3 Reasons Men Go Commando. 5 Reasons You Should Not

When going commando men have a few reasons to back up their choice, and it’s a more common choice than you might think. But just like there are risks to women going commando, from embarrassing stains to painful jock itch, and more, men can also suffer a lot from letting it all hang loose. So why are men going commando, and why should you avoid it?



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A big reason for men going commando is reducing sweat and maximizing airflow.

Underwear adds an extra layer of fabric around your privates that can sometimes lead to more sweating. And not wearing underwear means more air can circulate down there, which I imagine feels pretty good.

But there are other ways to reduce sweating and get more air down there than men going commando, like opting for hemp boxer briefs or hemp boxers. Hemp fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, so you can minimize sweat and maximize air down there, without your only option being joining the men freeballing demographic.


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Some research has shown that wearing tight-fitting underwear can negatively affect male fertility by lowering sperm count.

Believe it or not, there’s a reason other than gravity that male genitals hang a bit, and it’s to keep you cool. The testicles hang below the rest of the torso to maintain cooler temperatures because sperm are pretty sensitive to heat.

But when you wear underwear, everything is pushed up and held closer to the abdominal area, leading to higher temperatures and potentially reduced sperm counts, which is why men going commando for fertility concerns might be more common than you think.

When going commando men find fertility protection to be a good reason. But it’s important to remember that researchers have found that the impact of underwear on sperm count isn’t very significant, and it’s mostly associated with tight underwear that’s not breathable.

So unless you’re really worried about your sperm count, this shouldn’t deter you from wearing underwear.


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No underwear means less restriction, which can be more comfortable, and when going commando men tend to consider comfort a significant benefit of their choice.

This is especially true for men who have to dress up all day, like in a suit for work. If you have to be dressed up all day, there’s probably no greater feeling than coming home, throwing on some gym shorts, and letting it all hang loose.

But lounging at home in soft shorts is probably as far as going commando should go. Wearing gym shorts without underwear in public doesn’t leave much to the imagination, and men freeballing in jeans doesn’t sound the least bit comfortable.

If you want comfort wherever you go, you might want to figure out which mens underwear styles are just right for you.



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Skin chafing is the result of skin rubbing against itself or rough clothing, which can lead to redness, rashes, and even enough discomfort to make walking painful.

With men freeballing, and eliminating the barrier between the most sensitive body part and rough fabrics, especially with jeans, chances of chafing increase. But jeans aren’t the only material that can lead to chafing. As far as chafing goes, when going commando men might get the wrong kind of burn out of workouts, regardless of gym clothes.

For the best protection, opting for a natural fiber barrier between your skin and clothes is the best bet, like when you rock antibacterial hemp underwear.


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When going commando men sometimes leak a little after using the toilet, and then there’s the unavoidable sweating, and an overall warm and humid environment in your pants that’s perfect for bacterial and fungal growth.

Hygiene issues are a big problem for women going commando, but they shouldn’t be overlooked by men going commando either.

Your underwear keeps your privates dry because it soaks up sweat, and since you likely wash your underwear more often than your pants, there’s fewer bacteria and fungi to worry about. But when you skip the underwear, it can create the perfect condition in your pants for jock itch, or more formally, tinea cruris.

Jock itch is a red, itchy rash that forms as a result of a fungal infection, and it can lead to painful blisters. It doesn’t sound too enjoyable.

Plus, if you skip the skivvies, you’ll have to avoid trying on new clothes so that you don’t spread any unwanted bacteria.


Man embarrassed over sweat stains and wet spots covering his face with one hand, his right eye peeking through his fingers.

When going commando men tend to have a far harder time hiding sweat stains and wet spots that inevitably form in the crotch area.

While no one likes to think about it, your underwear soaks up sweat stains and wet spots that gather throughout the day. But without a protective layer of underwear and nothing between your pants and your stains and spots, things can get awkward pretty quickly.

Whether you forgot the extra shake after using the restroom, have a problem with after dribble, or are stuck in a hot room, there’s no reason to make yourself more uncomfortable by sharing your stains and spots with the world.


Man embarrassed over sweat stains and wet spots covering his face with one hand, his right eye peeking through his fingers.

Without underwear catching all the sweat, dribble, and smells that you create throughout the day, your pants are going to get a whole lot dirtier, so expect to do more laundry.

No one loves to do laundry, but compared to women, it’s probably a safe bet to say most men stretch the wear they can get out of their pants a little more. And that’s actually okay.

Research shows jeans can be worn for weeks or even months before being washed. But that’s if you’re wearing clean underwear.

Plus, while your favorite jeans, pants, or shorts might fade or tear after too many washes, hemp underwear will only get softer! And when you know the answer to “how many pairs of underwear should you own?” you know that for men, with 14 pairs of underwear, you can go two weeks without doing laundry. Sorry to all the men going commando, but that’s just a win-win.


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One of the reasons that boxer briefs hold the largest market share in men’s underwear, and are expected to continue doing so, is because of the support they offer. So while there are many answers to “why do we wear underwear?”, for men, one of the big reasons is more support and protection.

If you’re anything like my boyfriend, the only time you voluntarily want your boys exposed is in the bedroom, and without underwear, they’re pretty much always exposed, especially if you’re wearing thin shorts or pants.

Then there’s the matter of support, just like running without a sports bra is uncomfortable and inefficient, so is running with your junk bouncing all over the place!

The perfect underwear will give you all the support you need without any sacrifices in comfort.


Sometimes going commando makes sense, like under swim trunks or when you occasionally need to let it all hang loose. But for the most part, as far as joining the men freeballing team goes, the risks outweigh the benefits.

When going commando men generally do it for more comfort, better sperm production, and less sweating. But all of these downfalls of underwear can be avoided by wearing comfortable hemp boxer briefs, loose hemp boxers, and all-around breathable and moisture-wicking hemp underwear.

So what’s your take on the commando lifestyle? Are you all about a comfortable, protective layer of underwear, or do you like to hang loose?

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