Are Granny Panties Back?

A woman with dark, long hair wearing a black bralette and black underwear stands next to a window and a brick wall.

The people of our modern society love butts, and I love talking about the evolution and nuances of the garments we cover those butts with. Today, we get to tackle my favorite style of undies: granny panties. 

Yup, you heard me... granny panties. The most ridiculed of women’s underwear styles is on the rise again and I’m thrilled about it. Why? Because granny panties are the epitome of comfort. They’re great as nighttime undies if you like to sleep in panties and their full coverage puts a stop to annoying predicaments like “why do I keep getting wedgies.”

Now, granny panties are not a new invention and they’re coming back with an updated look. That’s right, they even make sexy granny panties now. In order to wrap our heads around all this, we’re gonna take a brief look at the history of granny panties before I continue to sing their praises. Let’s get right to it!


A woman wearing a tan bralette and matching underwear takes a mirror selfie in a room with a gray couch.

“Granny panties” is a fairly modern phrase used in reference to classic women’s briefs. This style of underwear classically has a high-rise waistband and the leg holes are small which means full coverage for your tush. 

The modern equivalent of this style of undergarment (when not referred to by the slang term granny panties) is high-waisted underwear. It’s, as you can guess, underwear in which the waistline reaches around or above the belly button. 

High-waisted pants and skirts have been all the rage in the past decade, so it’s no wonder that high-waisted underwear is joining the party as one of the latest trends. Before we can get into talking about modern granny panties, let’s take a look at how they’ve evolved over the decades. 


A woman with an arm tattoo wearing black underwear and a black bralette lounges on a bed with white sheets.

Before the start of the 20th century, most women’s underwear resembled what we know as bloomers. It was wide and airy and often reached below the knee. In the 1920’s they started to become smaller and shorter, and looked like frilly, silky shorts. 

Classic briefs (aka granny panties) became a staple in the 1940s and 1950s. The 50s were when the briefs started to show up in different, sleeker styles, thanks to the further development of synthetic fabrics and elastics. 

As women became more sexually liberated in the 1960s and onwards, the classic briefs started to be replaced by lower cuts of underwear that left less to the imagination. 

In the 1990s, the thong was all the rage and an exposed peach was deemed more appealing than one covered in the outdated monstrosity of full-coverage briefs. Granny panties were declared as something only worn by old people and anyone who dared to opt for their comfort was made fun of. 

Granny panties are on the rise again but people still have negative things to say about them. Why? Well, I’ll tell you in a second.


A woman with long brown hair wearing a green bralette and green underwear sits on a gray couch with throw pillows

When considering what your underwear says about you, nowadays, the typical assumptions about women who wear granny panties have been that they’re either prudes or simply unsexy. Granny panties, in their original form, didn’t really offer any complement to the female figure. They simply did their job of covering up the genitals and tushies.

Which…is sort of the point. Why do we wear underwear, anyway? To protect our privates from things such as bacteria and the general outside environment. That’s not a very sexy concept. So why should it matter how appealing a person’s underwear looks on the daily? Spoiler: it doesn’t. 

For a woman, wearing modest, full-coverage undies was (and still probably is) an invitation for teasing and getting labeled as old-fashioned and conservative. That’s the kind of nonsense that really grinds my gears. 

I mean, our dang comfort takes precedence over what someone else finds visually stimulating. And granny panties are comfortable. If you’re not yet convinced, hang tight; I’ve got a lot of steam left for praising my favorite style of underwear.


A woman with pink hair and tattoos wearing a green bralette and matching underwear and a sweater and socks sits cross-legged on a black couch

Regardless of the opinions surrounding granny panties, there’s no denying that they're a completely functional and practical style of underwear. There’s a lot to love about them!  Here are some of the highlights: 


Just in case I haven’t said it enough, I’ll dedicate a whole section to the delicious feeling of slipping on a pair of high-waisted undies. There’s no other way to describe it, they just hold you. Other styles of underwear can be super comfortable too, but nothing beats the intimate lower torso hug that a pair of granny panties gives you. Not to mention, they don’t ride up your butt or down!


Not all underwear is created equal, and the same goes for granny panties. Some styles are soft and loose and stretchy, perfect for lazy days at home. Other types of granny panties can be more shapely and skin-tight. These types of granny panties can smooth out your figure and give you more of an hourglass figure. They’re perfect for wearing under a tight dress or skirt. 


The winter months are all about feeling cozy and granny panties provide that feeling. Even if you’re just wearing jeans and a shirt, the extra surface area of granny panties will protect your lower back from any unnecessary chills that can slip under your jacket. 


Listen, the last thing I want to be dealing with when on my period is underwear designed for anything other than maximum coziness. Smaller underwear tends to shift and isn’t that great for keeping sanitary napkins in place. On the other hand, a granny panty is like a pod for your achy, crampy body. It keeps your kitty all tucked in on her miserable days and provides a lot of surface area to attach pads to and keep tampons and cups fully covered. Be sure to go for a natural fabric, like hemp, to keep things airy and prevent bacteria growth.


A woman with short brown hair and white glasses wearing a black bralette and black underwear sits on a couch with throw pillows

As I hinted before, granny panties are on the rise again and they’re going through a bit of a glow-up. With granny panties back in style, there are changes being made to the classic silhouette. 

Most of these changes include giving the undies a sleeker look and, in some cases, making the leg holes wider to expose more of the thighs and booty, resulting in more sexy granny panties. 

There’s also the matter of fun colors and prints being added to the mix to spice things up. Some brands are even adding frills and ribbons to make their high-waisted panties as cute as possible. 

Gone are the days of washed-out, solid-colored, saggy granny panties. The people demand comfort and cuteness and it’s being delivered in this new granny panty renaissance! 


A tattooed woman wearing a brown bralette and matching underwear lays on her stomach on a colorful, pastel duvet.

If even after all my enthusiasm, you remain entirely against the idea of granny panties, I’ve got some other options for you! Comfort is always crucial but there are many styles of undies out there and the fun part is figuring out which works best for you and your unique, beautiful body!


Bikini underwear is an excellent choice for those who like everything covered for the most part but aren’t afraid of a little bit of cheek. This is the perfect everyday style, especially for warmer months.


Thong underwear is for the proud owners of a juicy peach. You just can’t help but want to show it off, I understand. It may not be a well-known fact but the main answer to the question “why do women wear thongs?” is that they’re actually super comfy!


Boy shorts underwear is for those looking for even more coverage than granny panties can give them. These are an awesome style for athletic people because they reach all the way to your upper thighs, covering your bum completely, and help prevent chub rub!


A woman with blonde/brown hair wearing a black bralette and black underwear stands in a bedroom with gray walls with a rainbow filter shining on her hair.

Whether you decide the above styles are more up your alley, or your enthusiasm for granny panties has been building throughout reading this post, I hope you feel empowered to wear whatever the heck you want! 

Styles and trends revolve and shift rapidly. Media attention for a certain style of clothing can get you excited to try it but you never need permission to wear something that makes you feel good. Even if it’s considered sub par by the greater public. Or especially then—let your rebel instincts sing. 

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