create new models to promote sustainability? Seeing as People Tree has been around since 1991, it’s no wonder that their sustainability game is so rock solid.




Ecowash Jane Jeans by Monkee Genes


Ever wonder how much water it takes to produce a pair of jeans? In case you were wondering, it takes around 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of denim jeans. And that’s only in the supply chain, not including the washes once you purchase your jeans.

Monkee Genes has a new Eco Wash collection that uses 80% less water in the laundry process than traditional methods. Pair this with a PETA-Approved Vegan Label, and you have one hell of a sustainable and cruelty-free denim brand.

Carrying styles from skinny jeans to chinos, and relaxed fit for men and overalls for women, you can shop for him and her while making your vegan friends happy.




Slim-fit Pants by Lanius


Of course, the PETA-Approved Vegan Label will make the heart of any vegan shopper’s heart skip a beat. For Lanius, it’s important that the entire design process is free from any animal products. In fact, harmful textile softeners are often used in the finishing of clothing, and this brand does without it - and they use vegan alternatives.

In addition to being a PETA-Approved Vegan Label and a seriously stylish clothing brand, Lainus is also GOTS Certified. They are super transparent about the creative process, and if you check out their “Production” page you can see every factory that they work with, from Bulgaria to Portugal and a few other countries in between.




Hemp Bikini by Wama Underwear


You will need a really good pair of underwear to sport underneath all of the amazing vegan clothing that you’ll be wearing. As the leader in hemp underwear, Wama Underwear is antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and odor-resistant, and if you didn’t know about hemp clothing, it’s a fact that hemp is the most sustainable fabric.

While rocking the PETA-Approved Vegan Label, Wama Underwear is also Green America certified, so you can wear a trusted, ethical underwear brand while maintaining a happy, vegan lifestyle. If you love Wama Underwear so much that you need to toss your old pairs (because trust me, I am going through this myself), here are some tips I am willing to share on how to recycle my old underwear.




Hemp Panties

The Trusted Pair of Vegan Underwear


Hemp Panties

The Trusted Pair of

Vegan Underwear

You and I have standards that help guide us towards decision making that will make us happy in the end. When shopping, these standards are often put to the test and we sometimes question our morals, why we choose to support certain causes, and what that could mean for our health and our awareness.

Many traditionally vegan clothing brands are ethical in that there is a focus on animal-cruelty, however the production and manufacturing processes are not the cleanest. Rest assured that our list here provides brands that come full circle and embrace animal-friendly practices with a focus on minimalist clothing, sustainability, organic materials and transparent supply chains.

Now that you are ready to shop happily, what is a favorite ethical vegan fashion brand of yours that you would like to share with us?

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