Boxer Briefs That Don't Ride Up: How To Find a Unicorn

A man wearing yellow boxer briefs and a brown hoodie stands in front of a chain link fence

Welcome to another installment of “Underwear Investigators,” where we take a deep dive into various underwear styles, trends, and struggles. Today we are on the hunt for a mythical beast: boxer briefs that don’t ride up. 

Most men’s boxer briefs do ride up, unfortunately. This phenomenon occurs for many reasons from a bad fit to faulty design (more on that soon). A good pair of underwear is already hard to find, and this issue that plagues most boxer briefs just makes it harder. Of course, if this search for men's underwear that doesn’t ride up fails, you could always try freeballing!

Don’t give up just yet, though. I believe in the unbelievable but the truth is, boxer briefs that don’t ride up are not that elusive. If you know exactly what to look for. And, guess what? I do! It’s kinda my job. Rest assured you’re in good hands and together we’ll pin down the best boxer briefs that don’t ride up!


A man wearing green underwear carries a woman wearing green underwear on his back in front of green shrubbery.

Of course, the first order of business for this hunt is to learn exactly why boxer briefs ride up in the first place. Oftentimes, it’s the underwear manufacturer’s fault. Some companies just don’t know how to design good boxer briefs, sorry to say it. 

However, it can also come down to you. Is your underwear the right size? Are you picking the right underwear for your activity levels? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons so we can get to the bottom of it!

  • Sizing: A bad fit is the cause of most common underwear annoyances. If your underwear is too big, you’ll have a lot of extra fabric that can bunch up and ride up. Even worse, if your underwear is too small, any movement of your legs will cause it to roll up (that is, if it isn’t made cheaply enough to just rip…yikes).
  • Material: When it comes to finding boxer briefs that don’t ride up, material matters, but it isn’t the deciding factor for whether your underwear will ride up or not. Form-fitting, synthetic materials can usually stick to the body better but they have to be the correct size and style to work well. Natural materials will always be my go-to recommendation for underwear but some of them can be a little thin and flimsy.
  • Waistband: While high waisted underwear is my favorite style as a woman, it’s not the best idea for the boys. The general consensus is that the lower your waistband (within reason), the better your underwear will be at staying in place. If the waistband of your underwear sits just around the widest part of your lower torso and hips, it will have a harder time inching its way up and causing the rest of your boxer briefs to ride up.
  • Activity Levels: The more active you are throughout your day the more likely you are to experience your boxer briefs riding up. Some boxer briefs may still be good for daily life even if they’re not cut out for use as workout underwear so consider organizing your undies according to what level of activity they’re good for.
  •  Outer Clothing: What you wear on top of your boxer briefs determines how much riding up will take place. Tighter pants, especially those made of synthetic materials, are more likely to cause your underwear to ride up because they won’t have room to shift comfortably along your leg. Wearing loose and breathable sustainable mens clothing will give your underwear space to move with your body without getting trapped. Not to mention, tight pants are not the best move for the health of your jewels.
  • Age: That pair of boxer briefs that keeps riding up, have you had it for years? Buddy, it might be time to part ways. One essential quality of boxer briefs that don’t ride up is that they can’t be old as hell. Unfortunately, even the best pairs of underwear lose some of their structural integrity with regular, heavy use. Crisp, new(er) boxer briefs are sure to get the job done better.


Lower half of a man wearing black boxer briefs and a gray shirt standing in front of a beige wall

Now that we’ve got our list of boxer brief no-nos, we can actually discuss what makes for good and functional boxer briefs. Keep in mind that the following qualities have to work in tandem to make for truly good boxer briefs. 

Just having a good fit, for example, doesn’t guarantee boxer briefs that don’t ride up. But, a pair of boxer briefs that meets all the following requirements? Now, that’s your unicorn!


Remember, finding the best boxer briefs that don’t ride up starts with knowing what size works best for you. How should underwear fit? The quick rundown is that it should be snug but not tight, the waistband should stay put, and all your bits should feel cozily tucked in but not suffocated. 

Why is a good fit so dang necessary? Well, if your boxer briefs are too big, chances are the leg openings will be loose which leaves room for the material around the legs to move around. On the other hand, if your undies are too small, they are likely to squeeze their way up your thighs (and probably eventually your butt crack, oof). 

Boxer briefs that fit you well will stay where they’re supposed to and move with your body. This doesn’t just apply to the search for boxer briefs that don’t ride up. A good fit is important for all styles of underwear!

 A man with blond hair wearing black boxer briefs holds a plank pose in a grassy field.


We already know that natural is best when it comes to underwear but not all natural fibers have the same qualities. A sturdy material has a better chance of staying put than a light, buttery material (like silk or modal). That’s why the best choice for boxer briefs that don’t ride up is (come on now, say it with me)... HEMP!

Underwear made from hemp is soft and comfy but it’s also strong enough to hold its shape. Hemp boxer briefs, provided they’re the right size, will cling to your body and stay in place while still allowing for a full range of motion and letting in enough airflow so you don’t experience swamp crotch.

Hemp fabric is also antibacterial and has some awesome benefits for your body. One study proved that clothing made from CBD-infused hemp fabric actually improves skin conditions. So if you’ve got sensitive skin or often deal with conditions like butt acne then hemp underwear is the smart choice for you, my friend! 


A man wearing black underwear and unbA man wearing black underwear and unbuttoned jeans stands with his hand in a jean pocket in front of a brick wall. uttoned jeans stands with his hand in a jean pocket in front of a brick wall.

A good waistband is sort of the foundation for boxer briefs that don’t ride up. It’s what keeps your underwear firmly at the waist and prevents it from moving up or down. An elastic band with a higher rise is more likely to cause your boxers to ride up. 

A good waistband should rest pretty low on the hips and fit snugly. Ideally, the elastic should be wide and flat so that it sits comfortably on your skin and has enough grip to stay in place.


With those three requirements in mind, you should be prepared to scour the Earth for your own unicorn. It seems pretty straightforward but it can be quite a hassle to track down the perfect pair of boxer briefs.  Luckily, I’m already well acquainted with one of these elusive creatures. 

It’s the WAMA mens boxer briefs! You already heard me rave about hemp so you know that it’s the premier choice for a great pair of undies. 


A man wearing a black shirt and green boxer briefs holds up two pairs of underwear in his right hand and makes a peace sign with his left hand.

Well, we’ve caught one unicorn and I think you’ve got what it takes to find more but there are more styles out there besides boxer briefs!  Different styles of underwear work well for different situations so it’s a good idea to have some variety in your underwear drawer. Here’s some more mens underwear that doesn’t ride up:


Mens briefs are the most classic style of underwear. They do a great job of providing support for your package without a ton of fabric. Briefs are the best option for the boys looking for low coverage. WAMA’s briefs are extra special because the durable hemp material holds its shape wonderfully and is sure to make your booty pop. 


Who doesn’t love mens boxers? Most people are into this classic style of underwear. There are even boxers for women

Why the hype? Well, boxers provide you with the most breathability. Your junk can just hang out and breathe in the sweet air flowing through those roomy leg holes. They’re the perfect undies to sleep in or lounge around in (pantless) on a hot day. WAMA’s boxers have a thick elastic band that will sit snugly around your waist and keep your undies in place.


Trunks underwear is essentially the cousin to boxer briefs. Both styles offer a similar amount of support, the difference is that trunks are a bit shorter and snugger. If you’ve got some juicy thigh you wanna show off, this is the underwear style for you. WAMA’s trunks will keep your family jewels snug and secure without cutting off their circulation and airflow.


Bottom half of a man holding the waistband of his black underwear

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all qualified unicorn trackers at this point. You’ve got a clear map and all the skills you need to find the perfect pair of boxer briefs that don’t ride up! 

Did you know that boxer briefs were such a tricky style of underwear? Have you dealt with the frustrations of boxer briefs riding up or do you usually just ignore it? Share your experiences in the comments and good luck with the rest of your magical journey!

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