How To Hide A Muffin Top

woman’s torso wearing a green triangle bralette and high waisted jeans and an open white button up shirt

With the new trend in mid and lower -rise jeans, I feel like I have to worry about my muffin top all over again! I thought high-waisted jeans had solved that struggle for me! So, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably trying to figure out how to hide a muffin top, so you can comfortably and confidently rock that new pair of jeans.

From high waisted underwear to finding the right fit of jeans, there are plenty of tips and tricks that will make your muffin top invisible! After some very scientific fabric testing, I’ve also found the best sustainable fabrics for tops and bottoms to hide your muffin top comfortably! So grab your cute muffin top, we’re about to make it disappear!


man’s lower body wearing a burnt orange pair of boxer briefs in front of an unmade bed

A muffin top is that little bit of extra flesh that sticks out of the top of pants or underwear. Much like the extra batter in a muffin top, you’ve got a little bit of spillage! But hey—I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love the top of a muffin the most!

Anybody, regardless of shape or size, can have a muffin top depending on the fit of their pants, their body position, or the choice of underwear. Muffin tops are truly size inclusive and should have no bearing on how you value your body!


woman in a white striped, tied up shirt with green undies strolls on a beach

The three main causes of a muffin top are:

  1. Your pants are the wrong fit for your body shape! If you’re a rectangle shape wearing curvy fit jeans, that could cause a muffin top because the waistband curves in at a spot where your body doesn’t.
  2. The rise is the wrong length for your proportions! If you have a long torso and a short rise, you’re most likely going to end up with a muffin top because your pants will sit along a softer part of you. Vice-versa, if you have a short torso and a long rise, you might be rocking an upper abdomen muffin top! The best rise length for how to hide a muffin top will end above or below your softest spot.
  3. You’re wearing the wrong size of pants! Pants that are too tight will almost always cause a muffin top. Your body will have nowhere to go but out if you’re squeezing everything in a little too snugly.
long haired woman staring into the camera wearing a green matching bra and underwear set in front of a red curtain

Now we know what causes a muffin top, do you know what doesn’t cause one? Your body! Show me one person who has one while stark naked. It’s basically impossible. The solution to a muffin top is not with your body, it’s with your clothes!


Hiding a muffin top comes down to a few different factors. While some are obvious, like making sure your pants aren’t too tight, others may be a little more surprising, like your underwear choice. Let's get into it!


woman’s torso with a black bra, high waisted blue jeans, and an cream colored button up shirt being held open

One of the most important things to consider when learning how to hide a muffin top is what fabrics both your bottoms and tops are made of.

With tops, choose lightweight, natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen, or hemp fabric. These fibers typically provide a bit more structure and flow, which won’t cling to your muffin top like synthetic materials will. Whatever you do, avoid tops made of rayon or spandex. Not only are they not eco-friendly, but they’ll highlight every part of your muffin top.

For bottoms, find pants made of a stretch blend. This flexibility will skim over your cute muffin top in jeans, making it stick out less. Opt for something made with TENCEL™ for a more sustainable stretch option.


close up on a woman’s hip wearing nude color undies with a black waistband and unzipped blue jeans rolled down

The key for how to hide a muffin top is all in choosing the best fit, size, and rise of pants.

For people with larger bottoms and smaller waists, it’s always a good idea to find brands that carry curvy fits. They’ll follow your natural body shape, making sure nothing cuts it where it shouldn’t. For more rectangular folx, avoid the curvy fits and choose more straight styles like boyfriend jeans!

As far as rise goes, you’ll want to choose pants that end above or below your softest part. Everybody has a differently placed soft bit, so this will depend completely on your body. I personally always opt for above my soft bit because it makes me feel more secure!

Finding perfectly sized pants can feel close to impossible, but I promise it is possible! When trying on your jeans, do the squat test. If you can squat all the way down without your jeans sliding down, you’re good to go! Too tight jeans will make it impossible to get down to the ground and too loose jeans will show off your lovely plumber’s crack…


woman in an all green outfit with a green triangle bralette, high waisted underwear, a long blazer, and unzipped pants

How to hide muffin top spillage? Cover it with a longer top! If you’re a loyal low riser who still wants to hide a muffin top, this will be your go-to method. Make sure it’s a flowy top that doesn’t cling to your body. Hint: read up on the right fabrics above!

For how to hide a muffin top in jeans or dresses, a little layering is magic! Pair a cropped, structured jacket or flowy kimono-style piece to add some interest to your silhouette while hiding that cute muffin top.


woman with shoulder length reddish brown hair in a black sports bra and high waisted underwear with hands on her hips

Even if you have the most perfect pants in the world, if you’ve got your undies in a bunch, you’re in for a bad time. High waisted underwear is a game changer for muffin tops! It follows the natural curves of your body and smooths out your silhouette.

This is the best way to hide a muffin top while wearing a dress or high waisted skirt. Other styles can cause a muffin top, especially if they roll down throughout the day. High waisted underwear will keep your shape smooth underneath your outfit!

If you’re worried about it being hot or uncomfortable, try a pair of hemp undies! There are so many hemp clothing benefits, but its breathability, softness, and antibacterial properties are especially important for high waisted undies.


Flaunt what you’ve got! At the end of the day, your body is yours, so there’s no need to hide it away. As long as you're comfortable, that’s all that matters. So wear your most cropped top with your lowest rise pants if that's what you wish!


smiling woman holding up a peace sign wearing a grey t shirt and black boy shorts underwear with a hand on her hip

There’s a full four-step process for hiding a muffin top:

  1. Wear lightweight, natural fiber tops with structure and pants with a stretch blend!
  2. Find the best-fitting pant you can that has the right fit, rise, and size for your gorgeous body!
  3. Style your outfits to have length and layers that can hide and minimize your muffin top!
  4. Have a good base with high waisted underwear to smooth out your silhouette from the start!

Remember, it’s not about changing your body. It’s about changing your clothes to suit your body and fit more comfortably! Finding clothes that fit and make you feel confident is the ultimate goal.

Which one of these tips are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!!

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