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WAMA Underwear Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Great feel

I love these. At first I thought I would be disappointed because they felt heavy but they softened with each wash. The fabric softened beautifully but showed no signs of weakness. You have a winner here and I'd love to see more colors and styles. All in all I'm very pleased and will be ordering more.

Great fit and very comfy

Love the feel and fit of these boxer briefs. Medium is perfectly snug on me (I'm usually a small with most underwear brands). The hemp has a nice texture to it - not entirely soft like cotton - rough but still cozy. Waistband seems nice. We'll see how they hold up over the next year but my initial impressions are good!

Hemp Nut Huggers

Talk about comfort!? These Wama undies are my new favorite pair of underwear. In fact, I’ve never had a favorite pair of underwear until I tried these on. Well done Wama! Now I need like 10 more pair. Happy face emoji!

Great but I’d prefer a different style

These are very soft. The material is wonderful. Two critiques that are only personal preference. My husband likes his to be longer in the legs. These were too short for him. Otherwise, he really liked them. I prefer high waist briefs, so these sat a little too low on the hips for me. If you made the underwear based on the above, we would stock up! I am going to purchase two more men’s pairs for my teen boys to try out, as I truly believe in and appreciate what you are doing as a company. Thank you!


I've been searching for hemp underwear and I couldn't believe how few options there are, thankfully I found WAMA, I wear these almost every day! They do run a bit small, so if you're in between go up. WAMA customer service was great and they promptly sent me the next size up. The fabric is a little thicker than most people are used to in underwear, but not in an uncomfortable or hot way, it feels really good on. Excited for WAMA to expand to more colors and styles! Thank you for bringing hemp to the masses!

Thick but comfortable

The fabric is thicker than I like in an everyday use type underwear. I could see wearing these during the winter months. However, I was hoping to find a new "everyday" underwear when I ordered these so was disappointed by this.

Awesome underpants thanks Wama

Love these undies so much. Super comfy and I love knowing the fabric is good for you too. the fact that no forests were cut down and these undies were ethically produced is a huge bonus - win/win all around - thanks Wama!!

I love how comfy these underwear are!!! I think they run just a little on the smaller side. Other than that I will definitely be buying more!!

Surprising Comfort and fit

I was searching more more sustainable and ethical undergarments when I was lead to Wama by a woman I follow on Instagram. I ordered my first pair, and now am in love. These underwear are so comfortable, I often do laundry just to get my wama’s back after I wear them. Can’t wait for a white and nude color to be released at some point so I can wear all the time!


Very good quality and the fit. It’s great to see a company focused on such a wonderful natural and sustainable fabric. I plan to buy more soon!

Amazing Fabric!

The fabric is incredible! It feels so super buttery, I want a pair for everyday. If you are in between sizes I suggest you size up, the thread on the leg opening isn’t very soft an can dig in (I love this so much I wear it anyway!)

I hope more they come out with more silhouettes!

So comfortable!

These are the best undies around! The fabric is great quality and feels so good on. Super comfy and I love the cheeky fit

Fav :)

Feel great. They warned me the size would be a little tight... I will buy again but One size up.

Graat But

that are Great ....i woud like to see come out with flyless... most men dont use them ...i dont like them

I all for clothing that has hemp fiber in it and now I have some that keep me covered from my bottom up! Comfortable boxer briefs.

The Most Comfortable Underwear I Own

WAMA underwear totally exceeded all expectations. Being a new fabric, I was skeptical about them to begin with, as having something so close to your body is important to get right! The right undies can make or break your day- these are totally ones I reach for first in my draw. I've learnt more about hemp since discovering WAMA, and it's incredible. I think hemp is the way forward for fashion, comfort, and health, and I'm stoked WAMA have jumped on the bandwagon early.

The cut and design means they don't gather, I don't have to pull them up or out, and they are so damn comfortable.

Best undies ever

I bought two pairs of these for my husband and my son to try because we had heard about the benefits of hemp fabric. Independently, and without each other knowing, they both commented on how comfortable the boxers were and how they were the most comfortable underwear they’d ever worn. So I came back and bought them both sets. I’ll be ordering more soon so I don’t have to wash so often. Apparently they are a little snug, but they seem to like them that way because they’re so comfortable.

Great underwear

Great underwear. Just make sure to get a size up they run a little tight


One of my new favorites for any activity even sports, but breathable, comfortable waistband, and doesn't chafe. Thanks!

Comfortable, great fit

I am always looking for responsible made clothing that fits, is made well, and feels good on. I am very happy with my wama hemp underwear. I just moved to LA, and because of the heat, they feel a little too warm for me right now. Maybe it's the thickness of the hemp fabric, and or the banding. Either way, I don't love them any less - I just will wear them more when the weather is cooler.

Thumbs Up!

Great Underwear! I'll order more once they have Briefs :)

My new favorite underwear!

........I honestly LOVE my new Wama undies so much, I don't wanna wear anything else anymore! :)

Super Comfy!

I bought these for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. She said it was very comfortable.

Super soft and comfortable

Absolutely love my pair, it's true they only get softer with each wash. They have been wearing very well.

Wonderful wama

I sweat a lot in my work and these have kept the feeling of being sweating and ordor down to an extreme minimum
Supportive hugging feel but not stifling
And l
Flattering for my figure

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