7 Best Boxers For Women

A woman standing and smiling wearing WAMA boy shorts underwear, one of the best boxers for women.

Wait, girls wear boxers, too? Yes, of course, but brands tend to call boxers for women boy shorts underwear—and if you didn’t already know it, they’re amazing. Womens boxers are super comfy and offer extra coverage around your bum, hips, and upper thighs. They’re fitted and tighter than typical men’s boxers—kind of like boxer briefs for women!

Boy shorts are just one option when it comes to womens underwear styles. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should give them a chance! I love them for working out, lounging at home, wearing under dresses and skirts, or simply when I need to feel extra cozy. WAMA offers a great hemp pair, but I’ll take you through six others.


Before you start ordering, consider what you need in a solid pair of underwear. Ask yourself, what are boy shorts and what makes them different or, in some cases, better? An awesome pair of boxers for women comes down to three things: fabric, fit, and style.


Fabric is essential for comfortability, and the main reason why womens boxers started making waves is that they’re more comfortable than other underwear styles. To optimize that comfort, you want to choose a fabric that’s soft yet durable and protects and supports your private bits.

A woman stands by a window wearing WAMA womens boxers.

Hemp is excellent for undies because it’s strong, keeps its shape, and makes naturally antibacterial underwear. It’s also a naturally breathable—perfect for those nether regions! Wearing tight synthetic materials increases your risk for bacterial infections because they don’t allow that crucial airflow. So natural fabrics are the go-to here.

But hemp truly offers the best support—it even beats cotton! In the hemp vs cotton debate, hemp requires 50% less water than cotton while producing 2x as many fibers. So not only is it better for your skin and health, but it’s also better for the environment.


You must get the right fit with any underwear, but it’s especially important for boxers. Once you find the perfect fit for your body type, stick to it! When underwear doesn’t sit correctly on your hips or booty, you get that dreaded bunching.

Don’t be like me and spend half your life asking yourself, “why do I keep getting wedgies?” and pondering, “how to prevent camel toe?” The culprit is almost always that your fabric is too tight or too loose, so you need the right fit.

Five women stand together wearing white underwear sets, with some wearing boxer briefs for women.


Each style has its own purpose—sometimes you can’t avoid the need for thong underwear or high-waisted underwear—but boy shorts are fairly versatile. Because womens boxers provide more coverage, you get extra support and completely avoid those annoying panty lines. Boy shorts work with any type of fashion, whether regular or high-waisted pants, mini skirts, or paper bag shorts.

The biggest bonus of boxer briefs for women is the coverage when a wardrobe malfunction occurs. I know Kate Middleton and I aren’t the only ones to suffer a wind-swept skirt incident, right?! Well, boy shorts solve that problem by covering up your bum. Plus, they help prevent chafing on your inner thighs.


I’m personally a huge fan of boxers for women and tend to don them daily. But sometimes I get tired of the typical, plain shorts style. You don’t have to get bored with your comfort, and these seven boxer briefs for women prove it.


A woman with long hair sits on the floor wearing WAMA boy shorts underwear.

WAMA gets my top pick because it ticks all the boxes. Weed underwear is revolutionary, and WAMA is paving the way! As mentioned above, hemp is the ideal fabric for your unmentionables, as it’s strong, soft, antibacterial, breathable, and offers sun protection. It truly doesn’t get much better than that!

Well, actually, it kind of does. When you wash hemp, it gets even softer and holds its shape, so you never have to worry about damaging your favorite pair.


With a super supportive band, WAMA boy shorts underwear stays in place. You won’t suffer from bunching, riding, wedgies, camel toe, or panty lines. The fabric perfectly hugs your hips and covers your cheeks, extending support down to your upper thighs. You can even wear them alone while working out!

A soft and flexible waistband sits between the hips and waist, and the inseam stretches to the upper thighs. Pair your boy shorts with a trendy hemp bra, like the triangle bralette or racerback bralette.



Two women kneeling on a bed are wearing boxers for women by RicherPoorer.

I like how RicherPoorer puts a feminine touch on their womens boxer briefs. Each pair features faux button details down the front, so you stay comfy and stylish. The boxers hug your hips and cheeks, supporting the upper thighs.

The brand uses a blend of cotton and modal. Although not as good as hemp and not the best fabric to make sustainable underwear, modal is a decent alternative to conventional cotton. It’s a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp.


RicherPoorer uses hand-dyeing techniques, so no two pairs are the same. Choose from amongst 11 different colors and patterns, including the always-popular tye-dye. All undies feature comfy side seams, plus full coverage of the booty and an elastic waistband that sits on the hip just below your belly button.



Three women stand modeling boxer briefs for women by Oddballs.

Oddballs boxers for women live up to their name—they’re a little odd! They use unique patterns and bright colors, claiming to be “the underwear that everyone is talking about.” That could be because they challenge their customers to take photos in their knickers, especially at soccer games. That’s because an ex-footballer from the UK co-founded the company and started the Oddballs Foundation.

The brand collects donations and gives a portion of its profits to support charities, especially those aligned with testicular cancer awareness and treatment. So far, the company has raised over $800,000 for nonprofits across the UK and Ireland.


Oddballs’ ladies boxers style comes in almost every pattern you can think of, including leopard, polka dots, and paisley. You’ll also find several solid options if you’re looking for a classic pair. The waistband and a blend of conventional cotton and elastane give your pair a nice stretch, staying in place as you move and cheer on your favorite club. While they may not use sustainable methods, they do support a good cause!



A woman lays on a bed wearing boxers for women by MeUndies.

MeUndies is changing the narrative on boxers for women, proving that they’re not just for lazy Saturdays. The brand wants you to live in boy shorts undies for all the same reasons I mentioned above—they’re amazingly comfy! MeUndies uses modal fabric. Again, modal is a decent alternative to conventional or fully synthetic materials, although not as sustainable as hemp fabric.


Choose from nearly 40 different colors and patterns and two different fits. The waistband influences these fits, offering a more snug feeling and the other that feels like you’re wearing nothing! The 2.5” inseam provides support of your upper thighs so that you can move around freely without worrying about bunching.



Two women holding hands walk through a stream wearing Foxers womens boxers.

Foxers mean faux boxers, and the company puts a delicate and sexy twist on womens boxers. Instead of the typical plain styles, Foxers spices things up with optional details like front buttons, bows, pockets, booty ruching, and lace. You can wear boxers and still get that hint of sexiness in your underwear! A cotton and spandex blend hugs your curves in all the right places while staying soft and in place.


Foxers offers three different womens boxer briefs styles, including boy shorts, tomboy boxers, and lace boxers. Remember that some styles don’t have a long inseam, so although they cover the hips and booty, they look a bit more cheeky in the front. Although not a sustainable brand, Foxers earns a spot on this list because they perfectly blend men’s and women’s styles to appeal to all genders.



Five people pose in front of an ice cream truck wearing TomboyX boxer briefs for women.

TomboyX uses the slogan, “We Fit You,” because they provide sizing and styles for literally everybody and every body type. The company’s products, models, and philosophy are very inclusive. Using spandex plus either modal, Tencel, or OEKO-TEX Certified cotton (free from harmful chemicals), you get softness, coverage, and a snug fit that doesn’t budge. Tencel is another alternative to conventional fabrics, but it’s still a form of rayon (a synthetic material).


With over 25 colors and patterns, you can go for a classic pair or try something fun and colorful. All styles give you full coverage of the hips and cheeks, with some extending down your thighs with up to 9” inseams. Choose from classic 2.5” boyshorts, 4” trunks, 6” boxer briefs, or 9” boxer briefs. If you suffer from chafing, these longer inseams are your new BFF.



Four models wearing Woxer boxer briefs for women and men.

Like Foxers, Woxers are another play on words: womens boxers. Using modal and elastane, the company makes boxer briefs for women that stay in place, prevent chafing, and wicks moisture from your body. With so many different colors and styles, the brand complements any body type. And if you’re a fan, you can save money by joining a monthly subscription!


Choose from bright or muted colors (great for minimalist clothing options) and multiple inseams, including studs (3”), ballers (5”), and bikers (9”). So whether you’re at work or running a marathon, Woxers can support you down there. And with completely seamless sides and bottoms, you erase any evidence of a panty line.



Long gone are the days of picking wedgies, tugging waistbands, or adjusting fabric—and I’m here for it! Boxer briefs for women give you everything you want in a good pair of underwear. They’re comfortable, wedgie-resistant, anti-panty-line, and can complement any body type and activity. The sky’s the limit—womens boxers will make you want to dance, relax, run, and sleep in panties.

To maximize the comfort of boy shorts underwear, find a natural fabric like hemp. Durable, antibacterial, and naturally breathable underwear will keep you cozy and healthy. What do you think—are womens boxers unconventional, or would you give them a try? Drop a comment below!



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