7 Best Hemp Tank Tops For Daily Wear

A woman stands in one of the best hemp tank tops available today in an empty field.

Looking for hemp tank tops to add to your eco-friendly wardrobe? I don’t blame you—the right hemp tank top can be the foundation for so many different outfits and looks. Throw one on with a pair of hemp shorts or hemp pants to rock hemp from head to toe. Or, layer on a sweater and scarf for a warm winter outfit. And of course, when worn with a hemp bra and pair of cozy boy shorts underwear, they also make the perfect PJs.

To make things easy for you, I’ve put together a list of the very best hemp tank tops for daily wear available today. Check it out:


7 Best Hemp Tank Tops For Daily Wear

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Recreator was founded in 2012 with the ethos of maximizing the benefits of industrial hemp on a global scale. They manufacture their fabric made from hemp in China, partnering with only the most environmentally-friendly factories, but are also working to source more and more of their goods from US-grown hemp.

Recreator was founded in 2012 with the ethos of maximizing the benefits of industrial hemp on a global scale. They manufacture their fabric made from hemp in China, partnering with only the most environmentally-friendly factories, but are also working to source more and more of their goods from US-grown hemp.


  • With styles in black, white, and with graphic designs, Recreator hemp tank tops are perfect for those with a breezy, laidback sense of style.  
  • Recreator hemp tank tops hit just below the hip, making them perfect to wear with either leggings or shorts, or as a beach coverup.
  • All of Recreator’s hemp gear is made under high ecological standards, plus the California-based brand is working with US farmers to grow the hemp market stateside through their program Seed to Stitch.




A man with tattoos wears a hemp tank top from Hemp Zoo.

The idea for Hemp Zoo came to its founders on a beautiful beach day in California, when they realized they wanted to give back to mother nature by promoting sustainable fabrics like natural hemp. Their mission is to provide eco hemp technology, combining the natural benefits of hemp with the advanced technology of activewear. Hemp Zoo hemp tank tops are cut in a men’s fit, and perfect for environmentally-minded men who want a tank top that can stand the test of time.


  • Hemp Zoo’s hemp tanks come in a variety of fun tie dye prints and classic neutrals, so you can either add some flair to your closet or stick to the basics (or both!).
  • Hemp tank tops from Hemp Zoo are made with reinforced stitching to stand up to even the most wild adventures, making these tank tops perfect for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • All of Hemp Zoo’s tank tops are hypoallergenic and use low impact dyes, great for both sensitive skin and the environment.




A woman in a striped hemp tank top from Jungmaven puts her hand on her hips and looks down.

Jungmaven was founded in 2005 by Robert Jungmann, who at that point had already founded two other companies built around the miracles of hemp fabric. While first founded as an effort to fight the devastating effects of forest clear-cutting, today Jungmaven is a cult favorite hemp clothing brand. Jungmaven is your go to spot for a hemp tank top with casual, California flair. Think: trippy prints, cool colors, and relaxed cuts.


  • Jungmaven makes hemp tank tops for both men and women, so there’s something for everyone!
  • Choose from a wide variety of edgy, fresh styles: checkerboard print, vintage-inspired stripes, bright tie dyes and more—you really can’t go wrong.
  • Jungmaven makes 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton tank tops, so not only are they kind to the environment, but they’re super soft and comfortable for all day wear, too.




A woman in a brown hemp tank top from Eco-Essentials smiles to the side.

This Canadian hemp brand was established all the way back in 1994, long before clothing like hemp tanks had made it to the mainstream. At that time, Effort’s Eco-Essentials were supplying hemp fabrics to wholesalers and other hemp brands just getting their start. Today, they make loads of hemp goods themselves, including cute hemp tank tops for women.


  • Effort’s Eco-Essentials makes two simple hemp tank tops for women: their classic cut and the ribbed cut. Both make a perfect addition to your minimalist clothing wardrobe.
  • I love all the shades available for their tank tops! My favorite? Either the subtle oatmeal available in the classic style or the cheery lilac in the ribbed cut.
  • To reduce carbon emissions and waste, Effort’s Eco-Essentials now makes over 60% of their product line right in Canada… including their ribbed hemp tank tops!


A woman wears an off the shoulder hemp tank top from The North Face, viewed from both sides.

That’s right, the popular outdoor brand known for their cozy fleece jackets now makes breezy and sustainable hemp tank tops. The North Face has long been a staple in the outdoor gear arena, established in 1966 and devoted to making the highest quality mountaineering clothing. In recent years, The North Face has pledged to use more eco-friendly fabrics and practices, and their hemp tanks are a great step in the right direction.


  • Right now, The North Face makes a couple of hemp tank tops, but their most popular style is the Woodside Hemp tank top. Cut in a relaxed fit with oversized sleeve edges, it’s perfect for tending to the garden or heading out on a hike.
  • Choose from bright color options like sunbaked red, clear lake blue, and creamy white.
  • The North Face offers a lifetime guarantee and free returns on all their products, so you’re sure to get exactly what you need!


A woman wears a chestnut colored hemp tank top from Frank and Oak.

This Canadian brand was founded by friends Hicham and Ethan back in February of 2012 in their kitchen. Today, they’re dedicated to fighting the effects of climate change by removing virgin plastic from their supply chain, investing in more carbon offsets, and reinforcing a company-wide zero waste policy by 2022. Frank and Oak makes modern eco-friendly clothing, including hemp tank tops to die for.


  • Frank And Oak’s hemp tank top currently comes in two gorgeous nude shades: beige and chestnut. Perfect for those who love earth tones!
  • Hemp tank tops from Frank and Oak come in a relaxed slim fit with a crew neck and thick straps, making it perfect for wearing alone or layering.
  • Frank and Oak is committed to sustainability from top to bottom: their tank tops are made from responsibly sourced hemp fabric, they ship goods in recycled cardboard, and they have initiatives for recycling your used clothing at their stores.




A woman wears a grey hemp tank top from Encircled.

Hemp tank top lovers in Canada, rejoice: Encircled has got you covered. Founded by Kristi Soomer, Encircled was created for women to travel lighter, with all sorts of versatile basics and multiwear items. This sustainable clothing brand makes their capsule wardrobe items 100% in Canada, so you can rest easy knowing your hemp tank top is sustainably sourced and made.


  • Encircled’s hemp tank top is ideal for minimalists: with a reversible fit that provides both a high and low neckline, you can get twice as much wear out of this one top!
  • It’s all in the details with this brand: tapered straps, high armholes, and a slightly flared hem make this hemp tank top flattering on all shapes and sizes.
  • The hem on Encircled’s hemp tank top is a bit on the longer side, making it perfect for throwing over leggings or tucking into high waisted jeans.





The right hemp tank top is the perfect base for any outfit—no matter the season or the occasion, you can always layer up or add accessories to dress things up, making hemp tank tops one of the most versatile items of sustainable clothing you can add to your closet! And with these 7 hemp tank top brands, you’re bound to find at least one you love.

Do you have any hemp tank tops? Which brand listed here makes your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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