21 Underwear Facts You Probably Didn't Know

man in glasses wearing only nude boxer briefs playing a video game

Underwear is the true unsung hero of today’s world. So in support of our most overlooked garment, I propose we learn some seriously fascinating underwear facts.

Before we start, I’ll give you one freebie fact: for the soft, stretchiest, and most breathable underwear, you have to try hemp underwear. That’s right, hemp! It’s antimicrobial, airy, and, best of all, sustainable. Psst…you can even find hemp bras. That’s a fact everyone should know.

Read on for 21 more underwear facts about everything from your favorite celebrity’s underwear habits to how and when to celebrate National Underwear Day!


smiling woman in an all green outfit complete with a baseball hat, blazer, bralette and undies

Celebrities…they’re just like us! Or are they? Find out more about some famous people’s downstairs coverage.

1. If you have an extra $1,000 sitting around, you could be the owner of Queen Victoria’s silk bloomers. Bonus: they come with a hole in the crotch for easy toilet access—how regal!

2. The world record for most pairs of underwear worn at once is 266, set by Australian weatherman, Steve Jacobs. Anything for views, I guess?

3. Tennis Pro, Andre Agassi, on the other hand likes a more freeballing feel. He went commando for the entire 1999 French Open, which he consequently won.

4. Carrie Fisher joined the ranks of women going commando while filming Star Wars. Why? Because George Lucas told her there’s no underwear in space.


 woman in a black bralette and boy shorts smiling and looking down while leaning on her bed

Fashion is ever-evolving, and underwear is no exception. Learn some fun facts about the predecessors to your skivvies!

5. Did you know it was a 19-year old who invented bras? Debutante Mary Phelps Jacob’s fashion emergency brought us the underwire shape we know (and loathe) today.

6. Ancient Egyptian men wore a phallustache, which was a piece of fabric that hung from a waistband to shield your most sensitive bits. One good breeze and you’re going commando, men!

7.Speaking of ancient Egyptians, King Tut was buried with 145 pairs of underwear (approximately how many pairs I pack for a weekend away).

8. Some of the first widely worn undies were made of wool, but that quickly changed to cotton in the 1870s. Now, you can even find weed underwear!

9.Meanwhile in Fiji (centuries ago), men wore undergarments made of masi, a special fabric made from mulberry tree bark that can only be crafted by women. They only started wearing it once they reached puberty. Then, after they killed their first enemy, they received a new one.


woman’s torso wearing a green bralette and undies with a grey flannel over top

Do you have a lucky pair of underwear? If not, read below for some fresh ways to bring good fortune to your life!

10. Looking for lucky lingerie trivia? Many Chinese gamblers prefer to wear red underwear to the casino for good luck.

11. Even if you’re not in the gambling mood, wearing red underwear, especially on New Years Eve, is said to bring you love and luck in your future.

12. Some professional athletes take that a bit farther—baseball players in the early days of the MLB used to hang lacy women’s panties in their lockers for good luck.

13. While working on Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential run, James Carville is rumored to have not changed his underwear when Bill was doing well.


muscular man wearing a grey tank top and black trunks undies

We’ve learned about famous people’s underwear habits, historical facts about underwear, and even how to use your undies to bring you luck. Now, let’s go over some super random tidbits about undies!

14. Astronauts wear Maximum Absorbency Garments (think: fancy diapers) during liftoff and landings to absorb urine and fecal matter. Hey, I’d probably have an accident if I went to space, too!

15. National Underwear Day is celebrated in August! It’s all about embracing body positivity and the support our underwear provides us.

16. Do you sleep in panties or boxers? Try skipping them tonight— sleeping in the buff can actually help you sleep better.

17. While it’s up to you, a true Scotsman would never wear underwear under a kilt! Who doesn’t love extra air flow?

18. Umpires for Major League Baseball have to wear black undies, just in case they rip their pants while in a deep squat.

19. Almost 10% of men in the U.S. have underwear that’s over 10 years old. Of course, after living with my fiancé, I could’ve told you the same thing!

20. In Zimbabwe, it’s illegal to sell or import second hand undies. Even as someone who thrifts almost all of my clothing, I support this law wholeheartedly.

21. I saved one of the most bizarre facts about underwear for last: wearing underwear was considered cheating in the old British sport of ferret legging. The sport consisted of contestants putting ferrets down their pants and competing to see who lasted the longest.


: a bunch of black question marks against a black background with one glowing red one standing out

Alright, you’ve learned the facts. Now it’s time to test your memory! Try your best to answer these questions without scrolling up.

  1. What’s the world record for most pairs of underwear worn at once?
    1. 234
    2. 175
    3. 304
    4. 266
  2. Which star wars actor skipped their skivvies while filming?
    1. Harrison Ford
    2. Carrie Fisher
    3. Mark Hamil
    4. Ewan McGregor
  3. How many pairs of undies did King Tut take with him to the afterlife?
    1. 178
    2. 35
    3. 145
    4. 98
  4. What color undies should you wear if you need some extra luck in a Chinese casino?
    1. Red
    2. Blue
    3. Black
    4. Green
 long-haired woman sitting on her bed in a green bralette and underwear set

5.Which former president might owe his campaign’s success to his lead strategists' dirty underwear?

    1. Barack Obama
    2. George Washington
    3. Abraham Lincoln
    4. Bill Clinton

6. What does National Underwear Day celebrate?

    1. Underwear
    2. Body Positivity
    3. Hot dogs
    4. A & B

7. Wearing underwear in what sport is technically cheating?

    1. Polo
    2. Ferret legging
    3. Soccer
    4. Rugby


  1. D
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. D
  6. D
  7. B

How many did you get right? And what are your favorite facts about underwear? Let me know in the comment below!

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