10 Best Plus Size Bras You Can Buy Today

Two Black women, one in a nude hemp bra and one in a black hemp bra, lounge together on a bed.

As if it’s not hard enough dressing a body that doesn’t fall into the “straight sizes” made by fashion brands, finding a comfortable plus size bra that actually does the work supporting your girls can seem impossible. But… what if it is possible? And what if I told you that today, I’ll give you several options to help you find the best plus size bras for you?

No, it’s no fever dream—that’s exactly what’s happening! We’ll cover what to look for, what is plus size these days, and why you should look for sustainably-made bras such as a hemp bra over other options out there. I’ve got your back, no matter the breast shapes and sizes!



I’m sure you’ve heard the mind-boggling news that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size (!!). In addition to consulting the bra and underwear size chart for each brand, here are a few things to consider when you’re on the hunt for THE most comfortable plus size bra.


A woman in a camo print sports bra and black leggings measures her waist with measuring tape.

First up, sizing! You’ve probably heard the terms plus size and inclusive sizing thrown around interchangeably, but they don’t actually mean the same thing. Size inclusive means that the brand makes every item in a wide variety of sizes, while plus size is a separate category or collection within the brand.

When it comes to finding the best full figure bra, look for either of these terms to make sure the brand carries your size… you may also want to keep an eye out for terms like “extended sizing” or “curvy.”


But, what is a bralette? And what is the difference between a bralette vs bra? And what does it mean for you and those melons of yours? Oh, clothing terms. Must you be like this? Anyway, this is our world and we’re living in it, so we have to deal.

On this list below, I’ve included the best plus size bras, which includes a mix of bras and bralettes. Here’s the difference: Bras tend to have more padding, underwire (potentially), and more structure, while bralettes tend to only have several layers of fabric and no underwire. Choose whichever works best for you—but I promise that of the ten listed below, they will all give you solid support and comfort.


A close up of a lacy, orange piece of lingerie, and the bra strap.

Demi and full and balconette, oh my! So many different types of bra cup designs out there. I won’t get into every single type (because who has that kind of time??) but a few that are recommended for fuller breasts are:

  • Demi: Top of the breast is exposed
  • Full: Complete coverage over entire breast
  • Contour: Very structured cups
  • Minimizer: Designed to minimize the look of your breasts
  • Balconette: Provide lift and support, as if your boobs were a balcony above your body

As for bralettes, they follow this same pattern, although many have more of a shape than a design, such as:

  • Scoop: Versatile in amount of cleavage shown, rounded cut
  • Plunge: Deep cut down to the band for maximum cleavage and separation
  • V-neck: Can be deep or shallow, but usually stops well above breasts
  • Triangle: Each cup is cut in a triangle shape, usually covering the entire breast

You can wear any you like and that are comfortable! Rock your body, ‘cause it’s great the way it is.


A close up view of a black triangle bralette, laid flat on a wrinkled, white linen sheet.

It’s best for your skin, your body, and the environment to wear clothing made out of sustainable fabrics. Unfortunately, only 20% of sustainable clothing brands currently have inclusive or plus sizes, which means it’s even harder to find things like bras and underwear.

However! I’ve done some homework for you, and I’ve found ten of the best plus size bras that are more sustainable than your average bras, some made ethically from start to finish, some using better business practices, and some supporting women all over the world. And to add icing to the cake, they’re all super supportive and comfy. You’re welcome.


Now that you know what to look for, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are 10 plus size bras you can buy right this very minute, if ya want. I wouldn’t blame you in the slightest.


A woman with short curly hair and glasses models a black racerback bralette, a comfortable plus size bra, in a room.

Ethics | Made from organically grown, eco-friendly hemp in ethical factories
Cut | Scoop neck front, racerback
Material | Hemp, organic cotton, and spandex blend
Patterns & Colors | Black, green, four shades of nude
Sizes | XS-3XL
Price | $44

For a super-comfy, antibacterial and super breathable bralette, hemp is your hero! WAMA Underwear’s racerback bralette gives those puppies lift and support, without hiding your natural (and totes gorgeous) natural shape. WAMA makes a wide variety of sizes, from XS to 3XL, so you can fall in love with hemp no matter your size. Plus, hemp itself has natural odor-fighting properties to keep the stink away, and will only get softer with each wash. Oh hemp, the gift that keeps on giving… to you, and to the planet. To help the planet, from the people on it to the land itself, WAMA sources their hemp in China, from small organic farms, where the suppliers must adhere to a strict code of conduct.




 A woman in a triangle bralette from inclusive sizing brand WAMA Underwear lounges on her couch.

Ethics | Made from organically grown, eco-friendly hemp in ethical factories
Cut | Deep triangle front, regular back
Material | Hemp, organic cotton, and spandex blend
Patterns & Colors | Black, green, four shades of nude
Sizes | XS-3XL
Price | $44

If you’re still committed to wearing hemp fabric (which I highly encourage, of course) but want something with a little less coverage and maybe a little more sexy, I’ve got the sustainable bra for you! The triangle bralette from WAMA Underwear gives you all that hemp goodness in a minimal, sleek bralette that lets you show off your shape while keeping everything nice and supported. Oh, and since it’s hemp, the wonder fabric, you’ve got all the benefits, too, like the stretchiness, the softness, the antibacterial properties, and the glorious breathability. Hemp… ILYSM. Oh, and P.S., WAMA is a Peta-Approved Vegan company and certified Green America business!




A Black woman with curly dark hair models a purple mesh bra against a gray background, in a white necklace and black shawl.

Ethics | Made of recycled yarn, with eco-friendly packaging; 1% of proceeds are donated
Cut | Plunge in the front, straight across the back
Material | Recycled nylon, organic cotton & elastane/spandex
Patterns & Colors | seamless, silk, lace, mesh in a large variety of colors and patterns, like black floral and tie dye
Sizes | cup sizes A-F, XS-3XL
Price | $30-$38

When we’re talking about inclusive brands, we gotta mention Parade! Take a peek at their models and you’ll see people of all sizes, colors, and genders. Parade’s Plunge Bralette fits up to cup size F, and provides sexy support you can wear everyday. Oh, and their huge variety of colors and patterns solves the age-old problem of bigger-is-boring. To top it off, Parade is aiming to be carbon-positive by 2025, and every year they take further steps towards empowering the community and the planet. While this plus size bra does incorporate synthetic fabrics like nylon, these materials are recycled to make them kinder to the planet!




A Black woman wears a green supportive bra and leggings while walking outside on a sidewalk, next to grass.

Ethics | Sustainably sourced, recycled materials, small batch production in OEKO-Tex certified factories
Cut | Scoop neck front, full coverage back panel
Material | Upcycled polyester and spandex
Patterns & Colors | Noir black, matcha moss, poppy red, sand dune, future white, milk tea
Sizes | XXS-6XL
Price | $109

There’s support, and then there’s support. Kinflyte’s Rise Bra in Eco Jersey not only supports and lifts your girls, while minimizing bounce, they’re also uniquely designed to improve your posture. Even though they’re heavily structured for ultimate support, their recycled material and mesh panels make sure to keep ya dry and avoid that boob sweat.




A group of nine women, all different sizes and shades, model varying colors of matching bras, tanks and leggings, outside in the forest.

Ethics | Recycled fabric made from used plastic bottles, recyclable materials with ReGirlfriend, low impact dyes, inclusive sizing
Cut | Scoop neck, criss cross back
Material | Recycled polyester & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Earth, moon, black, moss, ivory, midnight, plum
Sizes | XXS-6XL
Price | $52

Yep, Girlfriend Collective uses recycled water bottles to make their bras, underwear, and athleisure. What will they think of next?? While we’re waiting (and innovating ourselves), you gotta try out their Simone High Support Bra. With its minimalist silhouette and criss-cross straps, plus extra adjustability, this bra is just what you need for exercise, life, relaxing, and everything in between.




A black woman holds her arm up and shows the back of a plum bra off.

Ethics | Many proceeds go towards women’s and girl’s initiatives' they have their own recycling program, Recycle, Bra as well
Cut | Classic plunge crossover underwire, convertible back straps (straight & racerback)
Material | Nylon & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Four core colors (beige, tan, brown & black) plus select limited edition colors, like steel & seaglass
Sizes | 32-42, A-F
Price | $40

Harper Wilde is aiming to provide accessible, comfortable bras designed by women, for women! And to top it off, their Lift Up The Ladies campaign gives back to initiatives designed to educate girls and empower women, and their Recycle, Bra, program finds new uses for all old bras, underwear, and lingerie, so they don’t end up in the landfill. Their Base Bra is designed to be worn everyday, and is reputed to be a pillow for your boobs. Who wouldn’t want that everyday??




A woman takes a selfie of herself with her cell phone, looking into a mirror, while wearing a printed pink bra.

Ethics | OEKO-Tex certified, Positive Returns Initiative, various charitable programs, sustainable transportation & production
Cut | V-neck front, adjustable back (straight or criss-cross)
Material | Nylon & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Black, ginger pink, limited edition colors
Sizes | 32-42, A-F
Price | $55

For some more of that seamless goodness, give Knix’s V-Neck Bra a try! The wide strap version is specially designed for bigger boobs, and the adjustable straps (between criss-cross and straight) make this a great everyday bra. Knix’s commitment to sustainability and community—they’ve donated 35,000 bras to women in need, and started the Life After Birth program to support mothers—means this is a brand we can all embrace… just like their bra will embrace your breasts. (Too far?)




A woman lays on her side in the forest on a blanket, while wearing matching, lacy lingerie in light blue.

Ethics | Handmade in Italy by a family-owned company, using natural dyes
Cut | Plunge front, straight back with longline band
Material | Polyamide & elastane
Patterns & Colors | Twenty-three colors of lace
Sizes | XS-3XL in Extended, Curvy, Ultra Curvy, Super Curvy
Price | $85

Beautiful, lacy bras made for bigger breasts? We LOVE to see it. And, really, it’s about time. Everyone with a cup size over C has experienced the dreaded rifle through the bras, noticing as the sizes go up, the fun color choices go down. Not so anymore, thanks to Cosabella. Handmade in Italy, their Never Say Never Plungie Extended Longline Bralette is as gorgeous as it is comfortable. The longline of this bra gives you extra support (and extra lace). Plus, in twenty-three colors, your days of boring bras are over.




A woman sits on the floor, leaning on a bed in a white bricked room, while wearing a red and black bra and underwear.

Ethics | Torrid Foundation promotes women’s equality, wellness and empowerment; strict manufacturing standards for social responsibility
Cut | Plunge front with criss-cross front, scoop back
Material | Microfiber knit
Patterns & Colors | Twenty-two colors and patterns, such as lace, plaid, polka dot
Sizes | M-6XL
Price | $55-$59

Torrid is a brand dedicated to sizes 10 (M/L) and up—which means their bras are designed just for women with bigger busts. As if that’s not amazing enough, the Torrid Foundation, #torridstrong, raises money for different organizations, all aimed at improving the lives of women. And their bras are a part of that! The XO Plunge Bra features Torrid’s 360° Back Smoothing ballet back, which provides sculpting and support. The criss-cross front gives you some extra oomph while keeping everything contained. Add in a ton of fun colors and patterns—I never realized how much I need a plaid bra—and this bra might just be a unicorn.




A view from below of a woman with black braids, a linen button up opened to expose her balconette bra, the best bra for plus size.

Ethics | Naturally inclusive brand, re-imagined bra sizing
Cut | Scoop neck front, racerback
Material | Nylon & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Black, taupe, leopard, espresso, blush, clay, salt & select seasonal shades
Sizes | 30-44, A-H
Price | $68

CUUP is on a mission to redesign sexy: not only are they size inclusive, but they’ve also stripped their bras of all the unnecessary touches to make them work for real people, like you and me. They use lightweight underwire to give you that support and lift, but it’s so flexible, you won’t feel a thing! Practical, beautiful, comfortable, what every pair of boobs needs.




A woman with bleached curly hair leans forward to show off her triangle bralette, the best full figure bra.

It’s truly the beginning of a bra revolution (a bra-volution? I’ll keep working on it). Women everywhere are realizing they actually deserve a bra that fits, no matter their size—and brands are starting to catch up. When searching for the best bras for plus size, you don’t necessarily need to compromise your values, either. No matter your band size or cup size, the planet needs you to choose sustainable fashion.

Tell me, which one of these bras catch your eye the most? Share in the comments below!

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