Should You Sleep In Panties?

A woman in WAMA hemp racerback bralette and high waisted underwear sleeps on a white sofa.

If you care about the health and happiness of your lady parts, chances are you’re already wearing organic underwear options like a women’s bikini or high waisted underwear in your daily life. And there are so many reasons why you should be! Natural fabrics like hemp make for antibacterial underwear that’s also soft, durable, and breathable.

But are you one of many women going commando at night? You might be surprised to know that it can be better for your body to sleep in panties. To see what’s right for you, let’s explore a number of reasons why women may or may not be sleeping in briefs every night.

3 Reasons Women Might Not Sleep in Panties

What you wear to bed largely depends on your personal preference, and if you don’t like sleeping in underwear there are some pretty common reasons why. First, let’s delve into why women might choose to not sleep in panties.


A woman lays face down on a white be in a gray shirt.

If you’re not a sleeping in panty type of person, it’s mostly likely because you find it more comfortable to go sans undies. This is perfectly understandable—if you wear tight clothing throughout the day, there’s no greater relief than going commando when you go to sleep.

But if you forgo underwear at night because your lady parts don’t get a break during the day, you might want to rethink your panty choices. It’s important that you’re comfortable and getting air throughout the day, not just at night. Consider breathable options, like organic hipsters made from hemp, so you can take care down there around the clock.


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It’s a pretty widely held belief that sleeping in underwear worsens your chance of getting a yeast infection, UTI, or vaginitis. For women who are prone to infections, you might skip putting on sleeping panties to give yourself greater breathability and lessen your chance of getting an infection.

Some experts even support this notion. An epidemiological survey conducted in Italy found a relationship between women who wore “synthetic fabric underwear” and struggles with yeast infections. So if you already struggle with chronic infections, wearing tight, synthetic underwear all the time might be to blame. It’s understandable then that you’d want to give your lady parts a break overnight.


A woman in WAMA hemp underwear lays in her partner’s lap, enrobed by twinkle lights.

Let’s be real, sleep panties might be one clothing item you forgo to keep things spicy in your relationship. If you share a bed, chances are you might skip sleeping in underwear in favor of getting a little closer with your partner overnight. And I don’t blame you!

Or, maybe your partner isn’t into sleeping in briefs, and you’ve picked up the habit from them. Whether you’re looking to keep things intimate or have just fallen into a habit your partner introduced to you, many partnered women ditch their sleep panties in favor of going commando.


While it’s perfectly normal to not sleep in panties, I want to go over a few important reasons why you might want to reconsider. From the outset, I get that it seems healthier, more comfortable, and even sexier to sleep without panties. But let’s take a look at some ways that sleeping in underwear is actually better for you overall.


A woman lies in a white bed and reaches one elbow into the air.

If you’re not sleeping in briefs, you’re exposing all that’s going on down there to either your pajamas or directly to your bedding, which isn’t very hygienic. Women naturally produce vaginal discharge, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of, but without sleep panties you just won’t be able to stay as clean.

Save yourself the trouble by donning organic underwear before you head to bed. Your sheets and pajamas will thank you, and you won’t have to worry about your bedding getting funky from the discharge you dispel overnight.


A woman hunches over on a white shag carpet, clutching her abdomen.

Another very normal part of being a female is dealing with period blood. Even if you’re pretty regular, we’ve all been surprised by an early period every once in a while. If you’re not sleeping in underwear, you’re more likely to stain your bedding without noticing it.

And once you’re on your period, underwear is an absolute must overnight. No matter what method of period protection you prefer, be it pads or a menstrual cup, sleep panties provide a vital extra layer of protection against leakage. And that’s always a plus!


A woman in plaid overalls sits and smiles in front of laundromat washing machines.

When you wear underwear to sleep you can stretch your bedding and pajamas much further in between washes. You and I know what a pain it is to redo your bedding super often. If you hate putting fitted sheets on as much as I do, this is a great reason to throw on underwear before you climb into bed.

As for pajamas, a lot of women sleep in the same outfit every night. Whether it’s your partner’s oversized T-shirt or a lovely nightgown, I doubt you’re washing it every single day. If you’re not wearing underwear at night, you’d have to clean your pajamas every single day to stay sanitary. Save yourself the daily load of laundry by sleeping in underwear and you’re all set.


A woman in WAMA hemp underwear lays on her stomach in bed.

You can kill two birds with one stone if you replace your nightly pajamas with a pair of comfortable underwear: you’ll be able to keep things saucy and still be protected and clean. If you were nodding your head while reading the above section about sleeping naked for intimacy reasons, why not go to bed wearing just your underwear?

This option is still super sexy, but you won’t have to worry about the lack of hygiene or washing your bedding super often. My recommendation? Organic thongs are perfect for wooing your partner at bedtime. They’re both comfy and flirty!


A woman wears a tied denim shirt and hemp underwear while lounging in a striped hammock.

Not all underwear is bad for your vaginal health; in fact, underwear made from natural materials can be healthy for you. If you’re not a sleeping in panty type of person because of health reasons, you’re a little misguided on how to prevent infections at nighttime. Remember that survey I mentioned above? Notice that experts found a correlation between infection rates and synthetic underwear, not just any sleep panties.

So if you’re prone to infections, sleeping sans undies isn’t necessarily the answer. What you need is breathable underwear made from natural fabrics that allow ample air flow to your lady parts. I recommend something super comfortable, like women’s boy shorts or breathable hipsters.


What you wear to bed is up to you, but there are some pretty compelling reasons for sleeping in briefs. Even if you’re concerned about your vaginal health or want to keep things sexy, there are still ways to sleep in panties where you don’t have to sacrifice breathability or intimacy.

Here are the top reasons to sleep in panties:

  1. It’s more hygienic.
  2. You can protect yourself from periods.
  3. You’ll wash your sheets and pajamas less.
  4. You can replace your pajamas with sleeping panties.
  5. Underwear can be breathable and healthy.

Are you one of many women going commando at night, or do you sleep in panties? Let me know your preference in the comments!

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