17 Hemp Pants For Lightweight Breathability

A woman in red hemp pants stands on a tree stump and leans forward.

I’m so obsessed with my hemp underwear, that I’ve decided I need to expand into hemp pants as well. If you’re in the market for hemp pants like me, you probably already know all about the many hemp clothing benefits like its breathability, sustainability, and ultra-softness.

If you weren’t familiar, well, now you are! It’s no wonder then that so many brands are beginning to make hemp clothing. Now, you can be completely decked out in hemp fashion—from hemp shoes to a hemp bra.

Now the only trouble is narrowing down which brands sell the best hemp clothing! That’s why I’ve put together this list of 17 hemp pants that are cute, sustainably sourced, and built to last.


person wearing brown boots and tan pants stepping into a rope swing by a river.

The real question is: why shouldn't you wear hemp pants? There’s so many wonderful things about hemp that make it into the perfect pair of pants. Here’s why:

Now that we know all of the wonderful reasons we should all be wearing hemp pants, let’s find out where we can get some! pair of pants. Here’s why:



long haired blonde woman wearing hemp pants womens style joggers in nude with a white top

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: XS-XL (some in XXL)
Price: $45-85

If you love outdoor adventure, you’re probably already familiar with PrAna’s high quality apparel. They have three different styles of hemp pants, including joggers, in a variety of earthy colors. Their hemp material is a blend of natural hemp, recycled polyester, and spandex, which makes them stretchy and breathable! They’re a great choice for any outdoorsy person looking for more sustainable clothing.



bottom half of a man wearing a khaki colored pair of hemp pants mens style trousers with a white shirt and shoes

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: XS-XL (XXL in men’s)
Price: $119-138

Vital Hemp’s Anywhere Hemp Pants are a fan favorite for all hemp heads out there! They’re super lightweight, can be dressed up or down, and have deep pockets even in the women’s style (big news ‘cause we all know girl pockets tend to be uselessly tiny). They’re flowy enough for your daily practice, but structured enough you could go out to dinner in them too. They’re also wrinkle-resistant, which means they’re perfect for my world travelers or anyone who hates to iron (and does anyone like to iron…?)


man with a bun leaning against his bike wear white flowy pants and a green button up shirt

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: S-L (up to a 38 waistband in women’s and 36 in men’s)
Price: about $70

If you’re looking for a few different styles of laid back hemp pants for men and women, check out Marcel Hemp! They offer cargo, relaxed, regular, and sweat pant styles in earth tones. They’re great for any outdoor activity because they’re built to last. They can also be styled to wear around town or on a night out!

4. TOAD & CO.

bottom half of a man wearing a khaki colored pair of hemp pants mens style trousers with a white shirt and shoes

Styles: men’s, women’s, and unisex
Sizes: XXS-XXL in most styles
Price: $70-100

For hemp pants that don’t scream “I’m wearing hemp,” go to Toad & Co. They sell soft joggers and flowy hemp-linen pants that look polished and stylish. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors! People in particular are obsessed with the Taj women’s pants, for their comfy fit and functional pockets.




woman from behind with her hands above her head wearing hemp pants womens style with a tight tank top

Styles: unisex
Sizes: XS-XXL (they say their XXL will fit up to a 4X)
Price: $95-175

Conscious Clothing makes size inclusive, gender neutral clothing, which means these hemp pants are truly for everyone! From cozy hemp leggings to joggers or wide leg pants, they have many different styles of pants made from hemp and other sustainable fabrics like organic cotton. Plus, they have super cute hemp shorts, skirts, and shirts!


man’s legs wearing charcoal gray pants with a white waistband and black sneakers with his hand on hips

Styles: men’s, women’s, unisex
Sizes: XS-XXL (in most styles)
Price: $100-200

For laidback types, who love surfing, van life, or just being one with nature, Jungmaven has tons of cool styles of hemp pants. Some are 100% hemp, while others use a blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Either way, they’re breathable, soft, and ready to move with you! The best part? They offer the widest range of colors I’ve ever seen! Plus, they’ve got super cute hemp dresses, shorts, and more!


 man sitting against a rock wearing red, patterned pants with a white shirt and brown flip flops

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: one-size, but for many pairs, you’ll send in your measurement to get the perfect fit
Price: $115

Founded in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Earthern Wear makes pants that make people ask “where did you get those?” Of course, saying Chiang Mai is technically true, even if you just had them shipped to you! Either way, their hemp pants come in classic Southeast Asian styles, colors, and designs. They’re entirely unique and made with comfort in mind!


two men on a rock with an ocean view, one doing a headstand

Styles: men’s, women’s, children’s, and unisex
Sizes: XS-XL (XXL in some styles)
Price: $69-89

For durable hemp pants made to last even in the toughest conditions, Patagonia is the way to go. They’ve always been at the forefront of eco-friendly activewear and they’ve really embraced hemp! You can hemp hiking pants, lounging pants, and more. Plus, they have pretty much every other hemp clothing item you could think of!


woman sits on a shelf wearing heathered  gray pants, one hand on her leg

Styles: women’s
Sizes: XS-6X
Price: $175

With small batch, handmade minimalist clothes, Uniform Handmade is a slow fashion icon. They’re also one of the most size inclusive sustainable clothing brands, which is amazing! They have a few different styles of hemp pants in 10 different earth tones and patterns. Their pants are flowy and super breathable—great for everyday! Plus, they’re made custom to order, so you’ll have a one of a kind creation!


 woman’s bottom half wearing flowy brown pants with her hand on her hip in a yellow room

Styles: women’s
Sizes: XXS-XXL
Price: about $100

If you’re all about an organic lifestyle, Sweet Skins has the hemp pants for you. BIPOC woman-owned, they sell all organic clothing for women of all sizes, shapes, and colors! They have everything from hemp leggings to wide leg pants and sweats. Comfort and flexibility is sewn into every pair of their pants, which is important to their founder, who’s a mother of four and needs to be able to run around comfortably. Plus, they even sell maternity pants, made from hemp as well!


man wearing cropped navy pants with a oversized white t-shirt and gray jacket

Styles: men’s
Sizes: XS-XXL
Price: $250

If you're looking for cool, fashionable hemp pants mens-wear style, you’ll want to check out Maharishi. They sell fair trade, environmentally friendly clothing that comes in trendy and classic colors. Their Orion track pants are chic, casual, and look like you’re coming straight off of the runway. Made with a hemp and cotton blend, they’re also comfy all day!


bottom half of a woman wearing green utility style pants with black and white sneakers with one hand in her pocket

Styles: women’s
Sizes: XS-XXL
Price: $185

For durable, utility plants that aren’t going to chafe your sensitive skin away, you can’t do better than Back Beat Co. They have amazing utility pants made with hemp that are both super functional and super cute! With big pockets, elastic in the waistband, and a chic straight leg fit, they’re perfect for days at the worksite or just running around town. Plus, they come in three fun colors!



woman, in pink pants and a white tee, and a man, wearing shorts and a white sweater, walk down a street

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: men’s sizes 30”-42”, women’s sizes 2-16
Prices: about $100

For outdoor lovers, Royal Robbins has hemp activewear pants for men and women in a variety of styles. They’re durable, look fresh, and because of the hemp, keep very fresh, too! The Sightseeker pants paired with one of your favorite hiking bras will keep you cool as you take on your next mountain (and look good doing it)!


14. REI

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: XXS-XXL (depending on the style)
Prices: $50+

If you’re looking to compare a bunch of hemp pants from different brands, REI is just the spot to do so! They have some brands on this list and some others not mentioned, so you’ll be able to try a wide range of options until you find your perfect pair! Plus, REI has great deals for members, as well as easy exchanges. It’s a great place to dip your toe into the water of hemp clothing and pants.



 woman wearing a white tee and white wide leg pants with her arms crossed in front of her

Styles: women’s
Sizes: XS-XL
Prices: $90-120

Based in chic Byron Bay, Afends has fashion-forward hemp pants perfect for all of my eco-friendly style queens. They have seersucker check pants if you want a tailored look. Or you can channel your vintage dad look in their wide leg hemp-corduroy pants. Yes, I said hemp corduroy. If you’re looking to seamlessly incorporate hemp into your wardrobe, this is the shop for you.


three different, diverse women wearing hemp joggers and leggings with plain t shirts

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: XS-XL
Prices: $40-50

What started with two friends sewing in a bedroom has turned into a full collection of hemp clothing and more. Asatre offers almost every clothing item you can imagine made with hemp fabric, but their pants are customer faves! Yoga pants, leggings, and flowy hemp-linen blend pants are available for men and women in cute, neutral colors.



man’s legs wearing light blue hemp utility pants with tan slide on shoes on old wooden steps

Styles: men’s
Sizes: 28-38
Prices: $128

For tailored-looking, everyday hemp pants, check out Taylor Stitch. Taylor Stitch makes premium hemp clothing for men—their pants look good, feel good, and are doing good for the planet, which is a total win-win-win! Their iconic Chore Pant has reinforced knees, functional pockets, and just enough stretch to be the most comfy pair of pants you’ll ever put on! Plus, they come in a wide range of colors.


woman with long hair wearing matching green bra and boy shorts set kneeling in front of a red curtain

Styles: men’s and women’s
Sizes: XS-3XL
Prices: $24-28

I’d be remiss if I didn’t get to mention my favorite hemp (under)pants. A pair of pants is only as good as the undies underneath as I always say! No need to try freeballing when you’re rocking breathable, antibacterial hemp undies under your breathable, antibacterial hemp pants! From thong underwear to mens boxers, there’s something for everyone at WAMA.



After seeing all of those amazing hemp pants, you probably don’t even need to know the benefits of wearing them. But just in case you forgot, hemp pants are breathable, moisture wicking, antibacterial, durable, AND good for the environment. You can grab a pair from major brands like Patagonia or small women-owned shops like Sweet Skins for activewear, leisurewear, or to show off your unique sense of style!

Which hemp pants are you most excited to try out? Are you going to go all in and wear them with a hemp shirt and hemp undies? I want to know, so give me all the deets in the comments below!

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