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WAMA Underwear Reviews

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super comfy but much cheekier than expected. please make granny panties next xD I gotta keep my bum warm in winter! Also - definitely size up from your usual size. I'm usually an XS and the S fits perfectly.

Better than anything at VS

I having been wearing the same non-breathable VS underwear for 25 years. Without going into all of the crazy personal stories of why it’s important to have underwear that breathes, I am crazy happy to have found underwear that does! The fit is great and I guess true to size. I would prefer that I could order a ‘small’ and it would fit, but that just wouldn’t be the case. I am curvy so I ordered the large and they fit me great! I will be ordering more for both of my sons. No more VS and UnderArmour at our house.

Happy Junk

Couldn't resist naming the review Happy Junk
True statement though. Great quality. Very comfortable. Fast delivery!

Even better than expected!

I bought a 3 pack during the black friday sale, and when they arrived I was a little nervous. The fabric felt thicker and rougher than I expected, but I still wanted to try them. And I'm so happy I did! The fabric is actually really soft when wearing the undies, and so far I have been able to wear them under everything with no panty lines (haven't worn them under a tight dress yet though, they might show through that). I was looking for simple, flattering, and breathable undies grown organically, and these tick all the boxes. The cut is quite attractive (my partner agrees every time I slip a pair on), and even on an extra discharge-y day I feel dry and clean. They do run a little smaller than most brands, but are true to WAMA's size chart.
I seriously love these underwear. I'm actually going to buy a 6 pack now.

Love these undies!

Love the cut, the feel and the quality of these undies.

If you're reading this, you should just buy them! They are awesome!

The only negative I could say is that they are not different styles!

I love the fit. It was true to size, doesn't ride up my bum...
Very good odor control


Very Comfortable , the the bad thing I can say is the top rolls down making them feel “different” but for the most part they are comfortable.

These underwear seem well-made, and they are comfortable. I will be buying more in the future.


These are great, very comfortable and good coverage without riding up. Only next time I will order small instead of medium.

Transitioning from fast fashion undies to WAMA

As the new year arrives, I am transitioning towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I came across WAMA through a zero waste youtube channel and I was hooked from my first pair. My order was an XL and I love the comfortness of these undies. Even when I am bloated, I do not feel them too tight. I love how they hug my curves and I am happy to say that I have become a loyal customer.

Cute and SOOO comfy

I love these! I have never felt so dry and comfortable in underwear before, even after a long day of work on my feet.

I kind of took a risk by buying a six pack for my first order, but it was worth it.

Great Underwear, But The Fit Could Improve

Waist: 29"
Hips: 31"
Size: L

I love this underwear and will be getting more of it in the future, but there is one thing I have a slight problem with: I feel like the underwear is just a little bit offbalanced in terms of fabric distribution. The very first time I put these on, I felt like I had to keep adjusting them. I pulled them down lower in the back and tried to pull them higher in the front and it still didn't quite fit right. I've attached a picture to illustrate what I mean. In the two images on the left, I have the underwear pulled up to just under where my waistband on my jeans would sit. As you can see, the underwear does not go down to the crease between my bottom and my leg, which is where all of my other underwear goes to. In the two pictures on the right, I've pulled them down to that crease to cover my entire bottom, but then the waistband sat much lower (about an inch) than was comfortable on both the back and the sides. The waistband placement in the front did not change at all.

I did get used to how it felt very quickly, which is why I am still open to buying more, but I still feel a bit odd every time I put them on. I think what strikes me as particularly weird is the fact that in the front, the fabric goes down past the crease that forms between my pelvis and my leg when I sit down, but in the back did not come even close to touching it. So I guess it felt very low in the front and too high in the back. Looking back at the images for this product, I do see it fits the same way on the model, but that is not quite the fit I prefer. I think my problem could be solved if WAMA offered more cuts than just hipster.

Other than that, this underwear is fantastic! The fabric feels wonderful, it's got a great seamless design, and the odor-control aspect is amazing. I definitely still recommend them, as they're so comfortable you get used to wearing them very quickly.


Ordered myself & the wife a pair of underwear, absolutely love the products, ordering was easy, shipping was fast & product does everything it says, great fit, comfortable & keeps odor & moisture at bay! Love it!


Im so glad to have found a lovely, sustainable pair of undies! I got a size bigger than usual, a large, and they are perfect. Thank you!!

Best briefs I've ever owned!

These are definitely the most comfortable, well-made, and favorite pair of underwear I've purchased. Very happy and impressed with this product - worth every penny.

Better than expected!

I have been following Wama on social media for a while now, and finally decided to take the plunge and order some of their underwear. I’ve always preferred cotton bikini style underwear so I wasn’t sure if I’d like the fit and fabric, but I LOVE it! I felt dry and comfortable all day, and it didn’t ride up like I thought it might. I’m a fan!

Really good quality

First time experience with these boxer briefs, and I must say I'm very impressed with the fit and quality. Not sure how they'll be in hot weather, but in winter they're perfect..."Wama" than I expected!

I love my new hemp undies! The are super comfortable, of high quality and fit perfectly. I was also very happy about the plastic free packaging. I recommend them a lot!

What a wonderful find!

I absolutely love these boxers! I love hemp and all the possibilities it can offer to us. These underwear are a beautiful catalyst to an eventual hemp evolution. And they do get better after each wash! Thank you and continued success!

Awesome undies, love that they have odor control

I initially bought one pair of these and wore them for about two-three months. Even after the first time I wore them, I knew that they were special and that I would be buying more. I love how they get softer with every wash (they really do!) and that they have odor control - which is great at the end of a long day! Sorry, TMI. Anyway, I would definitely recommend these to everyone and anyone and I am waiting with baited breath for them to add more styles and colors.

Love them!

Amazing quality product. Beautifully designed and constructed and they’re antimicrobial! Also will probably last forever by nature of the hemp used to make them. So happy!

Curvy Girl Approved

I'm uniquely shaped and finding cute undies that fit is a struggle. Decided to give these a shot because of their Black Friday sale, and boy, did I make the right choice. If you're in-between sizes, I recommend going up.

Just what I wanted

My boyfriend has been looking for new underwear for a while and we've been trying to find pairs from ethical or sustainable brands. These are perfect! He's a total convert and says they're the comfiest and most substantial underwear he's ever had. We sized up from a M to a L and really glad we did!

WAMA 6 pack women's panties

I came across the WAMA site several
months ago when searching for organic underwear. I was I intrigued by the product, but reluctant to purchase underwear online not knowing how the panties would fit.
When I discovered the generous return policy, I decide that it was worth a try. I am delighted with everything about the panties: the fit, the organic fabric and the comfort. The contour shape is very unique and comfortable. Other panties with spandex seem to create bulges above the waist band. These do not, so my clothes actually fit better, too. I would highly recommend the WAMA panties

Shipped plastic free!

As a 10 pack, I expected these to be shipped in some sort of plastic bag, so I was pleasantly surprised to open the box and find them mindfully packed without plastic. I love the underwear themselves as well. A bit more then I would normally spend on undies but totally worth it.

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