What Your Underwear Says About You?

couple sitting on the couch in WAMA underwear

Who are you underneath it all?

Under where? Exactly.

What your underwear says about you goes a whole lot deeper than your preference between bare bums and butt huggers.

Stripped down, your underwear choices represent your deepest values. Supporting sustainable and ethical fashion means exercising thoughtful consumerism across your entire closet. That means even for the garments you so readily show off, like those adorable hemp shoes you can’t stop gushing about.

Underwear isn’t (always) meant to be flashed about, so the ones you and I choose say a lot about the kind of world we want to live in when we think no one is looking. If you’re going to bare all, you better like what’s under there.

By choosing eco friendly underwear, like WAMA’s bikini underwear, your underwear shows that you care about the environment. Now let’s unpack that drawer of mens briefs and learn what else your underwear says about you.

Man and woman dancing in the woods in WAMA Underwear


What Your Underwear Says About You?

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WAMA hipster panties

No these don’t say you live in Portland, are a big fan of handlebar mustaches, and listen to Morrisey unironically.

What your underwear say about you, hipster panties, is that you want it all and you aren't afraid to get creative in pursuit of your goals. In these cheeky cut underwear that strike a balance between modest and sexy, you know there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

That’s why you’re probably deeply involved in your local grassroots environmental organization. Whether it’s petitioning brands to embrace slow fashion or protesting those who pay their laborers less-than-living wages, you won’t stop working your wedgie-free butt off until every brand enforced a supplier code of conduct and makes sure their factories are fair and safe (like WAMA!)

Perfect For: The empowered and confident activist

WAMA bikini underwear

Sure hemp is naturally hydrophobic, but these aren’t that type of bikini underwear. These are for when you want to feel dry in your summer adventuring thanks to hemp’s lightweight feel and breathability. In fact, hemp weighs one-third less than wool or cotton and helps with temperature regulation. Hemp bikinis say, “I love summer, but I don’t need it to feel like it in my undies.”

Wearers of WAMA hemp bikinis are the kind to jump in their car, roll all the windows down, and blast Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” while road tripping to the mountains to reconnect with nature.

Perfect For: The “cool” adventure-seeker

WAMA thong underwear

Thong underwear is made for those who don’t want their underwear seen by most, but admired by a fortunate few.

Stereotypically the vainest of the underwear designs, but that doesn’t mean thong-wearers aren’t selflessly aware of the bigger implications of their consumer choices. A WAMA hemp thong says I care about how I look but I also care about the environment.

Thongs mean empowerment because even though they’re under your clothes and unseen by admirers, they serve as a reminder that YOU are an unstoppable force of nature. You own your body, your spirit, and won’t let anyone’s judgment drag you down.

Perfect For: The spiritual guru who does NOT have time for underwear lines in her yoga pants.

WAMA boy shorts underwear

Boy shorts underwear are girls for the athletic of mind and body. If you wear boyshorts, you might be an athlete in the most literal sense, or you might just be running in the race to save the world.

You’re not afraid to shatter that glass ceiling and start playing with the big boys. You love working hard, aren’t afraid to speak your mind, and probably own an organic cotton eco friendly t-shirt that says “Feminist”.

And if your pursuit of female empowerment and equal pay also means dismantling the environmentally devastating capitalist system, bonus points for your booty.

Perfect For: The fearless leader

WAMA high waisted underwear

Ahh the granny panties aka high waisted underwear: the butt of jokes when it comes to butt coverage, but the undies everyone secretly has at least one pair of. Come on, everyone has those bloated days where you just need something stretchy. You may not care what people think of your style, but you do care about how it affects the planet.

That’s why you chose hemp instead of traditional cotton. While somewhat comparable in terms of comfort, you’re definitely NOT comforted knowing traditional cotton is the dirtiest crop in the world. You’d much rather binge some environmental documentaries in a material that, according to the Stockholm Environment Institute, uses 300-500 liters of water per kilogram compared to cotton’s 10,000 liters.

What high waisted underwear says about you is that you also hang on things (trends, stuff, clothing) for a looooong time. Lucky for you, this 10,000-year-old fabric is durable enough to last 20 or 30 years.

Perfect For: The introvert who'd be thrilled about getting to work from home all the time in your favorite organic cotton sweatpants.

WAMA triangle bralette

You don’t like to be confined and you sure won’t go anywhere near uncomfortable underwire and polyester push-up pads. While you might prefer not wearing a bra at all, the so-simple-it’s-sexy triangle bralette is the next best thing.

If you were alive during the second wave of feminism, you probably would have been out there burning your bra. At least an all-natural hemp burns without emitting all kinds of toxic petrochemicals and gases. Still, I suggest composting instead.

But you already know that because your kind of underwear personality followed a zero waste lifestyle before the trash jar was ever #trending.

Perfect For: The free-spirited naturalist who isn’t afraid to show a little nipple.

WAMA racerback bralette

Running toward a better body, better health, or just a better world? You’re the type of person to wear a hemp racerback bralette! You have a hard time sitting still and love the post-workout endorphin rush you get. The only thing better might be the taste of your post-workout superfood smoothie.

You also know hemp is one of the best fabrics for eco friendly activewear because of how breathable and quick-drying it is. Plus, hemp provides plenty of support for both you and the planet.

Perfect For: Fitness fanatics who like to get sweaty, not soggy.



WAMA trunks underwear

Gentlemen, don’t think you’ve been left out. Just because you don’t have the same number of mens underwear styles to choose from doesn’t mean you can’t discuss what your underwear says about you.

If you sport trunks underwear, you’re a classic kind of guy who still believes in holding the door open and grand romantic gestures. You’d rather impress your special someone with a nice bottle of champagne and a surprise gift than let your underwear do the talking. In other words, just like hemp is a self-offsetting crop, you like your underwear neutral.

Plus, you love the fact that hemp lets you romance Mother Earth at the same time.

Perfect For: The classic romantic.

WAMA  hemp boxers

So you’re a boxer man! Like your underwear of choice, you’re loose and easy-going. If you don’t want to be restrained, why would you want your privates to be?

Wearing these suggests you’re as concerned about your freedom as WAMA is about making sure all their materials are compostable (from panties to packing material).

You like spontaneous adventure and crack plenty of jokes about the contents of your dope-plant mens boxers.

Perfect For: The adrenaline junky.

WAMA hemp briefs

This underwear says you’re on the other side of the age-old division. Unlike your fanny loose and fancy-free opponents, you believe underwear should be like the world needs us to be regarding environmental protection: more protective and supportive.

But underneath that uptight mold is one who isn’t afraid to show some skin now and then. Who says mens briefs can’t be protective and provocative?

Perfect For: The man who keeps things close to the vest.

WAMA hemp boxer briefs

Finally, you have the undecided undies, for those who like a little freedom but know too much can get you into trouble. That’s why you’ve settled on the ultra-comfortable and practical boxer briefs.

If you wear mens boxer briefs, you’re tolerant of other opinions and are always willing to hear both sides. You just wish boxers and briefs could get along, just like political opponents so someone might actually get around to passing environmentally protective legislation.

Perfect For: The man who can’t decide.



couple cuddling on the bed in WAMA underwear

Regardless of the style of drawers you're drawn to, the most important choice you’ve made is by choosing sustainable underpants.

Your eco friendly underwear say you want a better world. They say sustainable living is worth supporting underneath everything else. You’re not afraid to sacrifice a little variety for a product that isn’t just going to protect your privates…. but the whole planet.

So, now that you’ve read our take… What do your underwear say about YOU?

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