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13 Vegan Clothing Brands For Your Eco-Friendly Closet

Woman on bed in a hemp bra, made by WAMA Underwear, a vegan clothing brand.

Someone once told me that “vegan fashion” was an oxymoron. Although I disagree, it’s often true that when you first think of vegan clothing brands, the things that come to mind are sack dresses and expensive linen pants. Well, no longer. I’m here to tell ya that vegan fashion has become oh-so-much more!

Vegan fashion brands now specialize in everything from thong underwear to cruelty-free outwear, from animal-free shoes to eco-friendly handbags. Vegan clothes use a variety of materials, like hemp fabric and other sustainable fabrics, as well as textiles made from recycled materials. Read on for 13 vegan clothing brands that are showing the world that you don’t need to sacrifice to be stylish. (And hey, if linen pants and sack dresses are your thing, don’t worry—you’ll still find plenty of those, too!)


Woman in WAMA Underwear set, a vegan clothing brand, leaning against wall and reflected in mirror.

BUY | comfy, cozy bralettes and undies

ETHICS | The hemp fabric is produced sustainably, and WAMA is committed to fair-trade and cruelty-free production and materials.

WHAT THEY SELL | hemp undergarments for men and women

SIZE RANGE | XS-3XL for women and S-4XL for men

PRICE RANGE |$24 - $200 for women and $28 - $236 for men (including multi packs)

Let’s start with the order in which you get dressed—your undergarments, of course! Every fashionista knows that you need a solid foundation to look good and feel good—and for this, WAMA is the way to go.

WAMA uses hemp to make their underwear, because it’s a sustainable, vegan, antibacterial material that's basically magic: the more you wash it, the softer it gets. They also sell a variety of options, such as a hemp bra or high-waisted underwear, not to mention men’s boxers—all at an affordable price!


A man and a woman on a German lake with a village and Alps in the background, dressed in jackets and pants from Bleed, one of the vegan clothing brands made in Europe.

BUY | a warm, stylish jacket or breathable sweater

ETHICS | Bleed is an organic, GOTS-certified, fairly-produced (and often recycled or up-cycled) vegan clothing brand that specializes in outdoor and sportswear.

WHAT THEY SELL | outdoor clothing for men and women


PRICE RANGE | $10-$350 *note: prices are in Euros and subject to exchange rate.

Outdoor clothing and eco-friendly practices seem like they should go hand-in-hand, right? While this hasn’t always been the case, many of even the largest brands are now committing to sustainability. One of these is Bleed, a Germany-based outdoors vegan clothes company that’s cruelty-free, sustainable, and climate-friendly.

Bleed was born when the founder, after years working with textiles, decided the planet had bled enough for fashion. If this doesn’t inspire you to press the “add to cart” button, the stylish, practical vegan clothes will.


A woman in red mules from Native Shoes, a vegan fashion brand.

BUY | a fashion-forward mule or a casually chic slide

ETHICS | Native has a PETA Approved Vegan certification, as well as rigorous standards on ethical materials and factory practices.

WHAT THEY SELL | footwear for women, men and children

SIZE RANGE | US women shoe sizes 5-11.5

PRICE RANGE | $20-$110

When you’re shopping for your happy, vegan, ethical closet, don’t forget the shoes! Shoes can be one of the trickiest items of vegan fashion to find—not to mention cute, comfortable ones. Enter Native Shoes. They’re eco-friendly, animal-free, and come in fun styles and colors for all ages. As a bonus, when you’re finished with the shoes, you can send them back to Native (for free!) where they'll be upcycled into playgrounds for children. Talk about a win-win!


A person wearing a graphic t-shirt made by In the Soulshine, a vegan clothing brand.

BUY | a funky crop-top or planet-friendly tee.

ETHICS | vegan and cruelty-free, In the Soulshine is also committed to people- and planet-friendly practices, from their small factory in Bali, to their GOTS-certified cotton.

WHAT THEY SELL | graphic t-shirts and accessories


PRICE RANGE | $10-$50 *note: prices in Australian Dollars and subject to currency rates.

Everyone needs that one t-shirt in their closet—you know the one I mean. The one you reach for over and over again, that’s versatile as can be and always looks good. It needs to be soft, comfortable, flattering, and, as an extra bonus, with a witty little saying. In the Soulshine t-shirts fulfill all these wishes in one vegan clothing brand. In addition to t-shirts, the brand makes tank-tops, muscle tees, crop-tops, sweaters, as well as totes and clutches. Wearing your beliefs has never been so cute—or comfy.


Woman dressed in vegan clothes from the vegan fashion brand Lanius: a yellow sweater, jacket and printed skirt, standing by a lakeshore.

BUY | a plaid mini skirt or a classic cotton turtleneck

ETHICS | PETA Approved Vegan and GOTS certified, they’re committed to cruelty-free practices across the board—from their cashmere sources in Asia to their wool farmers in Europe.

WHAT THEY SELL | women’s apparel, shoes, outerwear and accessories


PRICE RANGE | $10-$500 *note: prices are in Euros and subject to currency rates

For a vegan clothing brand that gives you classical European flair with a twist, look no further than Lanius. This brand can tend to run on the pricey side, but for good reason. Their motto is to help you look good, and feel good about it. Gorgeous, thoughtfully made, and perhaps a slight investment, you—and the planet—deserve this.


Three women wearing assorted activewear by vegan clothing brand Girlfriend Collective.

BUY | super-soft compression leggings or an exercise skort

ETHICS | All of Girlfriend Collective’s vegan clothing is made from recycled materials, such as water bottles, and they follow environmentally and socially friendly practices across the board.

WHAT THEY SELL | Active and leisure wear for women and men

SIZE RANGE | XXS-6X—including maternity sizes

PRICE RANGE | $6-$160

I may or may not have squealed with glee when I first discovered the athleisure brand Girlfriend Collective. On top of being environmentally friendly, this vegan clothing brand comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors, and is ridiculously comfortable. Exactly what everyone needs in their activewear, if you ask me. Oh, and did I mention they’re made of old plastic water bottles? We love to see it!


Woman on surfboard wearing swimsuit by vegan fashion brand Salt Gypsy.

BUY | a rashguard for stellar sun protection, or a starry-print one piece

ETHICS | Salt Gypsy is an Australian-based sustainable surfwear company using 100% recycled materials and responsible manufacturing.

WHAT THEY SELL | swimwear, surfwear, and surf gear for women


PRICE RANGE | $22-$200

Anyone who has seen a surfing movie harbors a few fantasies about being a true surfer. I mean, who didn’t want to be those girls from Blue Crush? Now you can capture that effortless cool—with or without the salty ocean hair and surfboard—while staying true to your vegan values. Salt Gypsy’s swimsuits are primarily made out of recycled nylon, so you can feel good about your purchase while you look good on the waves. Salt Gypsy has everything you need to fulfill your vegan surf-girl dreams—including reef-safe sunscreen and even surfboards. And probably the salty hair too, although I’m not sure that part is available for purchase.


A man and a woman stand in a cornfield wearing clothes and a scarf by Armed Angels, a vegan clothing brand.

BUY | a pair of “detox denim” boyfriend jeans, or a classic jean skirt

ETHICS | Armed Angels is GOTS-certified, PETA Approved Vegan, and committed to fair wages and practices.

WHAT THEY SELL | jeans and apparel for men and women.


PRICE RANGE | $30-$160 *note: prices in Euros and subject to currency rates.

Jeans can be tricky to make completely vegan—leather logo patch, anyone?—but Armed Angels is up to the task, and have been for over fifteen years. They’ve expanded away from just denim, but “clean jeans” are still their specialty. Jeans are a staple of any wardrobe, whether you prefer boyfriend or skinny or overalls (I can never tell—are overalls actually back?)—even if your closet is full of vegan fashion brands.


A woman, standing in a forest, wearing a maroon People Tree dress, a vegan clothing brand.

BUY | one of their signature dresses—a printed midi dress, or a classic shirt dress

ETHICS | People Tree is committed to protecting the environment and their workers, using natural resources, ensuring cruelty-free products, and promoting environmentally responsible initiatives. They are GOTS-certified and PETA Approved Vegan.

WHAT THEY SELL | dresses and apparel for women

SIZE RANGE | 2-16 in US women’s sizes

PRICE RANGE | $7-$280

Make it fashion, but vegan—a sentence that sums up the vegan clothing brand People Tree, in particular. This iconic vegan fashion brand has stayed true to its roots—both in style, and in ethics. Since People Tree has been around since 1991, their sustainability game is particularly strong—People Tree is one of the OG fashion brands when it comes to fair trade, vegan, sustainability and ethical practices. Add in how fun, original, and just plain beautiful their clothes are, who wouldn’t feel good about wearing People Tree?


Woman with long hair wearing a yellow matching set from vegan clothing brand the Standard Stitch.

BUY | a pair of classic joggers and a basic tee—matching optional

ETHICS | The Standard Stitch’s mission is to make clothes that are as gentle on the Earth as they are on your body—for every body. They do this by being ethical, sustainable, and responsible from the ground up.

WHAT THEY SELL | size-inclusive basic apparel for women


PRICE RANGE | $50-$90

A new trend that I find surprising, but completely thrilling, is the matching basics that are suddenly everywhere. The idea of a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants doesn’t exactly sound fashionable—but hey, it’s 2021 now. After the-year-that-shall-not-be-named, loungewear and comfy basics are everywhere—and getting overhauls, both fashion-wise and sustainability-wise.

The Standard Stitch is a prime example of this new trend. They do basics, but as well as basics can possibly be done—vegan, earth-friendly, people-friendly, in a variety of colors and a wide array of sizes. Now be free, young grasshopper, and mix-and-match to your heart’s content.

11. PACT

A woman and man sitting outside on a couch, in vegan clothes from vegan fashion brand Pact: woman is in a purple dress, man is in a blue button-up.

BUY | a peekaboo jumpsuit or a swing dress

ETHICS | Pact uses only organic cotton made in Fair-Trade Certifie​​d™ factories.

WHAT THEY SELL | apparel for men, women and children, plus linens

SIZE RANGE | XS-XXL, including maternity

PRICE RANGE | $20-$240

PACT makes simple yet fashionable vegan clothes, all in soft, comfortable and organic cotton. When it comes to organic cotton vs cotton, the former uses much less water and zero toxic chemicals—and of course, cotton itself is cruelty-free towards animals. PACT strives to make sure their products are people-friendly too. Planet, people, AND animal-friendly? Now that’s just good (fashion) sense.  



A woman in a boutique carries a green handbag from the vegan fashion brand Angela Roi.

BUY | A puffer jacket or a lined raincoat

ETHICS | Save the Duck is the first Italian fashion company to achieve a B-corp certification, which ensures they meet rigorous environmental and measures. This includes their commitment to animal-free jackets and coats, which has won them several PETA awards.

WHAT THEY SELL | Outerwear for women, men and children.


PRICE RANGE | $20-$450

Does a warm, puffy—yet vegan—winter coat seem like a unicorn to anyone else? I hear you, and I’m happy to introduce you to the outerwear company, Save the Duck. Save the Duck uses an innovative material called PLUMTECH® to imitate the feel of down feathers in their jacket to, well, save the ducks! True to their name, this vegan clothing brand has saved a lot of ducks, and you can help (and look cute while doing it)!


A woman in a boutique carries a green handbag from the vegan fashion brand Angela Roi.

BUY | an eco tote bag or a micro crossbody

ETHICS | 100% animal-free, made in clean factories, with fair wages and environmentally responsible practices.

WHAT THEY SELL | handbags and accessories for women

PRICE RANGE | $25-$265

The vegan handbag store, Angela Roi, has this as their motto: Effortless Ethical Elegance. After one look at their website, I’m sure you’d agree with all of the above. If you’re a little bummed that luxury handbags don’t align with your vegan values and lifestyle, Angela Roi is especially for you. These gorgeous bags are both vegan and cruelty-free. Angela Roi’s handbags prove for once and for all that vegan fashion can be practical, beautiful, and timeless.



If you know where to look, vegan fashion suddenly doesn’t seem as much like a fever dream, and is certainly not an oxymoron. It’s becoming more and more true that ethics and fashion are a match made in stylish heaven, as these 13 vegan clothing brands show. Interested in more clothing sources for your sustainable lifestyle? Check out this list of affordable, ethical clothing brands, or peruse a few sustainable fashion blogs.

Now tell me in the comments—what are your favorite vegan fashion brands? I always need more recs—and after all, the more ethical, sustainable stores to support, the better.

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