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Why WAMA? The Story of How We Came Up With The Name.

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By: WAMA Underwear

A map of China with the Chinese flag overlaid.

It all started on a trip to China. 

One day in a hostel I met another Chinese man who asked me what I was doing here. His English was very poor so I whipped out my Google translator app and I wrote something like, "I am here to buy hemp." This translated to something along the lines of, "I am here to buy marijuana" in Chinese.

His eyes opened wide in shock and asked if I was here to buy drugs. In English, hemp and marijuana are two different words with two different meanings but in Chinese, both hemp and marijuana are called, “DAMA” or simply “Ma.”

Suddenly, a light bulb went up in my head saying, "let’s use the word DAMA as the company name." With some research, we quickly found out that some DAMA social media accounts were taken and the owners weren’t willing to part with it. Sad and depressed because DAMA was the perfect name and flowed so smoothly with a perfect meaning.

A small book titled 'Chinese for Communication'

Many weeks passed, and even taking a Chinese language class the word DAMA still fit perfectly, so we wanted to keep the flow and still have a great meaning to it.

Since the word Ma also meant hemp we went through every letter one by one to replace the D in DAMA, and that is how WAMA was born! It just flowed perfectly and would give you a specially good feeling when said. If only there could be a strong meaning to it too...

So we asked many local Chinese friends if Wa actually means anything in the Chinese language and their answer wasn’t a strong yes but they did say the Chinese say Wa when they are surprised. And Ma still means hemp. So put them together WAMA it means Surprise, Hemp!

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