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101 Hemp Products You Can Buy Today | Hemp Products List

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By: Sophia Pesetti

With this new hemp product craze blowing up in the United States, some of us are still wondering what even is hemp, and what can it do?

Hemp is, essentially, the entire cannabis plant— And in the current US market place, it can do just about everything! This particular strain of cannabis is an incredibly environmentally-friendly solution to many of our problems.

From hemp food products to industrial hemp products to everything hemp in between, you can find products made from hemp for basically every area in your life.

Below is our hemps product list of 101 hemp items you can buy today! Find what you’re looking for in the categories below:

Hemp Clothing

What’s a better use for hemp than the clothes we wear? This sustainable fabric is comfortable, durable, and gets softer every wash! And now, there’s more hemp clothing options than ever. From Hemp Jeans to Hemp Underwear, we’ve got you covered (literally).

1. Hemp Shoes

While you might expect hemp to only be used in the hardiest of hiking boots, Bohempia has developed fashionable hemp shoes that are perfect for every-day wear. Whether you’re out changing the world or just getting brunch, these shoes will take you there!

2. Hemp Socks

And what goes better with hemp shoes than hemp socks? These socks from Kind Hemp Co are breathable and UV-resistant. And for those of us who think twice before taking our shoes off in a new friend’s home, don’t worry: Since they’re made with hemp, they are naturally odor-resistant!

3. Hemp Underwear

What could possibly be a better use for this soft, breathable fabric than hemp underwear? Not only are they durable, but they also have antimicrobial properties. And don’t worry, animal lovers: WAMA underwear is vegan!

4. Hemp Shorts

Hemp shorts are a perfect addition to your summer collection! Patagonia’s shorts come in a variety of cuts and colors, but they’re all stylish and they’re all Fair Trade Certified.

5. Hemp T-Shirts

ONNO offers Hemp T-Shirts in fifteen different colors. These are a perfect base to build a whole hemp outfit around!

6. Hemp Jackets

And why not dress up your outfit with a stylish hemp jacket? Hoodlamb’s new line will keep you warm, and it’ll keep you cool.

7. Hemp Dresses

Float into summer with style with Babble and Hemp’s new hemp dress line. Who said hemp-wear was frumpy?

8. Hemp Yoga Pants

Another closet staple: hemp yoga pants. Impress all of your yogi friends with Soul Flower’s endlessly comfortable and ethically made threads!

9. Hemp Rompers

Check out Toad & Co’s new gorgeous hemp romper. Do I need to repeat that hemp can be stylish?

10. Hemp Jeans

That’s right: Hempy’s has found a way to make hemp jeans. Will you ever need another pair?

11. Hemp Sandals

Who is ready to stop sitting in the office and start lounging by the beach? Rainbow Sandals’ hemp sandals make it that much easier.

12. Hemp Wrap Skirt

And while you’re at it, why not get a beachy hemp wrap skirt? You’ll be ready for vacation in this flowy fabric.

13. Hemp Swim Shorts

And we can’t leave out the men! Pick up your fashionable hemp swim shorts from Afends today.

14. Hemp Spa Robes

Finally, what’s the best way to end a beach day but to lounge in a sauna? Dash Hemp’s got a hemp spa robe just for you.

Hemp Accessories

If you're looking for some stylish hemp accents to complete your stylish & sustainable outfits, look no further than this list of hemp accessories.

15. Hemp Produce Bags

Vital Hemp's hemp produce bag is perfect for your weekly Farmer's Market run. No need for paper or plastic!

16. Hemp Wallets

These sporty hemp wallets from Hempest are great for hiking trips, shopping trips, and everything in between.

17. Hemp Trucker Hats

If you want to hop on the latest hat trend, tentree's got just what you need. Their stylish hemp trucker hats come in a variety of colors and styles. And they've got an inspiring mission: For every item purchased, they will plant ten trees!

18. Hemp Beanies

And for the cooler weather, why not pick out one of Bee Line Hemp Wick's hemp beanies? They come in a variety of colors, and they're super soft to the touch.

19. Hemp Backpacks

Back to school season is just around the corner! Hemp in Nepal's super affordable hemp backpacks are a fashionable staple for your studies.

20. Hemp Sunglasses

Is there anything that Hemp can't be made into? Hemp Eyewear offers both male and female hemp sunglasses in a variety of modern styles.

21. Hemp Scarves

These bohemian accent are the perfect addition to any summer outfit. Thought's new line of hemp scarves are gorgeous!

22. Hemp Neckties

If you're looking for a more refined hemp accessory, look no further. Gold Coast Goods' hemp neckties are 100% hemp and 100% right for the office.

23. Hemp Phone Case

Make sure you're keeping your phone safe while you're out saving the world! Hempmania's hemp phone cases have an extra zippered pouch for all of your valuables.

24. Hemp Pouch Bag

This is the perfect grab bag for all of your extra gear! Whether you need a place to store your climbing gear or you need a catch-all travel bag, our hemp pouch bag can take it all.

25. Hemp Belts

Another wonderful hemp accessory! Mexicali Blues' hemp belts are versatile and a great accent to any outfit.

26. Hemp Necklaces

Rounding out the accessories is another rustic pick: Gypsy Rose's hemp necklaces. Don't these bring you back to summer camp?

Hemp Food & Drink

Here's a category you will all be more familiar with: Hemp you can eat! Hemp foods and drinks have been taking over our cafes and grocery stores recently. Why don't you pick yourself up one of these popular treats?

27. Hemp Seeds

Let's start with the essentials! Hemp seeds are an incredibly versatile, and Omega-3 packed, protein. Add this to salads, smoothies, or just snack on them straight out of the bag!

28. Hemp Seed Oil

Another hemp food staple! Use Nutiva's hemp seed oil as a cooking oil or a base for your dressings, sauces, and homemade hummus.

29. Hemp Seed Butter

If you're looking for a more nutritious and more environmentally friendly butter, look no further! Hippie Butter's hemp seed butter is perfect on bread, crackers, and even as a substitute in your favorite recipes.

30. Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp makes for a perfect vegan protein powder, and Sunfood makes it best! Packed with all nine essential amino acids, dietary fiber and omega fatty acids, there's nothing better to add to a protein shake.

31. Hemp Energy Drinks

Need that extra boost to get through finals season? Kona Gold's got you covered! Their hemp energy drinks come in a variety of flavors.

32. Hemp Energy Bars

Evo Hemp's hemp energy bars are the perfect pre-workout snack. Choose your favorite flavor, from apple to mocha!

33. Hemp Granola

Looking for the perfect hemp-filled hiking snack? Check out Michele's granola! This hemp granola is packed with protein. And it's wheat, dairy, and nut free!

34. Hemp Flax Crackers

Another wonderful hemp-infused snack option! Foods Alive's rosemary hemp flax crackers are deliciously filling.

35. Hemp Water

LivElite has developed a refreshing and organic hemp water to help you stay awake and motivated through the day!

36. Hemp Milk

Move over, coconut, soy, and almond! Pacific Foods' hemp milk is the perfect finish for your morning latte.

37. Hemp Tea

If you're more of a tea drinker: Don't worry, we've got you covered, too! The Tea Can Company offers hemp teas of both caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties.

38. Hemp Coffee

For our caffeine fiends, Strava Craft Coffe's hemp coffee is worth a drink! And why not pair it with the aforementioned hemp milk?

39. Hemp Beer

Who would have thought that beer could get a hemp makeover? New Belgium's hemp beer is a unique IPA that's uniquely hoppy and uniquely, well, hempy.

40. Hemp Taffy

What haven't they thought to put hemp into? Cheeba Chews has found one of the most inventive vessels to get hemp from shelf to stomach. These hemp taffies come in six mouth-watering flavors!

41. Hemp Chocolate

And last, but certainly not least, sink your teeth into this sweet treat! Sakara's hemp chocolates are adorable triangle-shaped wonders that have all the benefits you'd expect from hemp-infused foods.

Hemp Office

This is 2019: It's high time to hempify your office space! Whether you're still in pen and paper mode, or you need help with your digital supplies, we've got all the options.

42. Hemp Paper

Do you ever think about how much paper you go through daily? If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, Bulk Hemp Warehouse's hemp paper can help.

43. Hemp Pens

How cool are these? You can even get them with a nameplate/pen holder! These hemp pens from Green Spring Technologies are the perfect pair for your hemp paper.

44. Hemp Pencil Cases

Himalayan Handmades' has made another back to school staple! These funky hemp pencil cases are perfect for class.

45. Hemp Laptop Sleeves

If you're a tech-head, you know that it's almost as satisfying buying the case your new gadget fits into as it is buying the gadget itself! And Rawganique does not disappoint: Their hemp laptop sleeves are a thing of beauty.

46. Hemp Laptop Bags

And if you're already buying a hemp laptop sleeve, why not get a hemp laptop bag to match? EarthHero's new over-the-shoulder has room for everything.

Hemp Furniture & Home

Moving right along! If you're already hemping up the rest of your life, why not hemp up your home, too? These furniture pieces and accents will give a lovely organic touch to any room in the house. With hemp fabrics now available in a huge variety of colors and textures, it's no wonder there's so many hemp home items to choose from.

47. Hemp Carpet

You heard me right: Not just a hemp rug, you can get yourself a whole hemp floor! Earthweave's new hemp carpets come in many colors and weaves, and they're wonderfully natural.

48. Hemp Wood Finish

Can't find the perfect finish for your latest carpentry project? You're in luck: Hemp can do that too! The Real Milk Paint Co's hemp oil wood finish can be used on bare wood, over paint, or over another wood finish.

49. Hemp Fabric

And for all of your other DIY home projects: Think hemp! EnviroTextile's hemp fabric is incredibly versatile, whether you're sewing, embroidering, or hot glueing.

50. Hemp Building Materials

Forget home furnishings -- You can make a whole house out of hemp now! Hemp Technologies Global has released 'Hempcrete', a new hemp building material.

51. Hemp Sofas

Don't you think your new apartment needs an eco-friendly lounging area? Get comfy on your new hemp sofa from EcoSelect Furniture!

52. Hemp Curtains

What could be a better hemp accent for every room in the house? Hemp Traders' hemp curtains come in a variety of colors and styles. You can even order a swatch book to make sure you get the perfect match!

53. Hemp Bed Sheets

Treat your bedroom to these luxurious threads from Hemptopia! These hemp bed sheets are perfect for the master bedroom.

54. Hemp Blankets

What could go better with your new hemp bed sheets than a few hemp blankets? Jungmaven’s canvas blankets come in a variety of colors.

55. Hemp Baby Blankets

And don’t forget about the little ones! Organic Lifestyle’s hemp baby blankets are so adorable and so soft.

56. Hemp Table Runner

Don’t forget about the dining room! Pottery Barn’s hemp table runners will add a rustic touch to any meal.

57. Hemp Napkins

For another dining room touch, choose from one of EcoChoice’s contemporary and natural hemp napkins.

58. Hemp Shower Curtains

Plastic no more! You can get these eco-friendly hemp shower curtains from Bean Products.

59. Hemp Bath Mats

And a mat to match! Joy in the Home's anti-mildew hemp bath mats are a must-have.

60. Hemp Towels

To wrap up the bathroom, why not pick up a few hemp towels? Envirotextile's towels are wonderfully sustainable.

Hemp Health & Wellness

Here's another category we're all pretty familiar with! Hemp in the use of health & wellness products is on the rise. Here are our favorite picks!

61. Hemp Lubricant

Speaking of bringing hemp into the bedroom... The Hemp Shop's new water based hemp lubricant is definitely worth a try!

62. Hemp Extract Oil

Who doesn't need a little hemp extract oil in their lives? Take 15 drops a day in your mouth or on your food.

63. Hemp Essential Oil

If you haven't jumped onto the essential oil bandwagon yet, now's your time! Stillpoint Aromatics' hemp essential oil is perfect for a pamper night.

64. Hemp Pain Relief Cream

Another perfect use for hemp! Vermont Country Store's hemp pain relief cream advertises long-lasting soothing relief.

65. Hemp Candles

These hemp seed oil-infused candles are a must-have for your evening bath! The Hemp Candle has 12 different scents.

66. Hemp Massage Oil

Massage, anyone? Mary's Nutritionals' hemp massage oil is all-natural and allergen-friendly.

Hemp Beauty

Hemp has even found its way into your favorite beauty products! Whether you're getting ready for a glam night out or you're getting ready for bed, we've got a product for you.

67. Hemp Face Cream

Move over, moisturizers! This hemp face cream from Hemp Beauty helps to fight wrinkles.

68. Hemp Soap

A new shower essential! Emz Blendz' hemp soap is great for dry and sensitive skin.

69. Hemp Hair Pomade

Need a way to revitalize those damaged locks? Hemp can help! Mine Botanical's new hemp hair pomade is great to relieve dryness and flakiness.

70. Hemp Shaving Cream

Reminder that hemp beauty isn't gender specific! This hemp shaving cream from Hemp Seed Body Care is great for any gender.

71. Hemp Facial Oil

Herbivore's hemp facial oil is here to help you achieve all of your perfect skin goals! If you're looking for that skin glow, look no further.

72. Hemp Shampoo

Another shower staple! The Hemp Line's hemp shampoo is a must-have.

73. Hemp Makeup Remover Pads

Feeling guilty about all of the makeup wipes you throw away each night? No need! Hemp Authority's hemp makeup remover pads make the job much more eco-friendly.

74. Hemp Lip Balm

Don't ever settle for chapped lips again! This hemp lip balm from EcoLips is Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, and Fair Trade Certified.

75. Hemp Sunscreen

Protect your skin with the power of hemp! Hempful Farms' hemp sunscreen is SPF 30.

76. Hemp Bath Bombs

Step up your bath game with hemp bath bombs! Lunaelements' bath bombs come in a beachy azure, lavish lavender, and oat milk & honey.

77. Hemp Nail Polish

Mani/Pedi lovers, unite! Duri's new hemp nail polish is an amazing base coat that will keep your nails healthy and strong.

78. Hemp Scalp Tonic

Give your locks a much-needed spa treatment with Urban Outfitters' hemp scalp tonic. Fun fact: Hemp oil stimulates hair growth!

79. Hemp Hair Serum

Put your straightener away: Curlmix's hemp hair serum with hemp seed oil will make your curls look better than ever before!

80. Hemp Beard Balm

Revitalize that beard! RealBeardedMen's hemp beard balm will make your beard shiny and looking brand new.

Hemp Pet Supplies

Believe it or not, there are a wide array of uses for hemp in pet care! Don't forget about your furry friends in this new hemp craze.

81. Hemp Dog Collars

These eco-friendly hemp dog collars are adorable! Earth Dog offers a variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

82. Hemp Dog Leashes

Why not get a hemp dog leash with your new collar? Planet Dog's leashes are super strong and safe!

83. Hemp Rope Toys

These hemp rope toys from Only Natural Pet are the perfect new toy for your pup! They come in a variety of sizes, from pug to great dane.

84. Hemp Frisbee Toys

Fancy a trip to the dog park? These hemp frisbee toys from Honest Pet Productions are great exercise for your dog!

85. Hemp Oil for Dogs

Turns out there's medicinal hemp oil for dogs, too! Merrick Wellness offers formulas for both large and small breeds.

86. Hemp Oil for Cats

If it works for dogs and people, of course there is also hemp oil for cats! ElleVet Sciences offers this new formula for feline pain relief.

87. Hemp Cat Soft Chews

Another great option for pain relief in cats-- These hemp cat soft chews from NaturVet are great for pet pain management.

88. Hemp Cat Collars

These hemp cat collars are perfect for the eco-conscious owner! Purrfect Play uses breakaway buckles to make sure these collars are safe.

89. Hemp Mouse Toys

These hemp mouse toys available at From The Field are adorable and durable!

90. Hemp Cat Litter

If you're looking for a more eco-friendly cat litter alternative, look no further! HempAlta's hemp cat litter is flushable and biodegradable.

91. Hemp Animal Bedding

Another great eco-friendly option for your furry friend! Earth Hero's hemp animal bedding is long-lasting and super absorbent.

92. Hemp Seed Bird Food

Believe it or not, there are even hemp options for our feathered friends! My Parrot Food's hemp seed bird food is great for macaws and conures alike.

Hemp Exercise & Fitness

Hemp is an amazingly breathable fabric, so it's no wonder that brands are putting it to work in fitness lines! Check out these awesome options for the next time you're signing up for an exercise class.

93. Hemp Exercise Wear

Throw out your old baggy T-shirts! prAna's new hemp exercise wear is sleek, stylish, and most of all, comfortable.

94. Hemp Gi

Jiu Jitsu, anybody? This hemp gi from Hypnotik is super comfortable and durable.

95. Hemp Yoga Mat

This is a beautiful and high-quality mat! This hemp yoga mat from The Wellness Insight is handmade, biodegradable, and chemical free.

96. Hemp Yoga Strap

Another yoga must-have! TENSnet's hemp yoga strap is sturdy and helps you to deepen and intensify your yoga poses.

97. Hemp Meditation Cushions

And what's a better way to finish your yoga haul than with some meditation? Samadhi Cushions' hemp meditation cushions are a soft place to land.

Hemp Misc.

Finally, all of the hemp products that don't have a place in the other categories, but are too good to leave out! What can't hemp do?

98. Hemp Diaper Inserts

These are perfect for when your cloth diapers just aren't cutting it-- Green Mountain Diapers' hemp diaper inserts add some much-needed absorbency!

99. Hemp Plastics

This is a huge breakthrough! The Hemp Plastic Company has developed four types of hemp plastics that are a biodegradable option for manufacturers.

100. Hemp Packaging

No need for the wasteful cardboard, paper and plastic anymore! Sana Packaging's sustainable hemp packaging is great for all of your hemp-related shipping needs.

101. Hemp Guitars

That's right, not hemp guitar picks-- Hemp guitars! Canadian Hemp Guitars' offer these beautiful instruments in a few different styles.

And that rounds up the 101 different hemp products that you can buy today! Live your coolest, most sustainable life through these stylish and eco-friendly products. Hemp is taking over our world, and with such a variety of products now on the market, there's no reason not to add some hemp into your life.


Not so sure about the hemp life? Feel free to start small: Pick up some vegan hemp underwear, or maybe some hemp napkins. In no time you'll be jamming on your very own hemp guitar!


Did we miss any important hemp products? Comment below and let us know!

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