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Bikini Underwear
Celine (Austin, United States)

Just received my first pair in super short time! I am amazed at how comfortable and soft they are and how great the wick away moisture. I'm ordering more for the upcoming summer.

Hipster Panties
Carolita McGee (Seattle, United States)
Already Ripped!

3 months old, washed in cold water & dried on low yet the material ripped while on my body. Nothing snagged on it at all, I wore sweat pants. Sadly, not durable.

Bikini Underwear x3 pack
Kimberley Hickey (Seattle, United States)
Barely There

I love these bikini underwear, they are light and fit perfectly. Make sure that you look in the size chart to make sure that you get the best fit. I ordered large which is a size up from what I usually wear in other bikini underwear. It was so comfortable that I barely knew that they were on. I will definitely order more!

Boy Shorts Underwear x6 pack
Ashley (Calabasas, United States)
Love these!

I love these underwear! They fit well, feel good, and the eco friendly hemp is a plus. I’ve had my first few pairs for a handful of months now and just ordered more. They lay nicely under tighter jeans, and I’ve noticed no degradation in the waistband or in the fabric itself after a number of washes.

Mens Boxer Briefs
Andy Lewis (Cincinnati, United States)
Fit: True to Size
Description: Comfortable
Gender: Male
Comments: XL
I’m a believer now!

I bought a single pair to see what I thought of them. My only regret is that I didn’t go ahead and buy a 6 pack. They do get softer each time i wash them. They seem extremely durable and nothing seems to be deteriorating after several washes!

Hipster Panties x3 pack
Anonymous (Dartmouth, Canada)
Amazing, love them

These undies are awesome. The fabric is great, you can barely feel them. I’m really happy I bought them.

Boy Shorts Underwear
K. Rose (Santa Rosa, United States)
Give it time.

Since they are brand new, info is limited. Very happy with the hemp blend, just wish the weight was more substantial. So much of women’s clothing has gotten thin these past few years. I like the general fit, though I prefer a 6” leg length and a slightly higher rise. Here’s hoping the elastic will survive being washed in cold water and hung to dry, lol. A review a couple of months out might be more helpful.

Mens Boxer Briefs x3 pack
Christian (Vashon, United States)
Amazing fabric!!!

These are great as to be expected. I feel like they run a little tighter than preference. A little jock space in design will a more comfortable feel. Love the fabric and softness. Im gonna try the XL and see if they are more comfortable

Mens Boxers
Mark Haney (Industry, United States)
Not sure yet

Positives: the material is substantial; definitely of a quality that should last. It's also soft and comfy. Not so sure's: Size is DEFINITELY smaller than expected. I cringed ordering a L. I'm always a M. The band is snug and I'm wondering if an XL. That's crazy. I have no butt and they fit snug in the rear, which I like, but if you have a butt, I'm guessing they'll pull enough to make the fly pop open as others said. I'm headed to the tropics next month. I'll find out if they really are as breezy and breathable as reviews say.

Mens Boxer Briefs
SVH (Valley Village, United States)
Raise your frequency with your underpants!

I’m a firm believer that fabrics carry a frequency and it’s been proven that fibers like linen, hemp, etc carry a higher vibration. With that said, I wear mostly hemp clothing and these are the most comfortable and breathable pair I’ve owned yet!! Get ya some and feel the tune up!!

Mens Boxer Briefs
Daddy Yankee (Oklahoma City, United States)
5 stars

Honestly the most comfortable underwear I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot in the past few years. Can’t wait to buy more

Mens Boxers
Jamie Brann (Kansas City, United States)
They're GREAT!!

My husband liked the pair I bought him. He is prone to boils in the groin area, so any way we can help with that, the sweating, the chaffing, etc.

Bikini Underwear x3 pack
Julie (Middletown, United States)

really soft, good waistband that doesn't cut in, not too thin or too thick, true to size!

Triangle Bralette x3 pack
Kimberley Hickey (Seattle, United States)
Better than I Expected!

These bralettes are so comfortable! I barely can tell that I have it on. The fit is perfect & I purchased a large since I'm a 34DD. I purchased a 3 pack but will definitely be ordering more. Once I ordered them they arrived very quickly...within a few days I was enjoying total comfort.

Mens Boxer Briefs
Jenna Connell (Horseheads, United States)
My husband is thrilled!

We bought 1 pair for my husband to try out as we are trying to switch to a more natural and holistic lifestyle. We were a little iffy due to the cost but my husband absolutely LOVES these (and they are very flattering - Just wish more colors were available.) He says it feels like he is going comando and really enjoyed the frabric

The waist band is slightly tight and we are hoping they will stretch to be more comfortable - The rest of the brief fits amazingly. We may try one size up are on the fence due to price.

(6'1 and 157lbs)

Mens Boxer Briefs
Matthew Jaye (Berthoud, United States)
Very nice but made in China

These boxers are sweet. But I am trying to support American manufacturing and unfortunately these are made in China.

Racerback Bralette
April Brown (Auburn, United States)
Band size vs boob size

I really like the fabric, I am going through the menopause symptoms and I sweat a lot I like how these bras don’t make the boobs stink with the natural fibers, however, I do have an issue with the amount of fabric left over. My breasts aren’t very Big but I do have a large band size and not many brands have a 40A. I need a large band size with small cup size this is the closest I could come. The band could be changed out for a knit band instead of elastic. Would be way more comfortable. Since I am a seamstress I can modify these. If I had more time in my days I would make my own but I don’t, working 2 jobs and have kids in sports.

High Waisted Underwear x3 pack
DEBORAH G FEINER (Brooklyn, United States)
Great undies!

These are pretty unique. High quality. The fabric is soft and the waistband feels comfortable. Will buy again. More color options please!

Bikini Underwear
rebecca wise (Brooklyn, United States)
Soft comfort!

Love the feel of these! SUPER SOFT! The waistband is very original and well made.

Mens Boxers x3 pack
Jerry Golick (Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Canada)
Very fine boxers

First time buyer. Love hemp-based products but hard to find well made, soft fabric. These fit the bill. Very soft and comfy. Will buy more for sure. I purchased one size larger than normal and was glad I did.

Boy Shorts Underwear
Samantha Walker (Fort Lauderdale, United States)
Hemp boyshorts

So comfortable, I don’t feel that they stretch out especially if you wash between wears. Healthy for the huha, no more synthetic fibers (have been linked to infertility). The boy short style sits higher on the waist if you’re on the shorter side which give great and comfortable coverage. I’m buying more

Mens Boxer Briefs
Anonymous (Milton, United States)
Great fit, great wear, and great look!

I purchased my first pair of WAMA boxers, size M (I'm 184 lbs., 6 ft. tall), almost two months ago and still enjoy the fit, look, and overall comfort of this underwear. Unlike so many others I've tried, these hold up well to regular washing too., not becoming faded or loose and baggy like others. I'd recommend trying these. I'll be buying more now!

Triangle Bralette
eileen young (Hayward, United States)
Triangle Bra

Love this bra. Very comfortable fits true to size. Will purchase more.

Hipster Panties x3 pack
Rehana K. (Layton, United States)

Comfortable and you can't tell that you have any on!


These are way better than the organic cotton (other brand), I have bought in the past! I will definitely be a return customer!

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