Why Do We Wear Underwear?

Four pairs of WAMA Underwear, a sustainable underwear company that uses hemp fabric.

We all wear underwear, besides those of us who like to go commando, but have you ever thought to yourself, what is the purpose of underwear? I mean really, why do we wear underwear?

There may be many different reasons why we wear underwear but the main reason just might be to support and protect your privates. Socially, it is the norm to wear underwear in our society and this might be a big reason for this as well. I’m sure you can think of some ideas yourself on why you choose to wear undergarments but here are 6 reasons we wear undies: 

1. Underwear keeps our privates dry

Let’s face it, we all sweat down there and our genitals can become very moist. You don’t want for wet stains to show through your pants do you? How embarrassing would that be?

Undergarments will help keep us dry down there so that we avoid embarrassing wet stains but not all undergarments work the same in this area. Breathable underwear such as hemp underwear, organic cotton underwear, linen underwear, and other natural fabric underwears will help keep us as dry as possible down there. 

2. Comfort

Although, going commando may sound cool to some, the reality is it isn’t all that comfortable. Imagine your genitals getting stuck in your pants zipper, ouch. Or your rough pants and seamlines scraping by your genitals. Doesn’t sound too comfortable, does it?

Wearing underwear truly is more comfortable than going commando. If you want true comfort from your underwear, always opt for comfortable and natural fabric underwears like hemp, linen, and organic cotton.

3. Support

Wearing underwear can give your privates the support it needs. Just like womens bras give women the support they need for their breasts. Underwear gives men the support they need for their genitals. Imagine running without underwear and your privates bouncing around all over the place. Imagine the skin of your genitals getting stuck to something on your pants, ouch. Underwear gives us all the support where we need it.

4. Protection

Our privates are delicate and need protection, that is a fact. One common problem that occurs a lot if you are overweight or exercise a lot is chafing. Chafing can occur when your skin repeatedly rubs against each other anywhere on your body or in this case, your thighs. When this happens too often it can get quite annoying and irritating. Underwear can provide protection from Chafing.

Underwear may also protect your vagina from yeast infection, especially if you opt for breathable underwear. Another infection underwear can help protect you from is tinea cruris, aka crotch rot. Tinea cruris is a skin infection caused by wearing tight or wet clothes. Breathable and moisture-wicking underwear would help protect you even more.

Your best bet would be to protect your privates naturally, with hemp underwear.

5. Avoid exposing your privates

You don’t want to accidentally expose your privates to the people around you, do you? Imagine if you forgot to zip up your pants zippers. Or you are wearing a dress and a strong wind blows your dress up. How embarrassing would that be? Underwear helps protect you from accidentally flashing the people around you.

Ever heard of plumbers crack? Plumbers crack is when you are sitting down or bending over and your pants slide down, exposing the top of your buttocks and the start of your crack. Yeah, underwear can help avoid this problem too.

Clothes can often times be very fragile and delicate. Imagine being at school or work or out with your friends and suddenly your pants get caught onto something and rip and you weren’t wearing any underwear at all exposing your privates. I know, super embarrassing, right? I know if this were to happen to me, I’d much rather be wearing underwear than no underwear at all.

6. Hygiene

Wearing underwear is hygienic and it is always important to have good hygiene. Imagine dirtying your outer garments with your urine and feces. Gross. Or having moisture build up around your genitals and letting it just sit there and build. This just isn’t hygienic. Wearing underwear is better hygiene and opting for breathable underwears like a hemp bikini makes you even more hygienic.



So what is the purpose of underwear? And why do we wear underwear? 6 reasons why we do wear underwear are listed above.

To re-cap, underwear helps protect & support your privates by keeping your privates dry and keeping you comfortable. Wearing underwear is also more hygienic and prevents you from accidentally exposing your privates.

In your opinion, why do we wear underwear? What is the purpose of underwear? Let us know in the comments below!

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