Sweaty Vagina? 5 Ways To Treat Vagina Sweat

A woman lies on a bed without a sweaty pussy thanks to antibacterial and breathable WAMA underwear.

Confession: I’m heat sensitive and start to sweat the moment temperatures rise above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t like it, but I’ve learned to handle it. But a sweaty vagina? Yea, that’s a different story! Although anyone can suffer from a sweaty crotch—because it’s totally natural—it’s not an enjoyable problem to have.

Luckily, there are several ways to keep vagina sweat to a minimum. My personal go-to’s include wearing breathable underwear, buying hemp fabric, and wearing boy shorts underwear to keep things covered and protected. I’m sharing a few other solutions I swear by—but whatever you choose, you’ll be happily sweat-free down there (and avoid that super annoying irritation)!


There are two different types of sweat glands that cause a sweaty vagina. First of all: you've got 2-4 million eccrine sweat glands on your body, and many of them crowd around the crotch area. But these glands are the good guys and help you cool off when you’re hot, acting like your body’s natural coolant system and preventing you from overheating.

Besides your eccrine friends that cool you off, there’s another type of sweat gland: apocrine sweat glands. These little devils respond when you’re stressed, releasing a much thicker liquid in specific areas of your body. You’ll find them under your pits, on your scalp, and in the groin area. When this sweat meets bacteria on your skin, it starts to smell.

Yep, these two types of sweat glands are responsible for a sweaty vagina, sweaty crotch, a sweaty pussy… whatever you want to call it, it happens to the best of us, and it’s natural! Sweating is completely normal, but that doesn’t mean it’s always pretty, especially when it happens down there.

A woman sitting on the floor crossing her legs is smiling because she’s avoiding a sweaty crotch by wearing breathable fabrics.


Any type of sweat, especially eccrine sweat, is good for you. You need to sweat to keep your body healthy. But problems occur when too much dampness causes a buildup of bacteria in sensitive areas, like your hoo-ha. Vaginas need moisture, but too much can cause infections like bacterial vaginosis, which happens when bad bacteria outweigh good bacteria.  

Besides serious infections, a sweaty pussy is just plain uncomfortable and can cause other annoyances, like skin irritation, chafing, odor, and sticky thighs. Since I suffer from vagina sweat as much as you probably do, I gathered my best solutions to keep your vajeen dry, happy, and healthy.


A woman stands with her hands on her hips, happy that she doesn’t have to worry about vagina sweat when wearing WAMA boyshorts underwear.

All these solutions will help you combat vagina sweat in the moment and prevent a sweaty crotch from happening in the first place. Most of my tricks revolve around the right type of underwear and clothing. But even if you need to switch up your wardrobe a bit, you can still embrace your favorite style, whether it’s hipster panties, classic bikini underwear, or high waisted underwear!



My top tip is super important—wear breathable underwear! When your undies allow for natural airflow, you’re giving yourself a pretty decent head start in the battle against vagina sweat. Hemp is an excellent option for airy, breezy underwear and does the best job at keeping things dry down there. Sustainable fabrics are your best bet for breathable undies.



A woman sitting on her bathroom counter painting her toenails avoids a sweaty vagina by wearing hemp WAMA underwear.

My second tip is related to the first one because hemp is also a natural fiber, and there are many hemp clothing benefits when it comes to avoiding a sweaty pussy. Besides being breathable, natural fibers are far more healthy overall. Synthetic fabrics (nylon, rayon, polyester, etc.) trap heat and often require toxins and chemicals in the manufacturing process. When you wear them, you unknowingly expose your sensitive bits to those toxins all day while mixing with hot moisture—not a good recipe!

Even some of your favorite go-to’s might pose a problem. Study up on the hemp vs cotton debate to understand why even natural cotton falls short. Bottom line: you want lightweight, durable, natural, and breathable underwear to prevent a sweaty crotch!


A woman spends time outside in her WAMA breathable underwear.

Another plus for hemp fashion is that it makes naturally antibacterial underwear. No chemicals or lining needed! This perk takes taming crotch sweat to another level because not only is hemp breathable, but it will keep any moisture that does occur from harboring harmful bacteria. This is why I prefer hemp underwear and wear a hemp bra to prevent boob sweat—I know I’m gonna sweat buckets in the summer, so I need my knickers to be on my side.



To help you fight vagina sweat, two things need to happen: you need your first layer (your undies) to fit right, and you need loose, breathable clothes (pants, shorts, skirts, etc.) on top. Your new clothing mantra: in the war against vagina sweat, the looser, the better.

A woman stands in front of a hammock happy to avoid a sweaty vagina with WAMA underwear.
  • Get Underwear that Fits: Use an underwear size chart to ensure that you’re wearing underwear that fits you correctly. When your undies are too tight or too loose, they can’t do their job. They won’t offer the support you need or they could bunch up and leave you pondering how to prevent camel toe. If you prefer a slightly roomier fit, you can always opt for boy shorts underwear or wear boxers for women.
  • Layer with Loose-Fitting Clothes: Any type of tight clothing can hold in heat and moisture—and remember, you want that breezy, airy feel. Loose clothing is totally in style right now, and hemp pants and hemp shorts offer a triple-punch against a sweaty crotch: loose, natural, and breathable!
  • Opt for Breathable Exercise Clothing: Maybe you already wear loose clothes, but what about when exercising? I know, I know. I love leggings, too, but they’re skin-tight! If you’re a devoted fan, invest in a good pair that breathes. But if you’re trying to treat a sweaty vagina, go for loose shorts or pants when exercising.


To avoid a sweaty pussy and keep bacteria from growing, you should wash your undies after each use or after a heavy sweat session. Choose a durable fabric like hemp (hemp is 3-8x stronger than cotton and actually gets stronger after washing it!) and learn how to hand wash underwear to keep them lasting longer.


A sweaty vagina is one thing you want to treat, not only because it’s uncomfortable, but also because it can cause infection in your nether regions. Make it a thing of the past by wearing the right underwear and clothing, and keeping your wardrobe clean. Read up on sustainable fashion blogs and find natural, breathable fabrics that protect your sensitive bits. The more air down there, the better your vag will be.

Are you a sweaty vagina sufferer, too? Lemme know which tip you’re going to try first. Drop me a comment below!

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