15 Best Hemp Socks For Comfort

A person lays on a white bed wearing socks in a hemp leaf patterned white pair.

You and I know hemp is the perfect material for underwear. But did you know hemp also makes for incredible socks? That’s right, hemp socks reign supreme when it comes to comfort and durability (here’s a refresher on hemp vs marijuana if ya need it).

There are so many benefits to wearing one of the most sustainable fabrics on your feet. Hemp is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, not to mention super breathable, perfect for staying comfy and cool all day long. And that’s not even all the hemp clothing benefits you’ll get from wearing hemp socks!

So there’s just one problem: where on earth do you find the best socks from hemp? No need to worry! I’ve put together a list of my favorite hemp sock brands, which come from some of the best hemp clothing brands. Whether you prefer a crew cut or ankle cut, a wild pattern or a subdued shade, there’s a brand you’re sure to love listed below.


Two pairs of feet, wearing colorful socks, stick out of an orange tent, overlooking a river.

So you’re sold on the benefits of wearing a hemp bra or some men’s boxer briefs. Why should you put hemp on your feet? Well, I’m so glad you asked! Here are just a few hemp socks benefits:


Thanks to hemp’s antibacterial and antifungal properties, it keeps away those nasty lil’ microbes that cause those feet you can smell a mile away. Yep, the culprit for smelly feet is usually due to bacteria, which in addition to smell, can cause infections, discomfort, not to mention more laundry. To really immerse yourself in the science, peep the results from WAMA’s antibacterial test (on underwear, but the principles are the same!).


Person holding a sign about the earth

Since hemp is greener than most other fibers to grow (see hemp vs cotton), it’s so much better for the planet to wear hemp clothing, especially organic hemp socks! While it’s growing, hemp is an effective carbon sink, and absorbs more carbon dioxide per acre than trees do. Hemp also improves soil health, doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers to grow, grows quickly, and that’s just the start!


Hemp will ensure that your feet don’t get sweaty, which helps them stay fresh. Hemp fabric is also light and breathable, so it can help keep you cool during warmer weather. On the flip side, thanks to hemp’s unique structure, it absorbs both water and heat, keeping you cool and warm. This also means less bacteria which is always a win.


If you’re one of those that punches a hole in your socks nearly on the daily (ugh, I feel ya), socks made from hemp are a must for ya! Hemp is three times stronger than cotton, and to impress you even further, it’s true that hemp is stronger than steel! Not only will this stronger fabric give you fewer toe holes, it will also last longer. Hemp FTW!

So, has this list of hemp socks benefits persuaded you to give them a try? I’ll take that as a yes, since you’ve made it this far. Next, you shop: here are the best hemp socks on the market.



A person with hairy legs wears a pair of striped purple and white socks while sitting on a tree stump.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton and spandex
Patterns & Colors | Black & natural; multi-colored stripes; nature patterns (bees, trees, hemp leaves)
Cut | Ankle & crew cuts available
Sizes | S/M & L/XL
Price | $12-$50 (four pack)

Kind Hemp Co. is working to create a thriving hemp economy in the U.S. They do this by supporting local farmers, and each purchase plants another hemp seed in the United States. Yessss!

Kind Hemp Co. also knows that the blend of materials matters, too. When you’re looking for hemp socks, make sure to pay attention to this. Organic cotton vs cotton is always the way to go, such as the materials found in the organic socks from Kind Hemp Co. Also how cute are those trees and bees patterns??



 Five different brightly patterned socks—checkerboard, tie dye, flowered, fish, abstract—lay against a sky background.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton, polyamide and spandex
Patterns & Colors | From eleven shades of their “dip dye” socks to a variety of fun patterns, they have a great selection of fun socks for ya!
Cut | Crew cut
Sizes | one size
Price | $20-$34

Jungmaven believes that fashion is a form of activism, and that is one reason they choose hemp: to make clothing from a regenerative plant that doesn’t hurt the planet in the name of fashion.

Jungmaven also makes some of the most fun hemp socks out there. I am here for this dip dye style! Who’s with me? Made with primarily hemp and organic cotton, and sized to fit one and all (or most), Jungmaven socks are sure to make your feet happy.



A person wearing hiking boots and black socks stands above a vista of mountains, valleys and snow.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton, nylon and spandex
Patterns & Colors | Black, natural, and hemp leaf pattern
Cut | Crew cut
Sizes | S/M & L/XL
Price | $10-$12

Hemptopia’s vision is to enhance the quality of life for people and the planet… through the use of industrial hemp. They make a variety of hemp products, from protein powder to bedding to socks.

When you slip into a pair of Hemptopia’s socks, you’ll surely ask if it’s Hemptopia or Utopia on your lil feet! These socks come in three simple patterns, and are a steal at around ten bucks a pop. Great for hiking and lounging and everything in between, these socks will quickly become your go-to.



Several colors of socks from Hemp Authority are displayed against a yellow circle background.

Material | Cotton, hemp and spandex
Patterns & Colors | White, black, green, blue, natural and a fun pineapple print
Cut | Crew & ankle cut
Sizes | M & L
Price | $7-$39

Hemp Authority is a pioneer in selling hemp products in the USA and abroad, such as bath products, accessories, food and of course, clothing.

If you’re looking for organic hemp socks, give these ones by Hemp Authority a try! They come in some great basic colors and a super fun pineapple print. And if you’re choice impaired like me (CHOICE IS A PRISON), you can build-a-pack of six pairs, which means you can have one of each pair and not have to choose, if you don’t want to.



Two pairs of feet, in hiking boots, are standing in the snow, wearing thick patterned socks in neutral colors.

Material | Cotton, nylon, hemp, spandex
Patterns & Colors | Choose from sixteen colors, such as a bison print or various forest patterns
Cut | Crew cut
Sizes | Small & large
Price | $16-$30

United By Blue is on a mission to make fashion more sustainable. Not only do they use fair trade and ethically sourced materials for their clothing, United By Blue also removes a pound of trash from the ocean for every purchase. We’re talking 3 million to date. We love to support a brand that does that!

It doesn’t hurt that these socks by United By Blue are most definitely in the running for cutest hemp socks! Stripes or forest print, vintage colors or neutral prints, you can indulge all of your fun sock wishes with these, while keeping things environmentally friendly.



A pair of feet are shown, in gray socks, with a green mug held between the inner ankles.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton, nylon, elastane
Patterns & Colors | Eight colors to choose from, with more muted options, like gray, or brighter ones, like teal
Cut | Crew
Sizes | fits size 7-13, men & women
Price | $9-$30 (set of four)

Earth Mode is on a mission to make sustainable, hemp products available to everyone, which is why they’re aiming to make affordable hemp products, too. Most definitely a mission we can get behind.

Their socks come in pairs or sets of four (pairs), and you can choose between muted tones, like lavender and gray, or brighter colors, like teal and orange. They’re also guaranteed to get softer and more form-fitting with each wear. (insert thumbs up emoji here)



 A person in cut-off shorts sits on a burgundy bed while wearing tall, leaf-patterned, green-and-white socks.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Choose from crazy fun prints, like dragons, or black athletic socks
Cut | Crew, ankle
Sizes | S, L, or one size fits all
Price | $10-$14

Hemp Wise provides products made by several different hemp companies, all in one convenient stop. This is the same for their socks!

They’re all made with hemp and organic cotton (plus a bit of spandex for stretch). You’ll love their large variety of prints, often made in collaboration with artists and causes from all over the world. Of course, if you’re in need of some more basic socks, they have those, too.



A brown dog carries a pair of hemp socks made in USA while looking out an open door.

Material | Hemp, nylon, organic cotton, polyester & spandex
Patterns & Colors | One pattern for women—stripe—and two for men—blue check & natural print
Cut | Crew
Sizes | M, L, XL
Price | $20

Duluth Trading Co. believes that everyone deserves to know the joy of a hands-on life—without causing undue stress to people and the planet. They do this by creating a safe working environment, and durable plus sustainable products.

If you’re looking for hemp socks made in USA, Duluth Trading Company is your jam. They only have three prints (for now), but these socks are gonna work for you. With their reinforced heels and toes (essential for you long-toenailed people, you know who you are), fully cushioned sole, and supported arch, these socks will carry you far.


9. 8000KICKS

A person holds their feet up against a muted gallery wall, while wearing jeans and black socks from 8000kicks.

Material | Hemp, polyester and spandex
Patterns & Colors | Black and stripe
Cut | Ankle & crew
Sizes | S, M, L
Price | $14-$16

Not only does 8000Kicks make the coolest (waterproof) hemp shoes, they’re also pioneers in the world of hemp socks. They’re aiming to “make hemp great again” and in doing so, have a highly transparent process that showcases their sustainability and the areas they’re constantly working to improve.

When it comes to socks made from hemp, they have two varieties—ankle (which are black) and stripe (which are crew) which would complement their hemp shoes quite nicely. Or really, any shoe you choose.



A woman adjusts her hiking boot on a forest trail, while wearing thick hiking socks.

Material | Hemp, recycled polyester
Patterns & Colors | A variety of styles and colors, from their Bug Barrier Quarter Sock to their Travel Compression sock
Cut | Ankle, crew and over-the-calf
Sizes | S-XL
Price | $16-$28

One of the best things about the brand Royal Robbins is that they donate 1% of every every purchase to the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF), which helps protect cultural and natural resources and promotes responsible tourism, all over the planet.

Royal Robbins also has an entire hemp collection, which entails eight different types of socks, in a variety of colors, all unisex. They really lean into the hemp socks benefits, and have socks designed for travel, outdoor activities, exploring, and more.



A person kicks their feet up in the air against a white wall, while wearing natural socks from Afends.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton & elastane
Patterns & Colors | Nine solid colors, and a variety of patterns, such as checkerboard, camo, and stripes
Cut | Ankle and crew
Sizes | One size (fits most)
Price | $10-$15

Afends, a brand that’s known as a pioneer in hemp fashion, believes that we should be defined by what we create, not what we destroy. That may sound like a catchy marketing phrase, but Afends stands behind this statement with sustainable practices across the board.

When it comes to hemp socks, Afends makes over thirty different types, colors and patterns, in both ankle and crew cuts. They’re designed to fit (almost) every foot, and designed to fit every style, whether you’re a straight shooter (basic white socks), conservative with a twist (pink checkerboard), a hunter-gatherer (camo) or a true hippie (tie dye).



A person in black sweats puts on black hemp leaf pattern socks, with a wide-planked wood floor in the background.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Bone, black, and several colors of hemp leaf pattern
Cut | Ankle and crew
Sizes | S/M, L/XL
Price | $17-$28 (four pack)

HempZoo has a common backstory to many hemp companies—a group of like-minded people enjoying a life lived outdoors, who realize they want future generations to thrive, too. Enter a hemp clothing and accessories company that promotes a greener lifestyle through their greener products.

HempZoo’s socks, designed in California, have quite a list of selling points, such as eco-friendly, biodegradable, and multi-day use. They’re also made from low impact dyes, a super important piece of the sustainability puzzle! Also, their bright teal hemp leaf pattern might just be the cutest around.



A barefoot baby in shorts kicks on a fluffy white blanket that is lying on the grass.

Material | Hemp, cotton, lycra/elastane
Patterns & Colors | Natural (“summer”) and gray
Cut | Ankle & crew
Sizes | S-L
Price | $17-$40 (4, 6 and 9 packs)

Hemp Organic Life was started by a mom (moms are the best) looking for quality organic fabric for her new baby. She sources her hemp from her country, Ukraine, and still makes all of their products in a small workshop, including their organic socks.

They make socks for “summer” and year-round socks—the former in natural, the latter in gray—that’ll help you truly reap the hemp socks benefits. They also only come in well-priced packs (of four, six, and nine) which means you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.



A pair of clean-shaven legs wears natural white socks against a white comforter, with tan fabric peeking out

Material | Hemp, organic cotton & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Natural or black
Cut | Sport and hiker (crew)
Sizes | Men’s, women’s, children’s and infant sizes
Price | $2-$8

Enviro Textiles has a whole list of sustainable standards and procedures they meet, from Fair Trade to SBP (Sustainable/Biodegradable Products) and more.

The super simple socks from Enviro Textiles are a super great deal—but don’t let that scare you away! They’re quality socks, for all ages, from infant to grandparent. These socks tend to sell out fast, so grab your pairs while you can! They also sell in bulk, hint, hint.



Two pairs of black socks from Eco-Essentials are against a white background, with their tan tags attached.

Material | Hemp, organic cotton & spandex
Patterns & Colors | Black, natural and hemp leaf pattern
Cut | Crew
Sizes | Women: 5-7, 7-10; Men: 8-10, 10-13
Price | $18

Eco-Essentials from Efforts Industries are primarily made in Canada. They mainly sell hemp and bamboo fabric, and are dedicated to improving education around these sustainable plants. They also sell clothing, accessories and home decor.

Their organic hemp socks will help you tread lightly (literally) on the planet—which just so happens to be the motto of Eco-Essentials. Made with the superstar blend of hemp, organic cotton and a dash of spandex, these socks will live your best life without making the Earth pay for it.



A person in skinny jeans and thick socks lays in a tie dyed hammock, looking out at an autumnal yellow forest.

So there ya have it, the best hemp sock brands on the market. From wacky prints to subdued neutrals, there's at least a few options you're bound to love on this list. While WAMA doesn’t make socks (... yet!), they’ve got you covered for everything from a hemp racerback bralette to men’s boxers in the meantime.

What would be most important to you when looking to purchase socks made from hemp? Share your thoughts down below!

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