97 Hemp Products You Can Buy Today

A woman's chest wearing a green hemp bralette, layered necklaces, and an open white shirt.

Yeah, so… hemp is like, completely awesome, you guys. There are so many hemp products on the market nowadays—and, no, I’m not talking about the stuff that you smoke—there is a huge difference between hemp vs. marijuana, ya know!

Hemp starts out being pretty awesome—it can clean the soil it’s planted in, to start with! From there, it can help clean up oil spills, it can become a biofuel, it can feed people, it can make cars, it can make clothing, like antibacterial underwear, and hemp could probably even power the sun.

Well, maybe not that last one, but the rest are totally true! And not only that, but there are a million amazing hemp products out there for your everyday life that are clean, environmentally-friendly, and just good stuff, like sustainable underwear and hemp yarn.


Hemp is made from the industrial hemp plant, which is closely related to marijuana, but does not produce THC in levels that will get you high. Industrial hemp has actually been used for many, many things for a long time, primarily using the seeds, the oil, or the fiber.

Benjamin Franklin on a hundred dollar bill, underneath a hemp leaf.

Did you know that the first draft of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper? And that Betsy Ross made the first American flag out of hemp? I mean, hemp practically made America.

With the passage of the Marijuana Tax in 1937, though, hemp fell out of favor. Soon, it was entirely associated with it’s cousin marijuana, which is unfortunate, as the products from hemp number in the hundreds, in areas such as in papers, fabrics, fuel, packing materials, supplements, and food.

However, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, it is finally legal to grow industrial hemp again, which means that the hemp market in the United States is just getting off the ground. There is so much potential to be found in hemp, and I for one can’t wait to see what else we can find for hemp to do.

CBD oil on top of three hemp leaves.

But in the meantime, here is your go-to, comprehensive list for 97 Hemp Products You Can Buy Today.



Hemp clothing used to be synonymous with hippies smoking a joint and, you know, that’s pretty much it. But it’s come a long way, baby. The hemp clothing benefits are myriad, and here are a few:

  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-odor
  • Breathable
  • Versatile
  • Organic

Yep, hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there, which has started to attract even the highest-end designers. Hemp for the win!



A man and a woman pose by an open door in their WAMA Underwear, a great hemp product.

Not to flex too much here, but hemp underwear might be the holy grail of products made from hemp, and especially underwear. It’s breathable, gets softer with each wash, is strong, and it’s antibacterial—which is a godsend to those of us with swamp crotch (or for anyone, since that area of our body is such a great spot to host bacteria). WAMA Underwear is the leading hemp underwear brand, and you can’t go wrong with a pair of high waisted underwear or men’s boxer briefs—all made out of hemp!


Two women pose in bralettes from WAMA Underwear, a couple of great hemp products.

If you’re looking for a hemp bra, WAMA Underwear is ready for ya! Once you put one of their bralettes on, like a racerback bralette or a triangle bralette, you will GET IT. Hemp bras are soft, stretchy, yet they hold their shape, meaning they still give you that necessary support. And with hemp’s antibacterial properties, and it’s breathability, they’re just… really good. Welcome to the hemp underwear club. We’re so happy you’re here!


Two people in hemp t-shirts from hemp product brand ONNO.

That’s right, they make hemp shirts, and even hemp tank tops! We love this hemp t-shirt from ONNO. ONNO offers their hemp t-shirts in fifteen different colors. These are a perfect base to build a whole hemp outfit around, or to wear on their own. As they get softer with each wash and are uber-breathable and prevent odors (!!), one of these shirts will likely become a favorite for a v v long time.


Thanks to hemp’s awesome properties, one of the most killer products from hemp around are socks. And if you’re one of those people who almost immediately punches a hole in their sock, you definitely need to try some ultra-strong hemp socks, pal o’ mine. Try out these hemp socks from Kind Hemp Co, and your feet will be dry, warm, and smellin’ like roses all day.


If you’re ready to jump into a pair of hemp shorts, try out an athletic pair from the ever-trusty Patagonia. Patagonia’s hemp shorts come in a variety of cuts and colors for both men and women, but all are Fair Trade certified and eligible for Patagonia’s Worn Wear program—if they do by chance get holes, after you wear them for, give or take, twenty years.


If you’re looking for a comfy and versatile pair of pants, check out some hemp pants. I like the ones available from prana—they certainly meet the comfy and versatile standards, while being breathable, practical, and, thanks to the hemp, sustainable! They come in a variety of stylish colors for men and women, such as standard black and blue, plus orange, camo, pink and more.


A woman wears a dress by Allbirds, a great hemp product, while she stands in the desert.

Hey girl hey! When it comes to hemp dresses, the first thing that may come to mind are shapeless sack dresses. While to each their own—some people can totally rock a sack dress—you deserve variety, style, and, yes, sustainability. For all of this and an extra dose of comfort and softness, look to Allbirds. Allbirds are known for their awesome sustainable shoes, but now they are making simple-yet-stylish clothing, like this hemp dress. Pretty, functional, sustainable… Why yes, you can have it all.


For a jacket that might give you an almost too-cool vibe, if that’s a thing, try out this unisex option from Jungmaven. Made of hemp and twill, it’s designed to withstand the elements and last a long time. Plus, it comes in tons of colors, and can also be worn as a shirt… Now that’s a jacket. Or maybe even, dare I say, a shacket??


Okay, let’s put the idea that hemp isn’t fashionable to rest already, okay? And one surefire way to do that is with this insanely cute hemp romper from one of my faves, Toad & Co. And if you need something with a little more coverage, they make these très chic hemp jumpsuits, too.


A man and a woman wear Hemp Blue jeans while sitting on a wall, a brand that makes their products from hemp.

I don’t know about you, but the denim market seriously bums me out with it’s huge amounts of pollution that go into just the dyeing part of making jeans, not to mention the rest of the process! So I’m very very happy that hemp jeans are starting to become a thing. Check out this crazy hip hemp jean collection from Hemp Blue, all made right in Los Angeles. They offer chic boyfriend jeans for women and classic straight jeans for the dudes in several different colors.


If you really want to go all-in on products made from hemp (and why wouldn’t you?), find yourself a hemp skirt. For a super bougie one, try this one from Mara Hoffman. Gorgeous, right? If you need one that’s a little more budget-friendly, try this hemp skirt from Thought. Still cute, still hemp, it’s a winner!


A row of boardshorts from Afends in different colors, all products made from hemp.

Swimwear can be made of some not-so-planet-friendly materials, which is why I’m so happy to introduce you to hemp swimwear! If you’re in need of a one-piece swimsuit, try this minimalist one from Natasha Tonic, an eco-friendly, hemp swimwear brand out of L.A. If you’re in need of some swimming trunks, give these very cool boardshorts from Afends a shot, in and out of the water.


Who doesn’t want to cozy up in a robe after a long day… and better yet, one made of hemp? Try this unisex hemp robe from EcoChoices for that snuggly feeling that doesn’t hurt the planet. Comfort you can feel good about in every way.


A flat lay of products made from hemp including underwear, a hat, and gold necklace.

If you're looking for some hip hemp accents to complete your stylish & sustainable outfits, look no further than this list of hemp accessories.


This is the perfect grab bag for all of your extra gear! Whether you need a place to store your climbing gear or you need a catch-all travel bag, WAMA's hemp pouch bag can take it all.


It’s unfortunately unusual to find a durable belt that isn’t made of leather or other animal by-products. But hey! In walks Hempy and hands you a hemp belt. Strong, long-lasting, eco-friendly and they come in many colors.


Hemp face masks from United By Blue, hanging from a branch, are cute and eco-friendly.

Well, it’s a pretty relevant time to make face masks, thanks to, you know, pandemic living. And now is also a great time to try a hemp face mask, too. For stylish, well-made hemp masks, peep these salvaged hemp ones from United By Blue. The pattern and softness are sure to be comfortable all day, and with hemp’s antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, your hemp face mask is sure not to get smelly like, er, other people’s do.


If you want to be covered in hemp literally from head to toe, you need yourself a pair of hemp shoes. Hemp shoes are crazy comfortable, smell-proof, and long-lasting. And these hemp shoes from 8000 Kicks are the best, because they’re also waterproof! With seven cool colors and a minimalist design, you’ll be kickin’ it in comfort in these kicks.


Everyone needs a solid pair of flip flops for summer days, beach days, that sketchy shower at the gym, for running out to the mailbox when you can’t bother with actual shoes, for wearing out to the backyard hot tub or sauna in winter… wait, was that last one in my dream? Anyway, Rainbow Sandals makes their famous flip flop sandals in hemp now, yay!


A woman wearing a hemp product—a hemp purse from Hempmania—stands on a beach overlooking water.

Hempmania makes the cutest hemp purses. Check out the Hemp Mini Urban bag—it’s small, yet with enough room for all the essentials, and it’s one tough little thing! This bag will take you from here to there with nary a scratch. While also being pretty adorbs.


This cool little hemp wallet from Hemp Co-op is made from salvaged denim and hemp denim. It’s simple yet big enough to hold your bills (I mean, if you still carry cash… does anyone??), as well as plenty of credit cards and your license. And, hey, since it’s hemp, it’s sustainable and organic—and I may be repeating myself, but hemp FTW!


If you have more stuff than any purse could carry, look out for a hemp backpack! This one from Bee Line is 100% hemp and stylish to boot! With five separate compartments, you can use it for your day hikes, city explorations, or, if you’re not-a-regular-mom-but-a-cool-mom, it could even be a handy diaper bag. Especially since hemp prevents odors, which is definitely a plus when it comes to diapers.


A hemp trucker hat, one of the products made from hemp by the brand tentree, sits on a snowy branch.

If you want to hop on the latest hat trend, Tentree's got just what you need. Their stylish hemp trucker hats come in a variety of colors and styles, and since they’re partly made out of hemp, they’re designed to keep your head in comfort without an extra dose of sweat. And they've got an inspiring mission: for every item purchased, they’ll plant ten trees! Now let’s all go buy one and buy one for all of our friends so we can help them meet their goal of one billion trees planted by 2030.


My grandma always said that 30% of your body heat comes out of your head… and while I’m not sure if that’s completely true or just her trying to get me to put on a hat, it’s stuck with me! So I was very pleased to discover eco-friendly, sustainable hemp beanies from Datsusara Hemp Apparel. They’re cozy, soft, and guaranteed to look good on you, whether you’re a he/him, she/her, they/them, or genderfluid.


A man and a woman wear hemp sunglasses, some of the products made from hemp, while standing in a greenhouse.

Okay this is a pretty cool one—did you know that hemp could be made into sunglasses? I mean, really, is there anything that hemp can't be made into?? Hemp Eyewear, based in Scotland, offers both male and female hemp sunglasses in a variety of modern styles. They also make hemp glasses, and if all that isn’t great enough, their Hempcare program will repair, reuse and recycle your Hemp Sunglasses for life!


Trying to buy a cozy hemp scarf can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially if you want one that is definitely sustainable. Enter this amazing scarf—with pockets! POCKETS, I tell ya!—from Hemp Bulk Warehouse. It checks all the boxes for warmth and sustainability, and also… it has pockets.


If you're in need of a tie, why not check out a hemp tie? Yep, for a more refined hemp accessory, De Ionescu makes hemp neckties that are 100% hemp and 100% right for that wedding, a hot date, or the office. Although… is that still a thing people have to do, and dress up for? The office?


A foot with painted nails wears a hemp barefoot sandal, one of the products made from hemp by Hemp Beadery.

If you want to embrace your inner bohemian and wear some hemp jewelry, Hemp Beadery is for you! They have anklets, necklaces, bracelets, and even very hip barefoot sandals that your next beach vacay is just begging for.


The brand Seekjoy is on a mission to…#BringBackTheHanky! And, by bringing that hanky back, they want to end our reliance on disposable paper products, like paper towels, napkins, and tissues. I have to admit, I found the idea of a handkerchief a little gross, but every time my man pulls one out… Well, those things are handy. Get one of Seekjoy’s hemp handkerchiefs and do your part to #BringBackTheHanky!


A hemp leaf sits with some products made from hemp: seeds, oils and pills—all against a black background.

Since the Farm Bill of 2018 was passed, and several states have legalized both industrial hemp and marijuana, hemp wellness products, such as CBD oil, have exploded in the U.S. Besides CBD oil, there are a ton of other health and wellness hemp products out there! Here are some of the benefits of having hemp in your wellness products:

  • Helps relieve stress
  • Produces a calming effect
  • Improves mood and mood disorders like anxiety and depression
  • Relieves muscle aches and joint pain
  • Alleviates insomnia
  • Helps with the symptoms of cancer and cancer treatments
  • Improves heart health
  • Aids in the prevention of diabetes

So where can you find hemp wellness products? Read on, I got ya!


A man reads a book while relaxing with CBD oil, a hemp product from FAB CBD Oils.

People all over are crowing about how CBD oil has helped them sleep better, relax, focus, and relieve their pain. So, basically a lot of the benefits of MJ without the whole smoking-high factor, which many people find attractive (if that is not you, feel free to skip onwards, no judgement!). Try out this FAB Pure CBD Oil from a brand you can trust to deliver the qualities you’re looking for, in several different flavors. Like vanilla. I love a good vanilla flavor.If you're looking for a more nutritious and more environmentally friendly butter, look no further! Hippie Butter's hemp seed butter is perfect on bread, crackers, and even as a substitute in your favorite recipes.


Speaking of bringing hemp into the bedroom... Wait, were we doing that? Ahem. Sure, CBD oil and hemp gummies might totally have their place in your bedroom, that is all you, but I’m also talking about lube. Yep, Kush Queen's water-based hemp lubricant might be just what you need to get things movin’ and groovin.’ Hemp lube is a natural vasodilator, meaning it can stimulate greater blood flow, therefore increasing sensation to the directly applied area. Intriguing, no?


Hemp cooling gel, a hemp product, in a black tube sitting on a piece of bark against green stones and succulents.

Use the power of hemp to soothe your tired, achy muscles from that hike, that gym workout, or that super taxing visit to the grocery store… Hey, we all deserve to relax and be pain-free, whatever our lifestyle! Try out the Hemp Infused Cooling Gel from Charlotte’s Web for some delicious menthol action, or rub in some Canna Treehouse’s Warming Muscle Rub, for that oh-so-soothing heat.


Speaking of sore muscles… a massage with some hemp heat muscle rub sounds crazy good. If you want an actual massage oil for the moisturizing and healing benefits without the heat or cooling factor in the muscle rubs (which, I get it, is not everyone’s thing), Moon Mother Hemp Company’s CBD massage oil is all-natural and allergen-friendly and will enable you to get (or give!) a Massage with a capital M.


If you haven't jumped onto the essential oil bandwagon yet, now's your time! Stillpoint Aromatics' hemp essential oil is perfect for a pamper night. Give it a whirl and gain all the purifying, cleansing and calming benefits associated with hemp oil.


Hemp seed oil toothpaste, a hemp product from Hello, lays against hemp seeds, mint oil and charcoal. Link

For that so-fresh-and-so-clean feeling when you brush, try out Hello’s activated charcoal and hemp seed oil toothpaste. Not only does it clean your teeth, it whitens and freshens and is also good for the planet. As they say… take your brushing to a higher place… with hemp toothpaste!


Reusable menstrual pads and solutions seem to finally be taking off. Everyone has heard of a menstrual cup or ring, and period panties are now a thing, too! They also make hemp menstrual pads that are cute, eco-friendly and most definitely washable. Try out these ones from Öko Creations.


A woman applies nail polish, one of the beauty products made from hemp you can buy today.

There is an entire hemp beauty market out there and I am HERE. FOR. IT. The amazing things hemp can do for your skin, body, and hair are pretty awesome:

  • Diminishes breakouts and reduces redness thanks to anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes anti-aging by boosting elasticity & supporting cell growth
  • Protects from UV rays and pollutants
  • Minimizes fine lines, smoothes & firms (I’m looking at you, Omega 3s!)
  • Retains moisture in skin
  • Alleviates eczema and psoriasis
  • Promotes hair growth (on the scalp/face for bearded folk)
  • Diminishes breakouts and reduces redness thanks to anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promotes anti-aging by boosting elasticity & supporting cell growth
  • Protects from UV rays and pollutants
  • Minimizes fine lines, smoothes & firms (I’m looking at you, Omega 3s!)
  • Retains moisture in skin
  • Alleviates eczema and psoriasis
  • Promotes hair growth (on the scalp/face for bearded folk)

Here are some hemp beauty products you can buy today, yay!


Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is pictured against illustrated flowers, sky and mushrooms.

If you’re looking for hemp soap, look no further than the OG (probably), Dr. Bronner’s. Choose from several different scents—I prefer their hemp peppermint because it gives you some serious tingly-clean. Their hemp soaps come in bar form, or liquid form. The liquid somehow magically does a million other things—you can use it for laundry, dishes, hair, dog-washing… Seriously, is this some kind of black magic? Or just the power of hemp?


Beauty products aren’t just for women and neither are hemp beauty products. All you guys deserve to reap the benefits of hemp for your skin! Feel free to use any or all of above and below, but also, try out this Hemp Seed Shave Cream from Earthly. It’ll give you a close shave, while keeping your skin hydrated and nourished. Since the cream is also vegan, cruelty-free and made in a solar-powered factory, you’ll feel as good as your skin will.


One of my OG favorite lip balm companies is now making hemp lip balm. I’m looking at you, Burt’s Bees! Responsibly sourced, sustainably made, and naturally moisturizing, their hemp lip balm promises a lot and delivers it all. It smells a little herby—in a good way—and keeps your lips from getting chapped for hours after you apply.


A tub of face cream by Hemp Beauty lays in a bed of roses.

For a full range of products for that good-looking face of yours, you’ll want to try out a product or two from Hemp Beauty. Your skin will seriously thank you for switching to hemp products, and it will show it by being clearer, softer, smoother and healthier. And you won’t have to feel guilty for looking good cause it’s natural, organic hemp!


If you too have battled with itchy scalp, vacillating between no-shampoo and too-much-shampoo, and assorted hair problems all your life, I have your new savior—hemp shampoo and conditioner! The Fay Farm’s Healing Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner will, you guessed it, heal your hair and scalp, leaving you with healthy and beautiful hair. Hair that isn’t weighed down, or itchy with build up, or dry from too many chemicals. And bonus, hemp shampoo and conditioner promotes hair growth! I gotta ask, Is this what it’s like to have good hair? Because it kinda feels like a superpower.


A woman puts some scalp serum, a hemp product from Love Beauty & Planet, on her scalp.

Speaking of an itchy scalp—which can we all agree is just the worst?—Love Beauty & Planet is on the case! Their Scalp Serum, made from hemp seed oil and nana leaf, is 94% naturally derived and will help ease scalp discomfort by balancing and moisturizing this notoriously finicky area. I can feel that sigh of relief already.


The few times I’ve used a bath bomb, I’ve been either overwhelmed with the unnatural color that stained myself and the tub, or with sheer amount of glitter. Who wants glitter in their bath, especially now that it’s become clear that glitter basically never goes away? If you’re hoping to step up your bath game but definitely want to avoid glitter, use one of these hemp bath bombs. Luna Elements' hemp bath bombs come in Lavish Lavender or Oat Milk & Honey, and most importantly, do not contain glitter, or any other funky dyes and chemicals. You could even say that they’re the bomb (... see what I did there?).


Sometimes washing your face with water and soap just doesn’t cut it. Ya feel me? I love me a good face wipe with those little beads for really scrubbing those cheeks squeaky clean. But those wipes (not to mention, those little beads!) are not so hot for the environment. If you still want that scrubbed-clean feeling sans guilt, Hemp Authority’s hemp makeup remover pads can give you that while also making the whole process more eco-friendly.


Well, for us pale folk, sunscreen has been pushed our entire lives. (Although, this is for everyone: if I can give you one piece of advice, it would be to wear sunscreen). But unfortunately, sunscreen isn’t always eco-friendly. Raw Elements makes sunscreen with all natural ingredients, including hemp seed oil, in a variety of products: your basic sunscreen, baby + kids, facial moisturizer with sunscreen, and so on… all in eco-friendly packaging. It’s biodegradable, reef safe, water resistant, and broad spectrum.


Is that chemical nail polish smell bumming you out because you just want PRETTY NAILS without all the nasty stuff? Well, you’re gonna love me, ‘cause hemp nail polish now exists! Duri's new hemp nail polish is an amazing base coat that will keep your nails healthy and strong and make ‘em grow nice and long, while also making them pretty pretty!


Revitalize that beard with some hemp beard balm. Your face will appreciate RealBeardedMen's hemp beard balm—and so will whoever has to kiss that face! Hemp will make your beard shiny, soft and looking brand new, while moisturizing the skin beneath and promoting hair growth. Go forth and grow (that beard)!


Hemp cookies with hemp leaves ina golden dish.

Step aside, quinoa and chia seeds—there’s a new superfood on the market! It’s hemp seeds and they are seriously nutritious. Here’s a quick little list of just a few of the health benefits of hemp foods and drinks:

  • Allergy friendly! Soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free
  • Good source of plant-based protein
  • Promotes boosted immunity
  • Increases brain power
  • Helps heart health
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Easily digested by the body
  • Can reduce cholesterol levels

Okay, I know your next question will be—just how can I eat more hemp seeds? Keep reading for some delicious and sustainable ways to eat yo’ hemp.


Move over, coconut, soy, and almond! That’s right, hemp milk is in the house and it is blowing all the other milks out of the water. Hemp milk is packed with nutrition, is easily digested, and is a stellar source of plant protein. Pacific Foods' hemp milk is the perfect addition to your routine, perhaps in your morning latte. Or, if you wish, you can make your own hemp milk—it’s actually pretty easy to do at home!


A tea tray, including hemp tea, pictured with a hemp leaf floating in the cup, sits on a furry blanket.

How wholesome does hemp tea sound, anyway? Well, it’s also completely delish. The Tea Can Company offers hemp teas of both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties. Choose from flavors such as Calming Chamomile or Caramel Lattea, or various combos and gifts, including a Breast Cancer Gift Basket. Early studies have shown that CBD oil can help relieve some of the symptoms from cancer and cancer treatment. Just a cool lil fact for ya, you know I love my facts.


Okay, before we get further into the many, many awesome food products with hemp, let’s get to the source of it all: hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts. Nativa’s Organics, whose mission is Superfoods With A Purpose, is also a great source to get this specific superfood (er, hemp seeds, if that wasn’t clear). Add ‘em to smoothies, salads, and like I mentioned, you can even use them to make hemp milk. Whatever you choose to do with your hemp hearts, you’ll get all the benefits: healthy fats, complete protein, valuable vitamins and minerals like magnesium, all with that creamy, nutty taste.


A hand holds a bottle of hemp oil sideways over a black background.

Hemp seed oil will quickly become a staple in your pantry, once you give it a try! Best raw or gently heated, you can add it to pasta, salad dressings, hummus, sauces… and more. Nutiva’s hemp seed oil is one of the best on the market, and is guaranteed to give you a good shot of those essential fatty acids.


All the benefits of hemp seed in your baked goods! Sounds pretty good to me. Hemp flour is, of course, high in protein and omega-3s, while being innovative, versatile and socially responsible. And no, brownies baked with hemp flour will not get you high. Unless you add marijuana, well, then, that’s a whole different story. Try out Hearthy Foods hemp flour for a non-GMO, naturally gluten-free, sustainable version.


Hemp seed butter spread over a piece of bread and decorated with hemp seeds and a hemp leaf.

Hemp seed butter is, like all hemp foods, crazy nutritious, and also more environmentally friendly. Hippie Butter's hemp seed butter is perfect on bread, crackers, and as a sub in your favorite recipes that ask for other types of nut or seed buttah.


Hemp packs a powerful plant-based protein punch (say that five times fast) which means it makes a perfect vegan protein powder. Sunfood makes it best, since they make it raw, vegan, and all-natural! Packed with all nine essential amino acids, dietary fiber and omega fatty acids, hemp protein powder will seriously up your smoothie/protein shake game.


If the thought of hemp granola sounds a little too, um, fibery, well, I hear ya. But I promise you, in addition to being filling and full of nutrients, it’s also delicious. Michele's Granola makes a killer ginger hemp granola that’s also wheat, dairy, and nut free—as well as being handmade in small batches, baked with wind power, and non-GMO. Thumbs up to that! (Or something less dorky, maybe, IDK).


All three Cloud 8 seltzer flavors are lined up on a table.

If you’re ready to elevate that La Croix or Spindrift… check out Cloud 8 Hemp Infused Seltzers. They give you science-backed relaxation in three different flavors: Lemon-Lime, Tart Cherry and Grapefruit, and are pledged to be as affordable as possible so everyone can access this hemp-infused goodness. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind one of these right this second!


Another wonderful hemp-infused snack option are hemp crackers. Mary’s Gone Crackers, in addition to that hilariously clever name, makes a hemp and chia cracker that is so full of nutrients it might explode—but don’t worry, they’re also delicious.


A white cup with hemp coffee is decorated with a hemp leaf, as it sits on a black table.

For you little caffeine fiends, give Strava Craft Coffee’s hemp coffee a sip. Their hemp coffee is ideal for those who might need to cut back just a tad on that caffeine, but still need a buzz. Benefits are reported to include better mood and less anxiety, pain relief in joints and muscles, and overall physical and mental health. Now that’s a cup of coffee.


Who would have thought that beer could get a hemp makeover? Humboldt Brewery Co is one of the first microbreweries to brew with hemp seeds, and they started way back in the 90s! That’s a whole other century, if you want to feel old. Their Smokey Hazy Hemp is an IPA that's uniquely hoppy and uniquely, well, hempy.


If you follow one influencer on Instagram, you most certainly have heard of CBD oil. But did you know you can find it in lotions, pills, soap, tea… and, gummies? If you’re a little overwhelmed by the choices of the CBD gummy market, these ones from Joy Organics are tasty and guaranteed to help you de-stress and relax.


A man sitting outside eats a hemp energy bar, a hemp product by Kate’s Real Food.

It’s three o’clock and you know what that means… the dreaded afternoon slump! Whether that comes for you at 11 a.m. or 3 p.m., you’ll probably need an energy boost at some point during your day. Say hello to hemp energy bars! Kate’s Real Food makes a truly delicious peanut butter hemp and flax bar that will give you that needed punch, while also providing a bunch of nutrients, of course. Kate’s Real Food was voted the Best Energy Bar for 2021 so… you’re gonna wanna see what all the hype is about.


If you need to mix up that veggie burger (or beef burger) life, you really need to give hemp seed burgers a try! Goodseed Burger makes a variety of unique flavors, although my favorite may be the All American… What can I say, I’m a burger purist. Except for, you know, the hemp, vegetarian part, but if you ask me, hemp burgers are just as American as the original! Anyway. If you’re looking to expand your palate, try Curried Sweet Potato hemp burgers, or maybe the BBQ miso chickpea flavor. Your tastebuds will thank you, and so will your body—and, last but not least, so will the planet!


Four containers of hemp taffy in various flavors and colors.

Yep, you read that right—hemp taffy! What haven't they thought to put hemp into?? Cheeba Chews has found one of the most inventive vessels to get hemp from shelf to stomach. Their hemp taffies come in six mouth-watering flavors, like chocolate, strawberry, orange cream, and even a “sleepy chew” type, for those insomniacs out there.


CBD oil and hemp are starting to be accepted in the mainstream as great for humans—but did you know that they can be helpful for our favorite little furballs? There’s a whole bunch of products out there for your pets, that reputedly help them relax, reduce their anxiety, and alleviate pain.

A cat touches it’s paw against a human’s hand.


Have you tried giving your anxious pup or your achy cat CBD oil yet? Many pet owners are starting to give their furry BFFs hemp pet treats to help with anxiety, sore muscles and joints, and general calmness and wellness. So help your buddy out, with CBD Dog Treats or CBD Cat Treats from HolistaPet.


A dog runs in the woods holding an orange hemp dog toy.

Do you have one of those dogs that destroys every toy within two seconds? Even the toys that they promise will last? Yeah… samesies. And I’m tellin ya, you’ve gotta try a Tug-A-Hemp Natural Dog Toy, from Only Natural Pet, for that little destructive rascal! Hemp is one of the strongest fibers around and is guaranteed to give your dog something to work on for, well, ten minutes at least! And maybe even longer.


If you’re in need of one of those little catnip mouses for your favorite feline, these very adorable All Natural Cat Toys made by From the Field are made from hemp. Apparently, cats everywhere say that their mice feel like real mice, which is a pretty solid endorsement. And with organically grown catnip, sustainable hemp, and natural colors, you be livin’ pretty giving these to your little kitty.


A happy golden dog sits on the edge of a lake while wearing a collar and harness from Earth Dog.

Speaking of your little destructo-gadget, does your dog go through collars and leashes like nobody’s business? Or do they somehow always get a hold of them and chew through them like a termite? Then durable, eco-friendly hemp dog collars and leashes are for you! Earth Dog offers a variety of colors, patterns, and styles.


Well, cat litter is one of those things I try to avoid talking about as much as possible… I mean, just use it and forget it, right? But, apparently not all kitty litter is created equal. Not only is hemp cat litter more environmentally friendly, it’s also free of toxic clumping agents that can cause health issues in your lil cat. Plus, it’s five times more absorbent than any other type of cat litter. HempAlta's hemp cat litter is also flushable and biodegradable. Which, let’s be real, I didn't even know was a thing!


Speaking of absorbent, flushable and biodegradable… Hemp animal bedding is a contender for some of the best animal bedding out there. Whether you need it for your chickens, horses, or anything in between, New Country Organics has the hemp animal bedding for you.


A white room with a plant stand and natural hmep sheets

Let’s see… so far, you can wear hemp, and eat it, and find it in pet products, use it to make yourself healthier or more beautiful… and we’re not finished yet! You can also find various hemp products for your home that are sustainable, creative, and plain ole gorgeous.


Oh, what will they think of next? Just hemp furniture! You deserve organic luxury for your natural home. Or so says Savvy Rest, a furniture company that makes hemp sofas, loveseats and armchairs (as well as mattresses). You can choose the hemp or hemp-cotton fabric, your arm height, and the legs to customize your hemp furniture to your style.


A beach tablescape with a hemp table runner, green fronds, white chairs, and elegant glassware.

To give your table that chic natural farmhouse look—while actually being natural—you need a hemp table runner! This runner from Pottery Barn fits the bill, and is Fair Trade certified and responsibly sourced. Nicely done, PB!


You heard me right: Not just a hemp rug, you can get yourself a whole hemp floor! Earthweave's new hemp carpets come in many colors and weaves, and they're wonderfully natural.


Kaya Hemp Co makes the most adorable fleece hemp baby blanket that is gentle on your baby’s delicate skin and gentle towards the planet, too. As they say, stay cozy—sustainably. Which might be the motto of your baby’s life (and let’s be real, yours, too).


Three candles from Kushed Candles and a small glass vial of hemp oil.

If you haven't jumped onto the essential oil bandwagon yet, now's your time! Stillpoint Aromatics' hemp essential oil is perfect for a pamper night.


What could be a better hemp accent for every room in the house? Hemp Traders' hemp curtains come in a variety of colors and styles. You can even order a swatch book to make sure you get the perfect match.


Yeah, maybe at first when you hear hemp toilet paper, you might cringe a little because it does not sound soft. It’s been hard enough trying to convince my parents to switch to natural toilet paper without also trying to get them on the hemp bandwagon. But guess what! Hemp tp is totes soft and may be the most eco-friendly alternative to regular toilet paper there is. Make the switch today! And try to make your parents make the switch!


Green hemp straws inside a cardboard box with the words the hemp straw on it.

There’s been a huge movement against plastic straws—for good reason—so quite a market offering alternatives has sprouted. Reusable metal, reusable plastic, and various types that biodegrade… including hemp! HempZoo makes hemp straws that mimic the feel and bend of plastic straws, but are eco-friendly to make, can be used more than once, and are fully biodegradable—within one year, if not even sooner.


If you’re ready to brew the best cup of coffee of YOUR LIFE, you NEED to try a hemp coffee filter. Not only do you lose that funny papery taste that often comes with disposable filters, but hemp coffee filters from Hemp Authority are reusable (washable), antimicrobial, and all-natural.


A happy white dog relaxes in a bed with white sheets and a white pillow.

Treat your bedroom to these luxurious threads from Buffy! These hemp linen bed sheets are perfect for the spa-like bedroom of your dreams. They come in clean colors (no nasty chemical dye), are earth-friendly, hypoallergenic and super-breathable. And since they’re hemp, they’ll only get softer over time, and will last you a long time, too, thanks to that durable fiber—which is even stronger than your partner’s toenails that need hedge clippers to trim. (TMI?)


Turn your bathroom into a spa, too, with some super-absorbent hemp towels from Anact. Soft to your skin, nice to environment, and fast-drying to avoid that eau de mildew that tends to happen to regular towels.


Soft as a baby’s bottom is not just a saying—their little butts really are that soft, and that sensitive! Natural diaper inserts are the way to go to keep your bub rash-free, and well, hemp diaper inserts are even better. You can buy these basic ones from Green Mountain Diapers, or, if you’re feeling like a super-parent, make your own.


A minimalist desk, with a white plant holder and white lamp and small wooden clock.


Hemp paper has a leg up over regular paper for a bunch of reasons! Greenfield Paper has office paper, greeting cards, notebooks, all made with hemp! Because the last thing our planet needs is for us to keep using a bunch of paper from one of our most precious resources, TREES.


Add this to the list of things you never realized were kind of terrible for the environment—pens. Yes, ugh, something you literally use every day. Unfortunately since pens tend to be made of plastic, when they’re done, they often just get chucked in the landfill. You can try refills for pens, but you can also try… hemp pens! Woodsong Creations makes these beautiful little pen blanks (meaning, you just need to add the ink—which is easy) for all of your pen needs.


Five hemp laptop cases from Hempnath, in shades of blue, green and brown, lie next to a lime on a white tablecloth.

If you're a tech-head, you know that it's almost as satisfying buying the case your new gadget fits into as it is buying the gadget itself! And Hempnath does not disappoint: Their hemp laptop cases are a thing of beauty.


A woman does yoga on a wood plank porch, against a view of the ocean and palm trees.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer that your necessary equipment for the fun and active life of your dreams is all made of sustainable materials. And it’s so exciting that hemp is starting to show up, in everything from yoga mats to surfboards!


Yet another one that seems very on brand… a yoga mat! Made of hemp! It’s almost too good. This hemp yoga mat from The Wellness Insight is handmade, biodegradable, and chemical free. Plus, it’s sturdy and anti-slip for your most rigorous yoga practice—or, you know, if you just um, tend to sweat a lot.


And what's a better way to finish your yoga haul than with some meditation? Samadhi Cushions makes hemp meditation cushions that are truly a soft place to land. Or, you know, a soft place for just chilling if that’s your thing.


A skier in an orange jacket carries his skis and wears hemp ski goggles on the top of a snowy mountain resort.

When you’re up on the slopes catching freshies, you need goggles that can handle the elements without sacrificing performance. Enter Spektrum Bio-Based Eyewear, a Swedish company that has taken on the challenge of making ski goggles that do exactly those things—sustainably. Their Östra Bio Raw Goggles are 90% bio-based, including an un-dyed hemp strap. Spektrum is continually improving their product, so expect more sustainable ski goggles comin’ out of Sweden.


Why, yes, you can shred the gnar or hang ten sustainably. I mean, it just makes sense that when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you aren’t contributing to the destruction of said outdoors. Sadly, gear has all too often been full of plastic, harmful chemicals, and decidedly unnatural. Lucky for all of us, innovative people out there are creating things like hemp skis and hemp surfboards. And skiing down the mountain on a pair of natural, sustainable skis, well… there’s nothing more natural than that.


The benefits of hemp are far-reaching and can be used in construction, packaging, automotive, industrial, and other applications.


A modern style stucco-colored house made of hempcrete stands at the end of a driveway, on a hill with trees in the back.

From hemp insulation to Hempcrete (concrete made from hemp) you can literally make your entire home out of hemp now. And if that isn’t living the dream… I don’t know what is. Here are some of the benefits of hemp building materials:

  • Hemp building materials make homes are zero waste
  • Hemp building materials are non-toxic and all-natural,
  • Hemp building materials can improve health issues such as allergies
  • Hemp building materials absorb CO2, which reduces the carbon footprint of your home
  • Hemp building materials make soundproof walls
  • Hemp building materials act as an efficient thermodynamic insulator, which can reduce energy costs up to 70% per year


If you can't quite make an entire house out of hemp, and you still need to use a little wood, don’t feel bad—because you can at least stain that wood with hemp! Hemp Shield makes hemp wood and deck stain is a deep soaking protection that is weather-resistant, eco-friendly, and toxic-free!


A red convertible sports car, made from hemp, is parked next to a grassy curb.

Did you know that Henry Ford made a partly hemp car in the 1940s, and even originally designed his car to use hemp fuel? So, why aren’t we using it yet? The answer is complicated and unfortunately political (cough gasoline lobbyists cough), but some auto manufacturers are finally starting to jump on the hemp car bandwagon!


I don’t have to tell you how terrible plastic is for us, the ocean, the planet in general. So, drumroll please… hemp plastics have been invented! This is a huge breakthrough, you guys. The Hemp Plastic Company has developed four types of hemp plastics that are a biodegradable option for manufacturers.


Hemp rope has been used for centuries. By sailors, especially! We’re talking the he-sailed-the-ocean-blue-in-1492 kind of timeline, and hey, if it’s good enough for Columbus… um, scratch that. Let’s just say that sailors know their rope, so if you’re in need of some good rope, check out this hemp rope from Hemptopia.


Hemp hardwood, made by HempWood, is layered on a white surface, zoomed in to see the grain of the wood.

Did you know it’s possible to find a wood that prevents deforestation, is renewable, is almost double the strength of oak while also growing faster? And can you guess that… it’s wood made out of hemp? Plot twist! HempWood is making, well, hemp wood—but in a variety of products, like lumber, flooring, furniture, and cabinets. That house built entirely out of hemp is looking more and more likely…


Yeah, okay, this one makes me think that hemp could totally save us all! I mean, stay tuned and all, but it’s got potential. Hemp Battery Direct thinks hemp batteries are the future of bio-based fuels. Recent studies are showing that hemp batteries are more powerful than lithium, which is a promising start!


A hemp guitar is at an angle on a white surface to view the strings and the unique shape and craftsmanship.

Hemp guitars! What a time to be alive. If you’re ready to rock and sustainably roll, the hemp guitars made by Canna Guitars are exactly what you need. They’re beautiful, unique, and made out of hempstone, which is apparently just hemp fiber and water. Read more about hempstone here (trust me, it’s completely brilliant), and listen to how a hemp guitar sounds here!


Alrighty now, things are starting to get a little morbid around here, and I sincerely hope none of you needs one of these soon… but yes, they make hemp coffins. I mean, it does make sense, with the whole ashes-to-ashes, dust-to-dust thing, to be buried in an eco-friendly box, if you decide to go that route.


No need for the wasteful cardboard, paper and plastic anymore! Sana Packaging's sustainable hemp packaging is great for all of your hemp-related shipping needs. I feel like Amazon and some other bigwigs should really adopt hemp packaging, especially after the year of deliveries that was 2020. I for one would feel better about online ordering if I knew the packaging was greener! Hint, hint.


A collage of different poses self-shot by a woman; she’s wearing a black hemp bra and panties and kneeling next to a plant.

If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, there are even more hemp products out in the world than these 97. These ones are a great start, and I know with all those genius, creative people out there, new hemp products will come out every day! Even if you’re not a hemp dork like me, it’s just so cool to see what else you can make with hemp. And even cooler to incorporate these hemp products into your life.

So, tell me—which ones of these products made from hemp are you most excited to try? Or, have you already tried some hemp products? Share in the comments below!

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