11 Hemp Fabric Wholesalers For Hemp Fabric By The Yard

 A flat lay of three pairs of WAMA Underwear, made of hemp fabric, sit on a stool.

It’s 2022. It’s time to lean hard into your cottagecore instincts and begin to… sew. If you’re like me and you somehow poke yourself the second you’re within vicinity of a needle, this might be risky. But if the couple of years before 2022 taught us anything, it’s that we can’t always rely on outside sources for our clothes or even businesses. Enter, sewing!

And if you want to commit to sewing that supports your lifestyle, or to start your own business, you need an eco-friendly fabric for all those sewing projects… and the best is, you guessed it, hemp fabric!

You can take my word for it, but also, compare for yo’self: Hemp vs. Cotton | Hemp vs. Linen | Hemp vs. Wool.

Now that I’ve (probably) convinced you of the glories of hemp fabric, I’m happy to tell you that you can buy it wholesale! So, check ‘em and see: 11 hemp fabric wholesalers for hemp fabric by the yard.


I know what you’re thinking, but when it comes to hemp vs. marijuana, they’re actually not quite the same thing. From the way they’re cultivated to the way they’re used, peep the differences between hemp and marijuana in the infographic below.

An infographic depicting the differences between hemp and marijuana.

It’s true that hemp has been grown for thousands of years, all over the world, and cultivated as fabric, food, fiber, and more. There are literally thousands of hemp products on the market today, with endless benefits. Hemp fabric is one of these—it’s great for the environment, great for your (potential) business, and great for you.

Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly plants right from the very beginning of its life in the ground. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Since it is—literally, ha!—a weed, it grows quickly and close together, therefore using less pesticides and fertilizers.
  • It also uses less water than many other plants used for fabric, such as cotton: hemp uses on average 50% less water to grow than cotton.
  • Hemp also doesn’t exhaust the soil and in fact gives nutrients back to the soil, and has even been used to help clean very gross dirt, like at Chernobyl.

Now, hemp itself is awesome, but why hemp fabric? Keep reading and I’ll tell ya all about it.


A close-up image of black hemp fabric.

Hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market, which is a huge benefit right there! In addition, there are many other benefits: hemp fabric is antibacterial, breathable, and gets softer with each wear/wash, while holding its shape.

It’s also one of the most durable fabrics on the market, making it long-lasting. It’s a winner, for sure, which is why it makes such great underwear and bras like WAMA’s racerback bralette and triangle bralette.

Hemp is definitely a green plant while it grows, and it’s great for humans to put on our bodies—but the process where it’s made into fabric can be tricky (as with all plants). Dyeing is traditionally quite harmful to the environment. So when buying your hemp fabric, make sure the dyeing processes, plus the fabrics it’s blended with, are also eco-friendly! Lucky for you… I’ve got ya covered.


Ok, who’s ready to jump into hemp fabric by the yard?? Read on for 11 Hemp Fabric Wholesalers.


A stack of hemp fabric swatch booklets, with different colors and blends, from Hemp Traders.

Buy | Hemp fabric from their new American Hemp Fabric Collection, their latest step into making their entire product in the U.S.
Source | China
Certs | Fair Wear Foundation, OCS Standard Blended
Products | Hemp textiles, paper, building materials
Price | $7-$25 for hemp fabric by the yard

Well, I must start with Hemp Traders because their swatch booklet ($25) was the beginning of a little company called WAMA Underwear. That’s right, our favorite hemp bra and high-waisted underwear are all thanks to Hemp Traders.

Hemp Traders has been around since 1993, started by Lawrence Serbin, who was one of the first to import hemp fabric from China to sell here in the U.S. Today, Hemp Traders has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of hemp fabric in the country.

Now, they sell everything from hemp silk to stretchy hemp jersey and beyond.



Green, beige, tan and purple hemp fabric from Enviro Textiles, one of the original hemp fabric wholesalers.

Buy | Hemp blended with silk to make… hemp silk fabric!
Source | China, Romania, Mexico, South America
Certs | Green America Certified Business: Gold; USDA Certified Biobased Product; Sustainable Biodegradable Products
Products | Hemp textiles, fiber, apparel, medical supplies, agave fiber
Price | $5-$36 per yard

Enviro Textiles was founded in 2002 by Barbara Filippone and her daughter. She brought many years of experience with hemp trade, and was one of the first to bring sustainable hemp to the United States. She’s considered a hemp textile expert, which is a pretty good base for a hemp textile business.

Today, Enviro Textiles provides consulting services, and will help you source for hemp in bulk. They also sell a huge variety of hemp fiber and yarn, hemp medical supplies, hemp apparel, and more.



A hemp chair, made from hemp fabric, advertises the company Bulk Hemp Warehouse on a pillowcase.

Buy | American-grown Hemp Jersey Knit fabric
Source | China, Romania, Canada, USA
Certs | Certified Organic, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Organic Biologique Canada
Products | Hemp fabric, ropes, twine, seeds, apparel, homegoods, pet supplies, paper, and more
Price | $5-$35 for hemp fabric by the yard

Bulk Hemp Warehouse was founded by Tyler Hoff who is also known as Tyler Hemp. No joke, my friends—this guy is serious about hemp. Not only did he create Bulk Hemp Warehouse, he also started Hemp Aware to help new hemp entrepreneurs succeed.

In addition to offering over fifty types of hemp fabric, Bulk Hemp Warehouse and Hemp Aware also offer hemp marketing services, education, and content creation, making it a great option for brands looking to sell wholesale or retail. They also sell hemp food, hemp ropes, hemp twine, hemp seeds, and more… hence their name, Bulk Hemp Warehouse!



Hemp fabrics by the yard are stacked in a pyramid in various colors all from Nature’s Fabrics.

Buy | Hemp Cotton Fleece, for all the cozy projects
Source | N/A
Certs | OEKO-Tex 100 Standard, OCIA Certified Organic
Products | Hemp blend fabrics, as well as other natural fabrics, patterns, custom printing
Price | $11-$25 per yard

Nature’s Fabrics is a small family owned business from Pennsylvania, so their selection of hemp products is small, but they do offer a variety of hemp blends, such as Hemp Cotton Fleece, made from hemp and organic cotton. When it comes to organic cotton vs cotton, organic always wins of course, but when it’s used to make fleece? Hello, cozy!

They also sell Hemp Stretch Jersey, Bamboo Hemp Fleece, to name a few. If you’re in need of other (natural) fabrics to fulfill all your sewing needs, Nature’s Fabrics also sells options like wool and cotton.



Buy | French Terry Hemp Fabric, to capture that joie de vivre
Source | N/A
Certs | OEKO-Tex 100 Standard
Products | Hemp fabrics, cord, twine, rope; other organic fabrics, patterns, prints, notions, yarn and fiber
Price | $13-$60 per four yards

Organic Cotton Plus founding dates back to a fifth generation family cotton farm in the northwest Texas county of Lubbock. In 1991, this farm became one of the first certified organic farms in the country. To supply the demand there was in the U.S. for organic fabrics, they produced fabrics stateside, and also partnered with suppliers overseas.



Indigo blue hemp fabric rolled up next to purple flower.

Buy | Velour Hemp fabric by the yard for DIY diapers, pads, or anything!
Source | N/A
Certs | Control Union certified, OEKO-Tex 100 Standard
Products | Hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, microfleece fabrics
Price | $7-$14 per yard

Kinderel Organic Fabricswas started in 2008 by Liana Daniela, a mom who believes parents shouldn’t have to choose between style, affordability and sustainability. Nowadays, Kinderel is a well-established organic textile wholesaler, that specializes in offering hemp and other eco-friendly fabrics by the yard, or by the bolt for larger needs. They highlight the amazing benefits of their fabrics for making cloth diapers or reusable menstrual pads, but of course you can use their hemp fabric for anything!



A pile of naturally dyed hemp fabric, in pinks, oranges and reds.

Buy | The most beautifully dyed hemp fabric—made with low impact dyes!
Source | Romania
Certs | n/a
Products | hemp fabric, fiber, twine, other crafting items made from hemp; general hemp products like powder, clothing, seeds, etc.
Price | $15-$30 per yard

Since 1991, Hemp Basics has been sourcing natural hemp fabric from Romania, in addition to a variety of other hemp products, from hemp protein powder, select pieces of hemp clothing, and hemp craft accessories, such as twine, cord and webbing. Their hemp fabrics are colored with naturally derived dyes, and they’ve achieved some super pretty colors, on the red/orange/pink spectrum especially.



Buy | Perhaps an interesting blended fabric made of hemp and yak wool!
Source | China
Certs | EU-approved dyes and chemicals, OCS Standard 100 and Blended
Products | hemp, linen, modal, silk, organic cotton, yak wool & fur; yarn and garments
Price | contact for wholesale prices

Hemp Fortex was originally founded in 1999, after seeing the need for luxurious textiles that are also sustainable and eco-friendly. Since then, they have also founded the Hemp Fortex Foundation. The Hemp Fortex Foundation aims to help those with disabilities, including those in the Sichuan province of China afflicted with leprosy—cool fact alert, because it is theorized that antibacterial fabric can help with the symptoms of leprosy. Can hemp get any cooler??



Beautiful, white hemp fabric hangs from hemp rope.

Buy | Hemp fabric in some unique and bold colors
Source | China
Certs | OEKO-Tex Standard 100, OCS 100 and Blended
Products | hemp fabric, as well as other organic and eco-friendly fabrics; patterns, natural dye kits, yarn, notions
Price | $6-$16 per half yard

Simplifi Fabric, based out of Ontario, Canada, was started in 2012 by a mother and daughter duo hoping to source a variety of eco-fabrics. In addition to hemp fabric and notions, such as buttons, rope and thread, Simplifi Fabric also sells a large variety of other eco-friendly fabrics. You can buy organic cotton, linen, lyocell… as well as sherpa, flannel, chambray and even vegan leather.

Simplifi Fabric is very transparent around where their fabric is grown, produced, knitted and dyed—and hey, they even provide natural dyes themselves, so you can do it on your own! So they could help you dye, sew, trim and even add buttons to your projects.



A white pillow with black embroidery, made from the artisans of Planet Green.

Buy | Try their unique hemp-banana fabric blend
Source | India
Certs | N/A
Products | In addition to hemp fabrics, other hemp products: paper, homegoods, accessories, clothing, wall hangings
Price | contact for price of hemp fabrics by the yard

Planet Green was started as a response to the large-scale reverse migration that was happening due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with taking an eco-friendly approach through it’s products, Planet Green is taking an initiative to additionally train skilled rural women to bring economic relief to empower their lives.

These women based in India’s Himalayan foothills have been trained for generations in the art of production of handloom products like hemp fabric and hemp paper—but without a marketplace. Enter Planet Green! Their artisans make environmentally sustainable products handmade from hemp, bamboo, banana fiber, jute, and more.



A woman wearing a beige skirt made of hemp fabric, holds a flower.

Buy | A gorgeously patterned hemp fabric!
Source | India, Nepal, Europe, Southeast Asia
Certs | AZO-free dye certification
Products | 100% hemp fabrics and blends
Price | $6-$13 per yard

Hemp Fabric Lab, HFL, was created in 2018 as a one-stop shop for designers and creators to buy hemp fabrics. Their aim is to create an ecosystem where brands, designers, consumers, researchers and students can learn about hemp and ultimately create products that not only look good but don’t burden our planet as well. HFL’s mission is also to educate people about the wonders of hemp and banish any myths surrounding it, and inspire others to pursue a circular economy as well.

HFL sells 100% hemp fabric and blends with other sustainable fibers like organic cotton, Tencel, wool, silk, yak hair, nettle, bamboo and even recycled polyester.



A woman, wearing a pair of hipster panties which are made from hemp fabric, kneels on a bed.

The future has arrived, and it’s made of hemp! Well, maybe not everything is made from hemp, but fingers crossed hemp separates itself from its more controversial cuz, marijuana. Because hemp is so crazy versatile and useful, as well as being sustainable, kind to our planet, and kind to our bodies.

And hey, the hemp market is still pretty wide open. You can buy as little as one yard from any of these hemp fabric suppliers listed above. I applaud you for even starting this journey to use hemp in your upcoming projects, you rock!

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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