What To Wear Under Yoga Pants? Here’s Your Answer

What to wear under yoga pants? A man wears WAMA hemp trunks to do a handstand.

Yoga is one of my favorite ways to move my body. The one thing that can interrupt my flow? Bad underwear. Whether it’s slipping down, crawling up, or getting bunched, the wrong underwear can ruin a yoga class faster than you can say “namaste.”. Knowing what to wear under yoga pants makes all the difference between a rejuvenating session or disaster.

It needs to fit just right and be in a women’s underwear style that lets me move and breathe comfortably. And while there are many women going commando and men freeballing at yoga class, exercising without underwear is a recipe for a bad time, as far as smell and infections go.

In a world full of bad yoga underwear, I’ve found the best underwear for yoga. Below you’ll find what to look for when buying underwear for yoga, as well as the pros and cons of some of the most popular yoga underwear types.


group of people doing yoga in a yoga studio all in the same pose facing away from the camera.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for yoga pants underwear. Everyone has a perfect pair, but following these guiding principles will ensure you’re comfortable throughout yoga class and not distracted by whatever you’re wearing to protect your privates.

  • Comfort: workout underwear should move with you without bunching up. You’ll know they’re comfy enough if you don’t have to think about them during class!
  • Breathability: breathable underwear is a must to keep your downstairs healthy, happy, and dry! Nobody wants to deal with a post-yoga sweaty vagina or groin.
  • Good fit: AKA the Goldilocks of underwear, yoga style—not too tight, not too loose!


 woman taking a mirror selfie with her phone wearing a black sweatshirt and green boy shorts

Before getting into the top choices for yoga pants underwear for both men and women, let’s go over all the factors you’ll need to consider when choosing the best style for your own preferences. At the end of the day, everyone likes a different kind of underwear when working out, but following these guiding principles will ensure you’re comfortable throughout yoga class and not distracted by whatever you’re wearing to protect your privates.

  • Natural fibers: underwear made with sustainable fabrics like hemp or organic cotton will keep nasty chemicals away from your privates.
  • Antibacterial: materials like hemp fabric make antibacterial underwear that will keep your nether region fresh, clean, and infection-free!
  • Seamless look: styles like thongs or trunks are great for avoiding panty or brief lines.

Now that we know what it takes to have a pair of underwear yoga class-approved, let’s get into exactly what styles work and don’t work with yoga pants.


Whether you’re rocking yoga pants, athletic shorts, or just your undies to practice yoga, there’s some great men’s underwear types to try!

tattooed man wearing nude boxer briefs and a tie-dye hoodie in front of a fence with mountain views

A classic style for any occasion, boxer briefs are an excellent choice for your next yoga session.


  • Full coverage
  • Flexible
  • Supportive


  • The longer length might be a bit restrictive on men with thicker thighs

Perfect for:

  • People looking to practice yoga in just their undies
  • Men who usually wear boxers
  • Under athletic shorts, leggings, or yoga pants
man wearing a light gray shirt with black trunks underwear flexing his arms

If you want something with a little less coverage than boxer briefs, but more coverage than a brief, get your hands on a pair of trunks!


  • Mid-coverage
  • Not restrictive on thicker thighs
  • Supportive


  • Might cause visible lines when wearing tight bottoms

Perfect for:

  • Men with shorter legs
  • High intensity sessions
  • Women looking for minimalist, but full coverage exercise bottoms
close-up of man’s trunk wearing green briefs and nothing else as he stands in a blue bedroom.

Are men’s briefs back in style? Yes—especially as workout underwear! If you want the widest range of motion during your practice, try briefs.


  • Super flexible
  • No visible lines under tight bottoms
  • Cradle your package comfortably


  • Less coverage

Perfect for:

  • Deep stretches
  • Sleek workouts fits
  • Men who don’t like boxer style underwear


man in all gray doing a sitting yoga pose on a weathered deck

I know it’s tempting to try going commando men! But do you really want your package flopping around with every sun salutation? Consider these pros and cons before you ditch your undies for your next yoga class:


  • Breathable


  • No support and lots of movement
  • No coverage under a loose bottom? You might just be asked to leave!
  • Not comfy if your most sensitive bits are rubbing against seams or itchy materials all class. And don’t even get me started on wedgies in warrior pose one!


Ladies, whether you prioritize sleek, no-VPL (visible panty lines) looks or extra support, there’s a style of yoga underwear for you!

a woman’s butt in a black thong with her blonde hair reaching to her waist

Thongs are a go-to choice under yoga pants and leggings! Read on for more.


  • No visible panty lines
  • No bunching
  • Breathable


  • Can cause infection or irritation if not made with breathable, soft, and antibacterial materials like hemp

Perfect for:

  • The sleekest look possible
  • Low-impact classes that don’t get as sweaty
  • People who are used to the way thongs feel
 long haired woman in matching green bralette and boy shorts underwear holding the waistband up

For those looking for full coverage, check out boy shorts!


  • You can wear them on their own
  • Full coverage for when bending over in thin yoga pants could give everyone a show
  • Fit well under tight and loose bottoms


  • Can be pretty stuffy if you get them in a synthetic material. Instead, try a breathable material like hemp for ultimate comfort!

Perfect for:

  • At-home and online sessions
  • Women who like to practice in small shorts
  • Super sweaty classes like hot yoga thanks to how moisture wicking they are
woman wearing matching black bra and high waisted underwear in front of a white bookshelf

High-waisted underwear is always my top choice when practicing yoga because the waistband doesn’t pinch during downward dog or any other bending pose!


  • Full tummy support
  • Total coverage without leg restriction
  • Seamless look along the waist


  • Can feel sweaty if made out of synthetic materials like nylon.

Perfect for:

  • Colder weather yoga sessions
  • High waisted yoga pants and leggings
  • All types of yoga classes


woman doing yoga at sunrise near the water

Going commando during yoga practice is tempting. Trust me, I live in the tropics, so every yoga session for me is hot yoga by default. But in the long run, not wearing underwear will cause more problems than it solves.


  • Breathable (compared to sweaty materials like polyester)


  • Can cause infections, especially for people with vulvas
  • Smelly—there is nothing wrong with the natural odor down there, but after sweating through a yoga class without moisture-wicking underwear, it might be a little more pungent than you want
  • Uncomfortable with every sun salutation leading to chub rub


blonde woman with tattoos laying on one side on a white fluffy rug wearing a green triangle bra and undies set

Surprise—you thought you were just getting the low-down of what to wear under yoga pants, but you’re also getting tips for the best bras for yoga, too!


Just like the ultimate yoga pants underwear, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bra to wear to yoga:

  • Breathability: boob sweat is so distracting when you’re trying to get into your flow! Grab a bra in a material like hemp for lots of air flow.
  • Flexibility: your torso should not be constrained when you’re stretching it out.
  • Support: especially in high-intensity classes, you need a bra that holds your tatas tight, but not too tight!
  • Comfort: between straps slipping, bands pinching, and cups squeezing, a lot can go wrong with an uncomfy bra. Don’t even get me started on an underwire bra vs no underwire (psst: don’t wear underwire while exercising!).


Now that we know what to look for to find the best bra for yoga, here’s some styles to check out:

woman in glasses with shoulder length dark hair smiling in a black racerback bralette

Using compression and a single strap in the back, a racerback style bralette will keep you supported and stable through inversions and more!


  • Super supportive
  • Moisture wicking
  • Fuller coverage


  • Straps might show under certain tops

Perfect for:

  • All levels of yoga classes
  • Pre-workout lounging
  • More conservative yogis
 close up of woman’s chest wearing a light nude color triangle bralette

If your favorite part of yoga is the post-class smoothie (same), you’ll love a triangle bralette!


  • Adjustable straps mean customizable support
  • Super cute
  • Can stay hidden under most clothing


  • Might not be supportive enough for more intense yoga sessions

Perfect for:

  • Pre-class mirror selfies
  • Lower impact classes
  • Running around town before and after class


smiling woman with black curly Afro in a gray t-shirt and black boy shorts with both hands up in the air

The best underwear for yoga is different for everyone! Whether you love a streamlined style like a thong or brief, a full coverage option like boy shorts or boxer briefs, or super supportive styles like high waisted undies or trunks, what to wear under yoga pants ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. And it’s the same for yoga bras!

I’m almost always wearing boy shorts or high waisted underwear with a racerback bralette. What’s your go-to yoga underwear?

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