Boxers vs Briefs: Which To Choose?

What item of clothing do you wear every day, and most likely every night? Chances are you wear underwear more often than any other item of clothing. It’s something you should be putting some thought into if comfort and durability matter to you (and please don’t tell me you’re going commando men—that’s not the way to go!)

When it comes to men’s underwear, there are so many different styles to choose from these days. Fitted, loose, long, or short—there’s a perfect fit for everyone. But of all the options, two styles reign as the most popular: boxers vs briefs.

And honestly, there couldn’t be two more diverse options. When it comes to choosing briefs or boxers, there are a few factors to consider. Read on to find out what sets these two popular men’s underwear styles apart from one another so you can figure out the best choice for your lifestyle.


A man stands wearing WAMA hemp briefs.

Boxers are well-loved for their spaciousness and the way they fit like a pair of comfy shorts. If you’re undecided when choosing boxers or briefs, consider your daily routine and your personal preference for fit.

Boxers are a great choice for those who don’t mind feeling footloose and fancy-free, if you know what I mean. You’re not going to get a massive amount of support from boxers, but they do serve as a nice protective layer between your package and your pants.

If you’re prone to going commando because you love the sense of freedom on your lower half, boxers are the right choice for you. You won’t have to sacrifice breathing room or comfort by donning boxers, plus you’ll protect yourself from chafing and uncomfortable sweating or wet spots. Not to mention, you’ll be staying loads more hygienic than if you kept free-balling it.

Boxers also differ from briefs because of their short-like fit. It makes sense too, as this style of underwear was originally named after the shorts worn by boxers during matches. So if you prefer the extra layer that boxers provide for the thigh, go with these over briefs.

A man stands at a side angle in hemp boxers from WAMA

Sound like the perfect fit for you? Awesome! Check out our mens boxers here. Their loose fit is a great choice no matter what your day looks like. Whether you’re running errands or walking the dog, you’ll feel so comfortable in these boxers, you might just forget you’re wearing them.

Do the loose fit and long length of boxers not sound like your style? No worries! Now that we’ve covered what makes boxers the perfect choice for some, let’s switch over to the other side of the boxers vs briefs argument.



A man stands wearing WAMA hemp briefs.

Briefs are a popular style because of their high-cut sides and overall tighter fit. They’re the perfect answer for those who don’t like to play around with loose styles. If you’re seeking underwear that will leave you feeling fully supported and protected both day and night, briefs are the best choice for you.

There are a couple of reasons that men may prefer to wear briefs. When it comes to briefs vs boxers, briefs have a tighter fit. This leaves you feeling more secure throughout the day. You don’t have to worry about the distracting sensation that you’re practically commando, as you might when wearing boxers.

Briefs also have less fabric overall. Where boxers fit more like a pair of shorts, briefs are the opposite. They cut high to the thigh so that both the front and back coverage are more triangle-shaped. So between briefs or boxers, briefs are a great choice if you get frustrated by the extra fabric on boxers.

If you wear tight pants especially, triangle-shaped briefs offer a more uniform fit. Unlike boxers, you’ll never have to worry about bunching fabric or your underwear lines showing.

A man stands from a side angle wearing hemp briefs from WAMA.

Does this sound like exactly what you’re looking for? Great! Check out our mens briefs here. They come in a wide range of sizes to ensure the perfect fit. Whether you’re hitting up the gym or just spending a lazy day at home, our briefs provide security and comfort like no other.


So now you know the difference between briefs vs boxers. Largely, the choice will come down to your own personal preferences for fit.

For a lot of men, each style plays a role in their closet. Some prefer to wear briefs when they’re looking for more security and boxers when they’re just lounging. Regardless, here are the main factors to consider when choosing briefs or boxers:

Go with boxers if:

  • You like a looser, more relaxed fit
  • You prefer the short-like style for your underwear
  • You’re prone to going commando

Go with briefs if:

  • You crave protection and security
  • You like a tighter all-around fit
  • You prefer the sleek triangle-shaped fit for your underwear

If you’re not satisfied by either end of the spectrum, don’t fret! There are a couple of other options if boxers or briefs sound too extreme to you. If you like the idea of boxers but they just sound too bulky, you’ll love our mens trunk underwear. They’re shorter in the leg than any other short-style fit and provide a great balance between comfort and security.

If trunks are a little too short for you, I’ve got you covered. Take a look at our mens boxer briefs. Just as the name implies, they’re the perfect marriage between these two distinct styles. Boxer briefs have the long fit of classic boxers, but run tight and fitted through the leg so you’ll feel protected all day (and night!) long.

So let me know: what’s your favorite style of men’s underwear? Are you a fan of boxers or briefs?

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