5 Butt Shapes And How To Protect Them Naturally

An illustration of the five general butt shapes.

One thing that makes us humans unique is that no two bodies are alike, and that includes butt shapes, too. Some butts fit best into bikini underwear, while others thrive in high waisted underwear.

When it comes to types of butts, there are five different distinct shapes. Each one is beautiful, and yours is worthy of your admiration. But when you want to keep your nether regions protected, some underwear styles work better for specific shapes. I’m here to help you choose the perfect type of comfortable, breathable underwear that hugs your rear in all the right places.


There are five types of butts, so how do you know which one you have? Take a handheld mirror into your bathroom and turn so your bottom is facing your primary mirror. Then, use your smaller mirror to take a good look at your bum.

a woman kneeling on a couch contemplating different butt shapes and wearing hipster panties to protect her square butt.

These five categories distinguish different shapes that relate to:

  • Your body type
  • How your hips, thighs, and cheeks align
  • The form of your butt muscles

Your genetics predetermines your body shape. One study showed that when comparing pear shapes and apple shapes, 24 different gene variations separate the two. A lot is out of our control, meaning your beautiful body and butt are yours. Regardless of your shape, there’s a lot to love.



Man making coffee and woman sitting on the counter while wearing bikini underwear to protect her a-shaped butt.


You have a gorgeous square-shaped butt if your hips and outer thighs are even, creating a perpendicular line straight to the ground. A square butt makes a (you guessed it!) square with your hips, cheeks, and thighs.


Move your hips a bit and turn to the side. Do your pelvis and hip bones lean inward? If so, you have a beautiful V-shape to your rear, as your hips tend to be wider than your cheeks and thighs.


If your waist is smaller than your hips and thighs, you probably have a lovely A-shape butt. Your core acts as the narrower top of the ‘A’ while your fuller hips and thighs curve out. This is the opposite of the V-shape.

Woman with a beautiful round butt walking on a trail wearing WAMA underwear.


Round butts are just as they sound—splendid and round! You may or may not have a narrow waist, but your hips and thighs are still a bit wider. Your backside should create a circular shape as you go from your abdomen’s center around your hips and upper thighs and back up.


Imagine an upside-down heart, where your waist is more narrow than your hips and cheeks. Unlike round butts, the hips curve out, and the bottom of the cheeks bend toward your crack. This contour creates a beautiful heart shaped butt.


These butt shapes help you determine your rear’s general look, but remember, no two butts are the same. Your glorious heart shaped ass may look a little different than JLo’s, and that’s okay! What’s more important is using these categories to help you choose the right underwear to keep everything healthy and protected.

Woman standing and wearing boy shorts underwear to protect her beautiful heart shaped ass.


Now that you’ve taken some time to admire your gorgeous rump and determine your shape, you can find the best-fitting underwear for your body. There are many women’s underwear styles, but not all serve every derriere. With five different types of butts, you want to find the right fit that keeps you covered, protected, and comfortable.

Much like finding the best-fitting hemp bra, underwear styles vary with shape. Whether you’re the proud owner of a square butt or like to shake your round booty, there’s a style out there for you.



An illustration for square butt shapes.

Square butts often suffer from underwear riding up into the crack because many styles sit high on your hips. Without wider cheeks to keep the fabric in place, your undies make their way into unwanted areas. It’s best to stick to styles that offer wider bands and curve around the hips.


Your Best Picks: bikini underwear and boy shorts underwear


If you have a square butt, you may notice that you have more prominent hip bones that sit higher than other shapes. And because there’s not a ton of curve to your cheeks, you may often ask yourself, why do I keep getting wedgies?! If that's the case, these two styles will do the trick!



An illustration for v-shaped types of butts.

Similar to square butts, v-shaped butts also work best with more coverage and lower cuts. Because the bottom of your cheeks angle inwards, look for underwear with thicker bands and more fabric. It also helps to keep the bottom of your cheeks covered.


Your Best Picks: hipster panties and boy shorts underwear


V-shaped butts also suffer from bunching material, so covering your rear with more fabric will keep everything where it should be. Hipster panties, in particular, will also help define your shape a bit more.



An illustration for a-shaped types of butts.

A-shaped butts are the opposite of V-shaped, so you should look for styles with higher cuts. Because your waist tends to be more narrow, it’s best to have a higher band that stays snug while providing larger leg holes for your wider cheeks and thighs.


Your Best Picks: high waisted underwear and bikini underwear


Your fuller cheeks will help keep everything in place, so you don’t necessarily need a lot of fabric. And larger leg openings allow for a comfortable fit, keeping you protected yet flexible.

If you have bigger thighs or a curvier bottom, there’s reason to celebrate. According to Harvard Health, the proud owners of thicker thighs had the lowest risk of disease, including heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The ideal circumference is around 24.4 inches, but in general, bigger was better.



 An illustration for round butt shapes.

If you have a round butt, you may notice that underwear tends to shift back a bit. That’s because your fuller cheeks tend to pull the fabric toward your rear, bunching your underwear in the front. Sticks with styles that offer more coverage or let the cheeks go free.


Your Best Picks: thong underwear and boy shorts underwear.


Why do women wear thongs? Well, one reason is that they keep those round butts happy. But if you prefer something around your bum, fuller coverage like boy shorts will do the trick.

Frontal wedgies aren’t just annoying. Like wearing too-tight fabrics, they block natural airflow down there, which can cause the growth of harmful bacteria. Antibacterial underwear made from hemp helps to keep your privates healthy.



An illustration for heart shaped butts.

A heart-shaped butt is similar to an A-shaped one, but with a bit more curve at the bottom of the cheeks. Your fuller hips and bum require more coverage, especially at the bottom. To avoid saggy underwear, stick to styles that sit higher on your narrow waist and curve down your rear.


Your Best Picks: high waisted underwear and hipster panties


If you have a heart shaped ass, a pair of high waisted hemp underwear will keep you comfortable and looking good. Embrace your shape and keep those cheeks supported to protect those nether regions!

Woman lying on a bed wearing hipster panties to protect her square butt.



Different butt shapes require different underwear. Regardless of your booty contour, there’s a perfect style for you. With so many hemp clothing benefits, you’ll keep your rear perfectly covered, wedgie-free, and protected with robust and antibacterial fabric.

I have a square butt, and I love my hipsters! What’s your butt shape, and which underwear style do you recommend? Share your wisdom in the comments.

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