Your Ideal Travel Bra: What To Look For

A woman with a curly ponytail wearing a black bralette and black shorts stands in front of mountains with her hand on her waistband.

Calling all the adventurous ladies! The packing list for your next journey needs a space for a really good travel bra. What does that mean? Well, the best bra for travel will look different for each individual. I’m here to help you break down the qualities of what makes for a great travel bra so that you can be well-equipped to choose the one that’s best for you!

Choosing which clothes to bring with you on a trip can be a bit of a daunting task and I’m willing to bet that undergarments are an afterthought in the packing process for most of us. However, bringing along the perfect travel underwear and bras or bra alternatives can make your adventuring much more comfortable and enjoyable! Our undies are, after all, the foundation of any outfit.

Whether you’re deciding what to pack for Seattle or you’re planning a wilderness backpacking trip, this post will help ensure that your girls will be chilling right alongside you wherever you go. Let’s get started on helping you find the perfect travel bra!


A woman with long brown hair wearing denim shorts, a brown bralette, and a beige hat takes a mirror selfie with her phone

There’s not one definition for what qualifies as a travel bra. Technically, any bra you lug around the world with you is a “travel bra.” That said, there are bras that are better suited for travel than others, ones that account for all the moving, long periods of sitting down in a cramped space, sweating, and walking that comes with travel. 

Choosing the best travel bra for you is easy if you know what to look for. Comfort is key when it comes to travel bras and any other features are based on personal preferences. Here are some factors to keep in mind: 


The material of your bra is always an important factor, not just when it comes to travel bras. Your breasts need a fabric that will support them and allow them to breathe. When it comes to travel,synthetic fabrics are not my favorite choice for plane rides because they’re often stifling and too tight.  

If you’re going somewhere tropical or anywhere you’ll be getting copious amounts of Vitamin D, you should consider bras made from the best fabric for sun protection. Yes, the top contender for that category (and really the overall best choice) is hemp fabric!


 A woman with short hair wearing a green bralette, green underwear, and a red floral print kimono stands in a room with shelves.

A bra that doesn’t fit well isn’t just uncomfortable, it can have adverse effects on your body and overall health. This doesn’t just apply to travel bras (a good fit is always essential) but it is especially important when it comes to travel. Wearing a bra that doesn’t provide the proper support can often lead to breast pain and neck and back pain, all of which you shouldn’t have to deal with, especially when you’re on vacation. 


As a notorious over-packer, I’ve been trying to consider the versatility of every clothing item I pack. At home, you’re able to pick whatever bra goes best with the outfit you’ve picked out for the day. Not so when traveling—you need to think ahead! For that reason (and to save space) it’s smart to have a bra that can perform several functions or one that works with a majority of your outfit options.


A black bralette and black underwear laying on top of folded clothes in an orange-lined suitcase

Theoretically, with enough finesse, anything can be “packable,” but some bras are better suited to being stuffed in a suitcase. Some structured, underwire bras may lose their shape or become irreversibly crumpled after spending some time in your luggage.

Soft, foldable bras and bralettes are the best travel bras. They take up less space and can be folded or rolled in any way without any effects on their overall shape and structure. They are also much simpler to hand wash (psst... if you don't yet know how to hand wash bras, I recommend brushing up on the skill, it will make your life abroad a lot easier!).


The practicality of a certain bra will depend on the nature of your trip. For instance, a camping trip really is no place for a sexy balconette bra but it might have a place on your city break if you’re planning on some lavish nights out.

When considering whether or not to pack a certain bra ask yourself these questions: Will I wear this more than once or is it just for one specific outfit? Is there a different bra that can do the job that I’m already bringing? Does this bra make sense for the types of activities I have planned? 

Don’t worry, I won’t just leave you hanging with all those questions. In a moment, I’ll cover the different bra styles you may want to bring depending on the type of adventure you’re embarking on!


A woman wearing a black bralette and green underwear lays against a man with blond hair on a bed in a van.

Obviously, there are many different ways to take on the world, and the best travel bra for one type of trip might not be the best choice for every single trip you take. Here are a few ideas to get you brainstorming about which travel bra is perfect for your trip:


For laid-back vacations to urban destinations, you’ll likely have the opportunity to bring a suitcase or other form of luggage. This might give you more wiggle room to bring multiple bras. I recommend bringing two (or more for a longer trip) everyday bras (be it bralettes or sports bras) for long days of walking and sightseeing. Additionally, you can bring along a fancier bra to dress up for nice dinners or wine dates in the Italian vineyards. 


I consider this section to be the less glamorous version of a “city hopping” vacation. You might still be sticking mostly to urban areas but you’re likely doing so on a budget, with less luggage, and for a longer period of time. This is where packing smartly comes in. Less is less in this case so versatility is super important! A racerback bralette will provide enough comfort and support for the travel days when you’ll be lugging your backpack around for long periods. 


 A cruise ship going away from an island during sunset

A cruise is interesting to pack for because you have to account for where you’ll be spending most of your time (a ship in the middle of the ocean) as well as any activities you may do at the locations you disembark. Bring comfortable bralettes you can wear while on the boat—That’s key. If they’re cute enough you can even opt out of a top! Throw in a sports bra for an adventure that may occur outside the boat and you’re good to go!


For short and long-term wilderness trips, you’ll probably want to stick mostly to sports bras. If you require less support and prefer the lightweight nature of a triangle bralette, that is also a great option. The most important things here are to pick a bra that is comfortable and breathable and has some moisture-wicking abilities. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and playing in the woods which naturally comes with a lot of sweat. Your boobies should feel as free as you will in the middle of a quiet natural space so don’t opt for anything too restrictive!


Back of a woman wearing a black racerback bralette, a tan skirt, and a tan sun hat

Now we can get to the fun stuff and I can share with you my top choices for the best travel bra! Here they are! 


A triangle bralette is surely the winner for people with smaller breasts. It provides minimal support, is light and unlined, and is easy to pack. This type of bralette can come in handy on any type of trip! It’s comfortable enough to wear on those long travel days as well as for any sightseeing or light hiking. It’s also cute enough to wear with a nice top or a sundress for a night out or a nice dinner. And the straps are detachable so you can wear them crossed!


Big-chested girls, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. The racerback bralette is the sturdier sister of the triangle bralette. It offers medium support and is perfect for moving around and breaking a sweat. This one is unfortunately not as versatile as a triangle bralette but it can still be worn with many outfits. It’s definitely a great choice to bring along with you on trips that will be more active!


If you’ve ever tried stashing cash in your bra on a night out, you’ll know it’s not a practice that’s anywhere near sexy. The embarrassment of handing someone cash that’s been touched by your boob sweat becomes the main dish of the evening. That said, a bra is still a smart spot to keep money and important documents, especially on long travel days. Luckily, there are bras designed for that exact purpose. Some have pockets on the back and others on the side or inside the cups. 


: A woman wearing a black bralette stretches in front of green plants and an ocean view.

While a sporty bralette can do the trick for most light adventuring, any serious trekking or physically demanding activities will require a sturdy sports bra. You might not need one if you’re going on a quick trip to a city or two (unless you’re planning to jog or hit the gym) but it’s never a bad option to have. 


I’ve already hinted at the convenience and versatility of a convertible bra but let me tell you what it actually is! A convertible bra is any bra that has straps that can be detached or completely removed. This allows you to change the style of the bra into a racerback, halter, strapless, and more! Having this many options makes it so that one bra can pretty much cover all your bases and can be paired with many different outfits.  It’s definitely a contender for the best bra for travel!


: A woman wearing a blackA woman wearing a purple bralette and matching boy shorts tends to a hemp plant in the sunlight bralette stretches in front of green plants and an ocean view.

Voila! You should be all set to take on your next adventure in a travel bra that will support you the whole way through. Pack as many bras as you’ll need and save your coziest one for the days that you’ll be spending in planes, trains, cars, etc. Your titties (and ribs and back and shoulders) will thank you!

Do you have a go-to travel bra? Are you in search of a new one? Or have you never even considered the importance of a comfortable bra for traveling? Share your thoughts in the comments and happy wandering! 

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