Bra Alternatives: 7 Comfy Alternatives To Wearing A Bra

Woman sits on her bed wearing one of many bra alternatives, a triangle bralette.

Is it just me, or is it time for another bra-burning revolution? Well, specifically, an underwire bra-burning? Underwire bras have their time and place, but for the most part, they come off the minute you cross your threshold, often with a huge sigh of relief and exaggerated flourish.

Before you resort to the extremes—like actually burning all said bras or committing to a lifetime of no bras (which, hey, more power to ya!), keep reading. Because there’s been a quieter bra revolution going on—and bra alternatives have become comfier, cuter, and more supportive than ever before in the underwire bra vs no underwire bra wars. We’re talking about things like a hemp bra, camisole, racerback bralette, chest binders, and more. So, keep reading for bra alternatives: 7 comfy alternatives to wearing a bra.


Woman snaps a picture of one of her bra alternatives, a triangle bralette by WAMA Underwear.

If you’re like me, you’ve seen the word bralette thrown around lately. But what is a bralette, exactly? Don’t let the word “bra” in bralette scare you, because that ‘ette’ changes everything. A bralette is a bra without underwire, minimal padding, and no lining.

These come in many styles, but one of my favorites is the triangle bralette. The triangle bralette provides medium support for everyday life, in the most comfortable way. It’s so soft and breathable and plain old comfy that you won’t want to rip this bra(lette) off the minute you walk through the door, and you’ll be extolling the virtues of wearing bralettes instead of bras wherever you go.

SUPPORT LEVEL: Medium support

BEST FOR: Day to day activities, transitioning from work to home, around the house


A woman stands outside in a a racerback bralette by WAMA Underwear, one of the more supportive bra alternatives.

Another bralette for your booblettes! Ahem. Moving on. If you’re still unsure where you stand in the underwire vs no underwire debate, a racerback bralette is the ideal choice. We get it, sometimes you just need more support, and a racerback bralette provides this while still not forcing you to wear an underwire.

It may not be sufficient for the bustiest among us to wear for that HIIT workout, but it still gives some push up and some extra support for your back and chest, without sacrificing comfort. One day in this and I promise, you’ll be wearing bralettes instead of bras 4 lyfe.

SUPPORT LEVEL: Medium support

BEST FOR: Light exercise, daily life


A woman stands against a white wall, next to a plant, wearing a camisole, one of the alternatives to bras options.

Say hello to one of the most versatile alternative bras out there—the camisole! They come in a variety of shapes and a variety of support levels—from very sturdy built-in bras to barely-there support, a camisole is in your corner. You can even adjust your support level depending on the tightness of the camisole, as well.

You can wear camisoles on their own, as an extra layering piece for warmth, or for a little extra coverage under your fave low-cut top. Add in the variety of price levels and fabrics, and you’re bound to need at least a few different camisoles in your closet, even if you remain loyal to bras.

SUPPORT LEVEL: Medium to low support

BEST FOR: Layering for warmth or coverage, worn alone as a tank top


A woman stands against a leaf-covered wall wearing an alternative to a bra, a bandeau.

Now, while a bandeau may give you 90’s flashbacks like it does for me (but hey, apparently the 90’s are back!), it’s a great option in the hunt for bra alternatives. A bandeau is constructed with a lower band to hold everything in (and up), while still giving you flexibility of movement.

Also... are they cute, or what? Another great option for layering or wearing on it’s own. Of course, if you want to truly embrace the 90’s and purchase a bandanna bandeau, feel free... but I make no promises on the support (or cuteness) in one of those.

SUPPORT LEVEL: Medium to low support

BEST FOR: Warm days, or layering for warmth or coverage


Woman in a pool wearing sequins as nipple covers, one of the common alternatives to wearing a bra.

Okay, bear with me here. While nipple covers, also known as pasties, might sound like rather scandalous alternatives to bras, they’re actually quite practical. There is a time and place for cleavage, and for some people, that’s everywhere. Who am I to judge?

However, if you do want to prevent a nip slip, or if you’re expecting it to get a little chilly, or if you’re one of those whose nipples remain AT ATTENTION wherever you go and whatever you do (NOT that I’m speaking from personal experience…), nipple covers can be a lifesaver. They provide protection and just enough coverage to do the job without forcing you into underwire or even a bralette.

SUPPORT LEVEL: Little to no support

BEST FOR: With very low cut tops, under swimsuits, or with thin fabrics


Four diverse people wearing chest binders, a non-binary alternative to bras.

Not only women need bras for extra chest support! For all my non-binary, transgender, and genderfluid folk out there, binders are the best bra alternatives out there. In fact, binders are one of the safest, easiest, and least-permanent ways to express your identity.

Bandages and tape are known to be harmful, but a chest binder is a safe and comfortable way to do so. There are a variety of options out there on the market such as compression binders or tank-tops or ones that use velcro or snaps. As with all bra alternatives, focus on fit for the optimum comfort level.

SUPPORT LEVEL: High support

BEST FOR: gender-affirming chest binding and support


A woman stands in a scrubby desert, doing one of the original alternatives to bras: going braless.

If you’re ready to let those sweet chariots swing low, or high, or however else yours do it, then going braless could be for you. Just know that your chest won’t be as supported, although whatever rings your bell. Also, keep in mind that society still demands some basic coverage, and let’s be real, those nips are sensitive—so a thicker material might provide some necessary protection and coverage. But, really, you do you!


BEST FOR: at home, lounging, that nude beach or secret hot springs... or whenever you’re feelin it.



If your underwire bras are bringing you down—or perhaps, a little too up—and you find yourself sacrificing comfort just for that lift, you are not alone. There are so many more alternatives to bras out there that are comfortable, supportive, and, of course, stylish!

So, tell me—how do you feel about the whole bralette vs bra debate? Are you ready to devote yourself to the OG alternative to bras—that is, no bra at all? Share in the comments!

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