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WAMA Underwear Reviews

Based on 1661 reviews
Mens Boxer Briefs x3 pack
Joshua Anderson (Baltimore, United States)
Soft and confidante

I've only worn them for a little bit but these are definitely worth it. They are soft and nice with you legs and body.

Boy Shorts Underwear
Anne (Alexandria, United States)
Not for me

I don't usually like boy shorts but liked the look of these and wanted to give them a shot. The front part of the shorts go way down my leg, and the back hits me just under the butt. Its a weird dichotomy that I think is normal for boy shorts, just doesn't work for me. Super soft though!

Thong Underwear x3 pack
Anne (Alexandria, United States)
All day comfortable

I've tried and rejected a lot of thongs because they don't stay comfortable all day. These feel like super soft cotton, but better somehow? A little stretch but not too much. Was a little unsure of the sizing but got a large because that's my bikini underwear size and the large fits perfectly. Huge fan, will be getting more.

Racerback Bralette x3 pack
Brenda Gorton (Hillsboro, United States)

The bracelet are very comfortable but would be slightly better with a double layer of fabric. I love the underwear, very comfortable.

Bikini Underwear x6 pack
Jessica A Ewing (Atlanta, United States)
Thick band

The undies have a thick band that causes muffin tops if you're prone to get them from tight bands.
Other then that, they are good quality.
My husband only wears wama underwear, but his muffin top situation doesnt bother him.
It goes down to prefer9

High Waisted Underwear
Anna (Hillsboro, United States)
Cute and comfortable

I am currently on an underwear exploration after having two babies and a body that is very different than it used to be. So far I have tried Wama, knickey, pansy, arq, and Hara. Wama is so far my favorite. The high rise is right across/at the belly button. The leg opening isn't huge, more hugging like a boyshort. There is a little reveal at the bottom of the butt also like a boyshort. The seams are not invisible but they are much smoother than some of the other eco brands. The fabric is thin and the feel is corse, but there is a lot of sex appeal with the underwear. I wore these while working on my farm and I felt comfortable and sexy in them all day! I strongly recommend!

Hipster Panties
Anonymous (Brooklyn, United States)
great underwear

I really like the material & it handles sweat well. Only a very minor criticism: for me, the rise of the front is a little high relative to the back but it’s gonna be different for everyone of course.

Mens Boxers x3 pack
J. Lewis (Clovis, United States)
Fit great

Comfortable, wash well and fit exactly as I like. Not tight, not loose.
Excellent customer service, too.

Racerback Bralette
Kathleen Murphy (Creede, United States)
All day comfort and support

Overall I am happy with this purchase. I wore it all day while running errands and felt supported. Quality held up in the wash. I will definitely order more.

Racerback Bralette
Kerry Sorensen-tyrer (Auckland, New Zealand)
Racerback bralette

I love this item - it’s super comfy, and I’m loving the no wire which is a bonus for larger busts. While the support is good it’s not perfect for larger bust, but amazingly comfortable, great for casual wear, and the fact it’s mostly sustainable bamboo is the highlight for me. Love what you do WAMA.

Bikini Underwear
Kailynn Glenn (Phoenix, United States)
Wow wow wow!

These are some of the most comfortable underwear I own! As someone who lives in a hot, dry state, I need something breathable and that won’t keep potential sweat trapped in such a sensitive area. I will most definitely be purchasing more!

High Waisted Underwear x3 pack
LS (Langley, United States)
They crawl up my butt

I found them mostly comfy but the leg openings are too high and as I walk around they tend to bunch up.

High Waisted Underwear x3 pack
real_teal8 (Seattle, United States)
High-waisted Underwear

Bought for the hemp content as a sustainable option, but was skeptical of the only elastic being in the waist band, with normal seams around the leg holes. Turned out to be perfectly comfortable, great job Wama!

Racerback Bralette
real_teal8 (Seattle, United States)
Great Racerback Bra

Well-made and soft, comfortable, washes well, have worn and washed regularly throughout a month without complaint. What more could one ask for from a weekend bra? And it has a signifciant hemp content, go Wama on the sutatainability front. Especially for clothing items that cannot easily be reused or repurposed.

Boy Shorts Underwear x6 pack
Dorothy Vickroy (San Francisco, United States)
Hemp Boyshorts

Fits great, and fabric is super comfortable and breathable. Also great for travel because you can hand wash, and it line dries very quickly.

Boy Shorts Underwear x3 pack
Melissa Knight (Bluewater, Canada)
Consciously Comfortable

These underwear are fantastic. I bought them to wear under short skirts / flowing dresses & they’re perfect. Wouldn’t recommend under tight pants as they’d naturally roll up.

Mens Boxer Briefs
miked (Oakland, United States)
Order Too Small But Ordered AGAIN

Others have said they run small but perhaps my previous underwear ran big. Either way they are comfortable. I am ordering another pair and will update this review (if allowed) once I try out a proper fitting pair.

Mens Boxer Briefs x3 pack
Justin Duverge Catalino (New London, United States)
Great product!

Great material, it’s a bit linty but over all great for the couple weeks I’ve had them.

Thong Underwear
Melanie Graves (Salt Lake City, United States)
Good for Low Center of Gravity!

WAMA's thong may well be the last stop on my journey to find comfortable, sustainable, and (hopefully) long-lasting day-to-day underwear. So far, I've only purchased the one and I've only worn it once, so I cannot speak to how sturdy these will be over time. However, with a 46 inch hip and a 31" waist, I can tell you how well the size 2XL fits on my bottom-heavy self. In short, they are quite good. It's important to base the size you get off of your hip measurement rather than your waist, since these come up to the top of the pelvis or so. Too small, and you'll be picking them all day. Too large, and they won't cover what they need to. I picked the thong over the other styles of panty because (in my limited experience with cheap underwear from big box stores), other styles tend to end up either bunched in my crack or rolled up on my thighs. The best thong covers the important bits in comfort. The only other thongs I've tried so far were cheap cotton undies which were a little too small and the seams on the finished edges were too scratchy. WAMA's hemp thong after one wash, on the other hand, doesn't have that issue at all. The seams don't cause discomfort where the sun don't shine. They are true to size and they don't wedge themselves in over the course of the day at my desk job. They breath well and, unlike my cheaper thongs, they have a little pocket that one could fit a liner into if I wanted. They gap just a little bit when I squat, and bunch enough that I feel the need to pick them out afterward, but I don't have any fear that my backside would be showing. I haven't tested if they show under leggings. I think there is just a little too much fabric in the front since there are wrinkles that appear next the seams nestled by my thigh. The black color looks nice. To sum up, there are little things I can nitpick but I think that these are perfect for day-to-day underwear. They are comfortable all day and they cover everything I want them to. They are pretty expensive, but my hope is the construction is sturdy enough that I can make them last for a couple of years if I sanitize them every 6 months or so.

Boy Shorts Underwear x10 pack
J.S. (San Francisco, United States)
Boy Shorts

I love these boy shorts and I am here to order more!

Mens Briefs x3 pack
A.M. (Austin, United States)
been wearing them a while and they're great

They fit my body well and have the right durability, breathability, and stretch. Loved the one I bought as a trial a while ago, and now bought a pack.

Racerback Bralette
Diedre Dargan (Beaumont, United States)
Racer back bra

Small was too large….xsmall would have been best. Fabric is soft and now I know my size

Bikini Underwear x3 pack
Hope-Katherine Matter (Roanoke, United States)
So happily surprised!

My husband and I both just got WAMA underwear for the first time, and I can safely say it’s SO GOOD!
They stay in place all day, are soft and breathable, and aren’t scratchy or too small.
The size guide was very helpful and we are glad to have found the brand!

Bikini Underwear x3 pack
JA (Valdez, United States)
Comfortable and feels good against my skin

Impressed with the feel and fit. Looking forward to getting more of this brand!

Boy Shorts Underwear
Tracy Catron (Breckenridge, United States)
So comfortable

The boy shorts are the most comfortable and softest underwear I have had and I plan to order more

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