Why Do My Balls Smell? Here's Why & How To Fix It

A man in gray sweats and black underwear sits on a wooden stool against a brick wall.

Alright, dudes, if you frequently find yourself thinking, why do my balls smell, then this one’s for you! Smelly balls are a common occurrence and often something that gets overlooked. They’re a part of your body that’s trapped in an underwear prison all day, so of course, they can emit a smell, but it’s not something you have to live with.

Before we get into the details, let’s acknowledge that crotch stank is an issue for all people (that’s right, a sweaty vagina is just as common as stinky balls). Most often, the solution is getting your hands on some breathable underwear, but we will go over all the causes and fixes in just a sec. Spoiler alert: freeballing is for sure not the way to solve the problem.

Now, I’m not telling you to get your sack smelling like a flower shop, but the steps to becoming a stank-free boy are too simple not to take! And, on the off chance that the odor is a symptom of something medical, you want to be ahead of the problem instead of ignoring it. So let’s get started on eliminating those stinky balls!


A man standing in a forest wearing unbuttoned jeans and green underwear.

Before we can banish the odor, we have to address the central question: why do my balls smell? Well, the central issue is likely sweat. Our bodies produce it naturally and some areas are just more prone to it than others.

In some cases, such as living in a hot climate, sweat can only be combatted to a certain degree. However, there are several other factors beyond the ambient temperature that can cause your balls to sweat more than they need to or change the properties of your sweat to make it stinkier. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Diet

We sometimes don’t consider how deeply what we eat can affect our bodies. There are some foods (both healthy and not-as-healthy) that can change the way your perspiration smells. If one of these is a frequent staple in your diet, that’s likely the culprit of your smelly balls.

  • Hygiene

Look, I’m not here to judge anyone’s bathing habits, but if you shower less frequently than (at least) every other day, that’s probably the answer to your “why do my balls smell?” dilemma.

  • Clothing

Since our main baddie here is sweat, wearing clothing that supports the production of said sweat is probably not the best choice. Anything too tight or made of stiff and synthetic fabrics will only aggravate the problem. This goes for both your underwear and outerwear.


A man stands against a white wall and white curtains, wearing green underwear and holding a hand over his groin

Now that we’ve got the why of the “why do my balls stink” problem figured out, let’s get cracking (no pun intended) on the solutions.

Here’s how to do it:


Even if you do everything else on this list, the problem of stinky balls will persist if you wear the wrong underwear. What’s the right underwear, then? Very glad you asked. It’s hemp underwear, of course!

Hemp has antibacterial properties that will protect your balls from a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria. Not to mention that it’s a highly breathable fabric. Organic cotton and other natural fibers are also great options, but you definitely want to avoid anything synthetic.

Synthetic fabrics tend not to have moisture-wicking properties which means that they’ll trap any sweat your balls produce resulting in a stank sauna. They also tend to be stiff and not as breathable so the sweat production gets ramped all the way up. That’s definitely something to avoid!



Man stands under spray of outdoor showerhead in front of a teal wall.

Guys, I’ll admit to you that I don’t have the most thorough shower routine and I sometimes can’t be bothered to bend down and scrub my feet. So I’m not here to shame you into long showers with a precise amount of time to be spent on each area.

My dirty feet aside, testicles are a zone with a lot of folds and crevices and they spend all day compressed against your body amid layers of fabric, which are, you guessed it, the perfect conditions for a bacteria party. Giving them a nice targeted scrub once a day gives you a clean slate so that even when the bacteria shows up, it will have nothing to latch onto.

Plus, balls are in a much easier spot to reach than feet and they must be at least a little bit fun to fondle, right? Why the heck wouldn’t you give them a thorough wash?


Alongside the positive changes in how you keep your privates clean, think about giving the pubes a little trim. You don’t need to commit to a bare and baby smooth groin but a little bit of shearing the bush will help you out. The longer the pubes, the itchier and sweatier it gets down there.


A man wearing a white sweater and khaki pants stands in front of a white wall holding a variety of vegetables in one arm.

As I mentioned before, certain foods (like red meats, broccoli, asparagus, other veggies and most processed foods) can alter your body odor. This is technically a simple fix but changing your diet can be a struggle. The main thing you want to do is avoid excessive intake of added sugars.

Of course, these things are generally fine in moderation. Having one snack or eating some cabbage once in a while won’t change your body odor completely. And if your sweat smells funky for a day or two that’s nothing that a good bath won’t fix. The only thing you want to avoid is frequent consumption of the foods that will worsen your problem.


Even if you do all of the above, you're still gonna be faced with the one thing you can’t quite control. Sweat. Yep, it’s still gonna happen, I’m afraid. Hopefully, it won’t be on quite as dramatic a scale as before you made the above changes,but it’s still a natural thing!

In order to keep your bits clean and dry after going through all the effort to make them that way in the first place, you can use a little bit of powder each morning.

Make sure you only use talc and aluminum-free powder, because many talcum powders contain asbestos, a substance linked with the potential for increasing the risk for certain cancers. Prolonged exposure to aluminum can also have adverse effects of your health.

There are many brands that make powders specifically for men’s groins that are free of any nasty sustances. There are even gels and liquid powders available for those who want to avoid a dusty mess.

Close up of a man’s hands clasped together and covered in white powder.


Almost equally as important as your undies are the clothes you wear over them. No matter how awesome and breathable your mens boxer briefs are, if you’re just stuffing your package into a tight pair of jeans, your balls will remain stinky!

Opt for looser bottoms and consider the materials of your clothing, as well as your undies. There are many great brands out there that make stylish ‘fits from sustainable, body-friendly fabrics like hemp and organic cotton. The hemp clothing benefits are numerous and great for combating smelly balls!


A man stands in front of a chain-link fence wearing yellow underwear and a brown camo hoodie

For the most part, smelly balls are a common and harmless occurrence. However, if you suddenly find yourself asking “why do my balls stink?” and you’ve made no lifestyle changes that could prompt such a thing, you might need to see a doctor.

The same goes for a situation in which other symptoms arise alongside the smell. This would be things like swelling, redness, and itchiness. This could be an infection or could signify an underlying disease, like diabetes. Either way, your best bet is to consult your doctor.  


A man wearing a black hoodie and green underwear sits on a black couch and holds a book in front of his face.


The first step is to keep them clean. Thoroughly washing your groin area is essential for preventing any irritation or infection. You should try to use a scent free and gentle soap so that you don’t cause any irritation down there. Once the jewels are all fresh, make sure to dry them up real good. In order to prevent the build up of moisture, make sure there’s no moisture to begin with.


I mean, sure you probably can…But you also probably shouldn’t. Traditional deodorant contains all sorts of nasty stuff, like aluminum, which you don’t want anywhere near your crotch. To slow your sweat down a little, use a powder instead.


Nope! Baby powder is not a safe substance to rub all over your groin. Baby powder is a talcum powder which contains asbestos, a substance that could potentially lead to certain cancers with enough exposure. There are many safe, testicle-specific powders you should look into before reaching for the baby powder!



 A man stands in front of a white wall wearing a gray t-shirt and black underwear.

There you have it, a complete guide to a pleasantly scented (or scent free) crotch! I bet you’ll never have to ask “why do my balls smell?” again! And if you do, refer back to the list and make any necessary adjustments, or consult a doctor if you feel the issue might be medical.

Have you dealt with smelly balls in the past? If so, what was your solution? And do let me know in the comments if there’s any fixes I missed. Let’s help all the men get their downstairs clean and fresh (if not for your own sake then at least for your partner’s sake)!

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