How To Hide Bra Straps? 7 Tricks To Hide Bra Straps

A woman standing by a mirror wearing a WAMA triangle bralette wonders how to hide bra straps.

I’ve spent too much time frantically wondering how to hide bra straps, and I’m guessing you have, too. It’s one of those annoying things that we bra-wearers have to battle, and it’s not fun. And even when you triumphantly hide bra straps, it’s not always comfortable.

Wherever you stand on the bralette vs bra debate, and whether you wear a racerback bralette, triangle bralette, demi bra, or a lacy push-up bra, I found some tips that will help you succeed without compromising comfort or support. Just because you need a bra to support your boobs doesn’t mean you must battle your straps!


Maybe you’re thinking about ditching the bra altogether (more on that later), but bras and their straps actually serve a purpose. Besides aesthetics, bras and bra straps can help protect your back, reduce strain when you exercise, and support overall breast health. So although you need those bra straps, you can still hide them from sight.

A woman standing by the window wearing a WAMA racerback bralette wonders how to hide bra straps on shoulders.


Aesthetics is one of the main functions of bras and their straps, as they shape your boobs. A global study revealed that 77% of women are dissatisfied with their boobs. This figure seemed high to me, but since we’re constantly told how our bodies should look, it’s not too surprising. If you fall into this category, then a bra can help you look and feel a bit better.


If you have bigger or heavier boobs, you may experience a lot of pressure on your back, even when just sitting or walking. Researchers in Turkey found a connection between back pain and the curvature of your spine. Women with larger breasts (a D cup size or more) had more significant curvatures and, therefore, more back pain. Strong bra straps can take the pressure off your back and neck by supporting the weight of your big, beautiful ta-tas.

A woman wearing a supportive bra runs in the city and takes a break to tie her shoe on a corner.


Regardless of the size of your boobs, exercising makes them bounce all around, and that can seriously hurt! Bras, especially sports bras with thick straps, support your chest and help prevent injury to breast tissue. They keep your boobs in relatively one place, even if you run a marathon—or run to catch the bus, aka, my version of a daily marathon.


There’s a lot of debate on whether bras are good or bad for your overall boob health. But one study put it to the test and followed a group of women for 15 years. They found that wearing a bra preserves your fragile Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments sit between your pectoral muscles (muscles above and behind your boobs) and mammary glands, so bra straps help to keep your chest in optimal health.

A woman stands smiling and wearing a well-fitting bra to keep straps in place and hide bra straps.


This may surprise you, but 80% of women wear bras that don’t fit them. Are you one of them? I definitely was! When your bra doesn’t fit properly, you can’t depend on the benefits I mentioned before, nor can you rely on your bra straps to stay in place.


Even with the right material and fit, you can still play peek-a-boo with your bra straps all day. Even trusty hemp fabric and my favorite sustainable underwear can’t always keep up, especially when I wear certain clothing that’s bra-strap vulnerable. To combat the problem, I found seven tips that actually work.

A woman standing wears a WAMA bralette with convertible straps to hide bra straps.


Have you seen bras with convertible straps, meaning you can change the strap design how you please? Yea, trust me, they’re a lifesaver when it comes to how to hide bra straps! The WAMA triangle bralette is a good example of that style, as you can easily adjust the straps while still supporting your chest.

How do you hide bra straps with convertible bras? It’s so much easier than you think! All you do is unhook the end of the bra strap and move it around as you want. My go-to method is to create a simple criss-cross so my straps stay hidden, even when wearing racerback tanks and dresses.


Another way to deal with racerback styles is to simply wear a racerback bra. Personally, I love the WAMA racerback bralette because you never have to wonder how to hide bra straps on shoulders when you don’t have any straps to worry about! This style works best when wearing tops or dresses with the same style, but it’s also a great option for a sports bra. Plus, with so many hemp clothing benefits, it’s hard to choose any other fabric.

A woman laying on a hammock goes braless to hide bra straps.


I know going braless is tempting, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it was one perk to social distancing, but remember that bras also have benefits. It’s okay to ditch them occasionally, but you don’t want to put too much stress on those sensitive ligaments. You can use this technique when you want to hide bra straps, but just don’t make a habit out of it.

If you like avoiding bras because they feel uncomfortable, specific styles might feel better. In the underwire vs no underwire debate, I stand firm with the anti-underwire stance. It’s a personal choice, but I just don’t like that constricting feeling. And luckily, even if you have bigger breasts, you can still get the support you need with no-underwire styles, like the WAMA bralettes, for example.

A woman knowing how to hide bra straps uses a clip to wear a tank top.


There are a few different clip styles, but they all accomplish the same thing: they hide bra straps by bringing them together. You simply attach your straps to the clip and move it around as needed. You can adjust it higher or lower on your back or even use it on the front straps. This trick is similar to using convertible straps but draws the material together instead of swapping the straps.


Strapless bras are another solution that you can use, but, once again, don’t make them a daily habit. It’s easy to hide straps when you don’t have them, but don’t forget about avoiding that stress on your boobs. Some strapless bras are better than others, with more support around the band and cups. But they don’t always hold your ta-tas up and can put pressure on those ligaments.

A person wearing a white t-shirt holds a ceramic nipple in front of their chest.


One common complaint about going braless is nipple exposure. Bras cover the nipples to protect them from chafing and conceal them when they’re erect. You can still ditch the bra and cover the nips with pasties. These act like adhesive stickers that form to the front of your boobs around your nipples. They’re a great quick-fix for a fancy night out, but consistent use poses the same risk as braless or strapless bra solutions.


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Sometimes the best solution is to do nothing at all and free the strap. Bralettes offer support, protection, and coverage but with cute, feminine, and sometimes sexy designs. If you love your strappy or lacy bralette, don’t be afraid to let a little of it poke above your tee or behind your tank top.

A woman stands triumphantly with her arms raised wearing a cute bralette under her tank top.

Are you over here scratching your head, wondering what is a bralette? Bralettes are a lightweight version of a conventional bra, typically sans underwire. They’re meant to be more comfortable and have gained popularity in recent years. You can find them in simple black with soft edges, lacy borders, cut-out designs, or multiple straps to create a cool look that complements your style.


Bra straps are important in terms of boob shaping and support, but they definitely get in the way sometimes. If you want to hide bra straps, you have several options. Choose the right style, using a handy clip, or ditch the bra from time to time. Or, my personal favorite, rock a cute bralette!

What’s your go-to tip on how to hide bra straps from shoulders? Give me your best solution in the comments!



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