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Mens Underwear Styles Guide

By: Shakib Nassiri

Mens Underwear Styles


Today, we have many mens underwear styles to choose from and sometimes it could be difficult to decide which one is the right style for you.

Men typically shop for underwear differently than women as once we decide on a certain mens underwear style, we never change. If you are a boxer briefs type of guy, you only wear boxer briefs and never try anything else. If you are a trunks type of guy, then that is all you wear without even giving other styles of underwear a try.

Once we find the perfect fitting underwear, many times we repeatedly buy the same style of underwear in different colors and never think twice about trying anything else. It’s pretty difficult to get men to try a different style or even a different brand.

Women on the other hand love to have and try as many styles as possible.

So what style of mens underwear is perfect for you? Let’s go over 4 of the most common styles of mens underwear to decide:

Boxer Briefs


Boxer briefs definitely are the most commonly worn style of underwear by men by far. Boxer briefs are as the name suggests, a hybrid between the boxers and the briefs. Imagine a loose fitting boxer cut underwear and a tighter cut briefs underwear, mix them together and out comes the boxer briefs.

Boxer briefs are typically a tight fit holding your privates in place and bit long in the legs. This prevents you from rashes if your legs tend to touch each other with long walks. They are also very versatile and will move with you no matter what you do during the day. If you tend to sweat a lot it is recommended to go with a breathable natural fabric boxer briefs like hemp or organic cotton.

Perfect for:

Men who want full support for their privates and want to feel comfortable while wearing underwear should go with the boxer briefs. Perfect for those who tend to get rashes on their thighs while walking and don’t want to stand out from the crowd. Boxer briefs are the standard to day when it comes to mens underwear. When it doubt, go with boxer briefs.




Trunks are on a league of its own as it doesn’t come from any other type of underwear. Although they are called trunks don’t confuse these with swimming trunks. Mens trunks underwear are similar to the boxer briefs except shorter in the legs and use less fabric material.

Trunks would be considered more modern and sleek compared to other mens underwear styles and are great if you feel confident about your body. Trunks tend to have a body hugging fit and can be worn with just about anything.

Perfect for:

Men who are confident, modern and like to dress well would love the trunks underwear. Trunks are more revealing than the boxer briefs but still hold everything firmly in place so if this is what you are looking for, trunks are for you.




Boxers are the most loose fitting mens underwear style you can find. Mens boxers use more fabric than any other style of mens underwear so if you like to be fully covered boxers are for you.

Most commonly you will find boxers made in woven fabric material which have no stretch. However, to make boxers more comfortable, recently many brands have provided knitted fabric boxers to give you maximum comfort while still enjoying your boxers underwear.

AKA boxer shorts, because in reality these are long on the legs and loose fitting resembling shorts. Many times boxers can be worn out as shorts but do so at your own risk.

Perfect for:

Men who don’t want any restrictions and don’t mind extra fabric should go with the boxers style. If you like to let them hang loose and have your privates receive all the fresh air it can get then the boxers style will be perfect for you.




Briefs are probably one of the oldest or classic styles of mens underwear still available today and are the style that everyone knows and have worn at least once in their life. Briefs are often referred to as tighty whities even though they are available in many other colors as opposed to just white.

Mens briefs underwear have a minimalist design as it gives you full support and coverage where you need it without the extra fabric that other underwear styles give you.

Perfect for:

Men who like to stick to the basics and are confident with their body. If you don’t like underwear with extra fabric around your legs and just want something to support you where you need it then briefs would be your go to.




The 4 mens underwear styles mentioned above are the most common when it comes to mens underwear. Between the boxer briefs, boxers, briefs and trunks underwear, you are sure to find the perfect underwear style for you.

If you are like most men, once you find your perfect style of underwear you never have to think about this again and always go for the same style every time. If you do decide to try different brands it is always recommended to opt for natural fabrics such as hemp, linen and organic cotton.

What is your favorite style of mens underwear?

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