What Is A Sleep Bra and Do You Need One?

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We’ve all got our go-to jammies we like to slip on as we get ready for bed. The whole point of a nighttime routine is to strip off the layers of the day and get real cozy, am I right? So, you might be confused when I say a sleep bra can be an essential item for sleepy-time comfort.

I know, most of us dream of the moment we can rip our bras off throughout the entire day. Why would anyone want to put a bra back on for bed?! Well, the horror of this idea can be lessened by bringing up the underwire bra vs no underwire discussion. When I say “sleep bra,” I mean a soft and buttery layer meant to provide support and comfort, not a restrictive, rib-hurting monstrosity. 

It’s hygienic and convenient to sleep in panties and sleeping in a bra is no different. You can actually benefit from it! I’m here to give you a full rundown of why sleeping in a bra is not as awful as it sounds. I’m sure you’ll be cuddling up in your hemp sheets with a sleep bra to keep your boulders in place tonight!


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The term sleep bra is used to define comfortable, non-restrictive bras that are ideal for nighttime use. Some brands carry bras that are specifically marketed as sleep bras but many standard bralettes make for good sleep bras too. 

What is a bralette, you may be asking? It’s essentially an unlined, wireless bra that provides light to medium support. Bralettes come in many different styles but their lightweight nature makes them the perfect option for bedtime!


It is completely fine to sleep in a bra. Many people worry about how wearing a bra at night can affect their health. Contrary to popular belief, wearing a bra is not linked to cancer or any other health issues. In fact, there are no known detriments to wearing a bra at night. For comfort's sake, you’ll want to avoid super restrictive bras but even those won’t have any ill effects on your body.  


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While it’s not explicitly dangerous to sleep in any kind of bra, there are some styles you’ll want to avoid. Stiff, supportive bras are good at making your breasts pop in the daytime but they have no business trying to get into bed with you. Here are a few of the bra styles you definitely don’t want to sleep in:


No thanks. Comfortable wired bras (also known as unicorns) are manageable enough to suffer through while you’re keeping busy but I can’t imagine there’s a single person who enjoys the sensation of wearing one. In fact, many women are opting for wireless bra alternatives these days. Needless to say, a wired bra is not well suited for a time of rest and relaxation.


Needless to say, popping cleavage is not a necessary bedtime accessory (and definitely not one I recommend!). Unless you’re trying to seduce the sheep you’re counting to help you fall asleep (I mean, you do you, girlie). In all seriousness, there’s absolutely no reason to sleep in a bra that’s working overtime to make your breasts appear bigger. Let those girls hang out and relax with the rest of your body.


While sports bras generally lack underwire and tend to lean towards the side of comfort, they aren’t the best option for sleep bras. Sports and hiking bras tend to be made of tight, synthetic materials. Sure, these can provide some extra support throughout the night, but you might wake up feeling sweaty and stiff.


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Many people believe that sleeping in a bra will help prevent your breasts from sagging in the long run. I’m sorry to tell you, that’s not true. Sagging is a natural occurrence that comes with age and hormonal changes. Wearing a bra to sleep won’t have any miracle effects on your physical appearance but it can make your nights more comfortable.

Many women prefer to have some support throughout the night because having two meaty bowling balls on your chest can be kind of annoying when you’re trying to sleep. Tossing and turning while your breasts are fully loose can also be painful. 

Some light restrictions will help keep your boobies in place making way for a better night’s sleep. Emphasis on light. Your every day, underwire bras are not a good substitute for sleep bras. What makes for a good sleep bra, then? Let’s find out!


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To really take advantage of the benefits of sleeping in a bra you need a really good bra to sleep in (duh)! As I mentioned, there are bras marketed specifically for nighttime but you don’t need to get that fancy with it. Any bra will do so long as it meets the requirements for ultimate comfort.

The best sleep bra will have all these features:

  • Soft and Wireless. It’s sleepy time, discomfort is not an option! Wired bras are already annoying enough to deal with during the day. A good sleep bra should have some support but offer you release as well. Let your titties breathe a little and opt for a non-restrictive bra.
  • Made of Natural Fabric. Synthetic fabrics will always be my last choice for anything but especially not as a material for a sleep bra. You already know to pick out your most breathable underwear to give your coochie air at night. Your boobs deserve the same treatment.
  • Semi-Supportive. The purpose of a sleep bra is to provide you with enough support to keep your girls in place while you roll around in your sleep. However, it shouldn’t give so much support that you feel it. A soft bralette with stretchy elastic is the best choice for a sleep bra. 
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Now that we know what factors to keep in mind, let’s take a look at which bra styles actually make for the best sleep bras. The level of support needed obviously varies from body to body. Your style preferences will also come into play when choosing a sleep bra that feels the most cozy for you. Here are some of the most practical and comfortable sleep bra styles for all bodies: 


A triangle bralette is the move for my folks with smaller cup sizes. This bralette style provides light support for each breast while maintaining the barely there feel. It has thin, adjustable straps which will ensure that the bralette clings to your body as you toss around while you catch your z’s.

Most triangle or plunge bralette styles lack support for larger breasts. Sleeping in a triangle bralette might cause some spillage throughout the night if you’ve got big boobies. 


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A racerback bralette is a great sleep bra choice for anyone! The single panel and stretchy elastic band provide support for all breast sizes without any pinching or squeezing. The racerback design will also keep your ta-tas in place without any runaway bra straps if you move throughout the night. 

Scoop neck bralettes and other bralette styles without two separate cups also work great as sleep bras! I would, however, discourage wearing a sports bra to sleep because those are often made of synthetic materials. 


This is a more optimized choice for my bigger busted friends. I remember seeing a fake advertisement for a boob separator for sleep many years ago. To my surprise, that’s now a very real product. Clearly, many women feel discomfort from having their breasts squished together in the night. 

A single-paneled bralette might aggravate that discomfort. If you’ve got larger breasts, then a full-coverage wireless bra is a better option as opposed to a bralette. It will keep your breasts separated and supported while still being cozy enough to sleep in.


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After all that, do you still think I’m crazy for trying to get you to sleep in a bra? Or are you feeling tempted to try it out? You never know, it might totally revolutionize your sleep structure!

Do you already wear a bra to sleep? Are there any reasons why you’re hesitant to try it? Share your experiences in the comments and sweet dreams, everyone!

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