11 Hemp Clothing Brands You'll Love

Hemp clothing brands include WAMA hemp underwear.

If you’ve noticed more and more hemp fashion these days, that’s because hemp is kinda having a moment. Maybe you’ve even seen some of your favorite brands promoting hemp products along with other natural materials, but there are also devoted hemp clothing brands offering everything from hemp pants, shoes, and more!

There’s a good reason behind this excitement and why hemp should be a closet staple. I’ve outlined the perks of sustainable fabrics like hemp and rounded up some of the best hemp clothing companies, plus a few others sporting clothing lines with hemp.


I was always a natural cotton girl, but I was surprised to learn that nothing quite beats hemp when it comes to comparisons! Whether it’s hemp vs cotton, hemp vs linen, or hemp vs bamboo, good ol’ hemp takes the cake—always. That’s because hemp is extremely strong, breathable, antibacterial, sustainable, and eco-friendly. It’s basically the best fabric you can put on your body.


A man doing yoga wears durable WAMA underwear.

Is hemp stronger than steel? It might sound a little crazy, but scientifically it is! If you compare the strength of hemp plastic, which is a more comparable material to steel, hemp is 1000x stronger.

But you’re probably not shopping for clothes made with steel! Even so, hemp is still 3-8x stronger than cotton—it’s the strongest natural fiber, so really nothing compares in terms of durability. But what’s even better? It improves with time, gets more durable and softer with age, and outwears all other natural fibers. So, yea, it’s a superhero.


Hemp makes naturally breathable underwear and other clothing, so no matter how much you sweat, you’ll still feel breezy. And when you do suffer from heat waves, pit stains, and boob sweat, hemp is both water-resistant and highly absorbent, both of which help keep you cool. And despite absorbing moisture, it never ever mildews.

Underwear from WAMA, one of the hemp clothing brands, displayed on a table.

As an overheated sleeper who tosses and turns all night, these reasons are exactly why I always wear a hemp bra at night and sleep with hemp bedding!


As a material, hemp makes naturally antibacterial underwear, clothing, accessories, and home goods. Other brands achieve this perk by using chemicals or coatings, but hemp just does it without any assistance. Such a boss! And I know this sounds gross, but you could seriously walk around all day in your favorite pair of hemp mens briefs or womens hemp panties and not leave a smell on your undies.


There are so many eco-friendly perks of hemp that it’s hard to know where to start! Get ready to fall in love if you haven’t already. That’s because, remarkably, hemp...

A woman wearing organic hemp clothing walks on a beach.

Wearing hemp clothing is better for your body, your health, and the earth. So, it’s no wonder you might be seeing more and more hemp clothing companies and organic hemp clothing!


If you’re ready to jump on board the hemp train, you’re in luck. Because of all the hemp clothing benefits, the material is popping up more and more, including in some of fashion’s biggest names. I’ve rounded up my favorite hemp clothing brands that offer everything from sustainable underwear to waterproof hemp sneakers!


Woman with long hair sits on the floor wearing WAMA boy shorts underwear.

Obviously, WAMA has my heart, as it’s the pioneer of hemp underwear. Of all the clothing I put on my body, I’m extra conscious of that initial layer and what’s covering my vulnerable private bits. Hemp makes for ideal underwear, as it’s strong, soft, antibacterial, breathable, and even offers sun protection (yea, it’s a upf fabric!).

WAMA uses tensile fabric testing on all products, so you know your undies will stand up to steel! But even for super durable hemp, it’s a good idea to take extra care and to learn how to hand wash underwear to keep it lasting as long as possible.


There are so many women's underwear styles and men's underwear styles to browse, plus different colors, too! If you need some guidance, read up on the underwear size chart to get the best style and fit for your body and preference. Personally, I’m a fan of them all, but my go-to’s are boy shorts underwear and the racerback bralette.


2. 8000 KICKS

A person sitting on a rock in the woods is wearing hemp clothing brands, specifically hemp shoes.

Hemp shoes are impressive enough, but waterproof hemp shoes? 8000 Kicks is the first to create this innovative footwear, and they do it with cannabis hemp fibers, soles made with algal blooms, and hemp insoles. Each shoe is 100% vegan and earth-friendly, super durable, and easy to clean. They’re even dust-proof (hemp for the win, as always).

If you’ve ever been caught in the rain in your sneakers, then you know the importance of waterproof shoes! They come in various colors, and thanks to the hemp insoles, you don’t end up with smelly feet after a long day of being human.


Currently, the brand only offers one style for men and one for women, but you can choose from seven different colors. I’m pretty jazzed that these sneakers cost about the same as any high-quality brand, so you won’t break the bank. 



Recreator Hemp clothing brand makes green shirts.

Recreator combines hemp with cotton or organic cotton. Although hemp is always my tip-top choice, when it comes to organic cotton vs cotton, I try to stick to organic, with organic hemp clothing as mecca. But what I like most about Recreator is that they stay on-trend, so you can get cool patterns on tees, leggings, hoodies, crop tops, and sweats.


Of all the hemp clothing brands, Recreator nicely divides their products by percentage, so you can shop for tees that are truly 100% hemp, which is hard to find. You can also get 70/30 and 55/45 blends. I’m personally into their tie-dye tees, but they also have really comfy sweats for guys and unisex hoodies.



A woman standing in front of a car wears clothing from one of the hemp clothing companies Jungmaven.

Jungmaven offers a little bit of everything, like tees, long-sleeved shirts, basics, colors and patterns, hoodies, jackets, dresses, rompers, skirts… the list is almost endless. You can also get 100% hemp linen for your bed—they’re a bit of a splurge, but I sleep so much better and they get softer and softer each time I wash them.


There’s so much to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down! Aside from the temperature-regulating hemp sheets, the ladies can rock high waisted shorts (which work perfectly with high waisted underwear), tie-dye rompers, or long-sleeved henleys. Guys can check out the button-ups, short-sleeved fleece sweaters, or breezy pants.  



Two people walking up a seaside cliff wearing hemp clothing from Tentree.

Tentree’s brand is a play on words, as its motto is “buy one, plant ten.” So every time you buy something, the company literally plants ten trees. How cool is that? Although you’ll find various fabrics, like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, Tentree is a celebrated hemp clothing brand with several hemp options.


There’s a lot of variety here, but I'm a sucker for their classic basics, like monochrome tees, hoodies, and sweats. Also, their sustainable loungewear line is kinda to die for.



 A person rock climbing wears Patagonia’s hemp clothing.

As an outdoor staple, Patagonia’s hemp collection is perfect for adventures. You already get so sweaty when hiking, cycling, rock climbing, or scaling mountains, so wearing breathable and antibacterial gear just makes sense. The brand knows how to do sport, and now they’re combining that performance with a strategic fabric.  


The hemp/organic cotton blend crewneck sweater for guys is quite possibly the comfiest thing on the planet. But I count my lucky stars that Patagonia makes a version of their Baggies™ shorts with a hemp blend.  



A woman twirling in a skirt wears an outfit featuring hemp clothing companies like Uprise.

While mixing hemp and organic cotton, Uprise promotes conscious hemp wear and uses the slogan, “HEMP... the only plant that can feed you, house you, heal you and CLOTHE YOU.” Like I said, it’s a superhero plant that can truly do it all. The brand offers tees, skirts, hoodies, shorts, and lots more.


The mens sweaters have a really cool design and offer a cowl neck as an option. For women, the dresses are super flattering and come in several colors and patterns.



A man hiking and carrying rock-climbing gear wears a dark-blue ONNO hemp tee.

ONNO offers its signature Made to Move™ promise, meaning that they strive to create the softest and most flexible hemp tees. They make organic hemp clothing by blending hemp with organic cotton, so you really do get a soft feel! 


The brand offers one hemp tee each for men and women, but you can choose from over 10 different colors. I’m partial to the cypress green or dirty purple colors!



An Ekzo store display features organic hemp clothing, like tees, blankets, shirts, and shorts.

Ekzo uses 100% natural fibers, so you’ll find clothes made from cotton, linen, bamboo, wool, and, of course, hemp. The entire brand is inspired by the colors and lifestyle of coastal areas, which speaks to my PNW soul. They’re known for water-absorbent beach towels, but you’ll also find tees, tanks, button-downs, hoodies, pants, and some accessories and home goods.


At the moment, you’ll only find hemp in their unisex linen-blend button-downs. Choose from four different colors and watch as it softens with washing!



A person lounging in a chair wears colorful Sanuk hemp shoes.

8000 Kicks might be revolutionizing hemp footwear with its waterproofing, but Sanuk is one of the most recognizable hemp shoe brands out there. And because they’ve been around since the 90s (if you’re a 90s kid with hippie parents like me, it’s possible you lived in these), you can find lots of different styles. The slip-ons might be the most popular, but you can also buy flip flops, sandals, slippers, and mules.


The women’s Avery Hemp slip-on is 100% vegan and works for any occasion—seriously, it’s kinda sleek, so you can dress it up! For guys, the Vagabond shoe is the true classic, but if you want a slightly less casual, elevated version, opt for the Sidelines.



Afends new Why Mars? season campaign

Of all the hemp clothing brands listed, this one might be the coolest! They offer mens, womens, and unisex pieces, many sporting super hip colors, patterns, and cuts. The icing on the cake? They also offer hemp-blended denim and hemp-blended corduroy. *Wipes tears*


As tempted as I am to list the entire website, I’ll try to narrow down the top choices. For women, check out the oversized graphic tees, the wide-leg jeans, and the corduroy dresses. Men will love the crew neck sweaters, the elastic-banded shorts, and the retro tees.



If you’re on the hunt for clothing that’s good for your body and the environment, hemp clothing brands are the obvious choice. You’ll don chemical-free outfits that keep you cool, absorb moisture, and put bacteria in their place! With such great benefits, I bet you and I will both start to see more and more big brands selling hemp clothing. And I’m here for it!

Out of curiosity, would you go for a 100% hemp shirt? It kinda feels like when you buy new jeans and need to break them in. It’s a challenge! Lemme know your thoughts in the comments.

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