Do You Wear Underwear With Bodysuits?

a woman’s butt in a nude bodysuit holding a vulva-esque fruit behind her back

I used to work in a very stylish store in the mall (how retro!) that sold thong bodysuits. After spending an entire afternoon returning them to the rack after customers had tried them on, I finally had to ask my manager, “do you wear underwear with bodysuits?” Luckily, the bodysuits all still had that “hygienic” liner attached, but I’m really not convinced that does too much.

My manager said that the whole point of bodysuits was to have a sleek look, so a lot of people don’t. I mean, why do women wear thongs in the first place? But, women going commando isn’t the best for avoiding stained clothing (IYKYK) and skin irritation, especially if the bodysuit isn’t made from something like a hemp fabric.

When trying on in the store, the answer to the question, “do you wear underwear under bodysuit?,” is always yes. However, once the bodysuit is yours, it’s up to you! Below you’ll find a little Bodysuit 101 and then a very in-depth analysis of if you should wear underwear under a bodysuit.


woman kneeling in a bodysuit and ankle boots in a dirt patch with sunglasses and long dark hair

A bodysuit is a piece of clothing where the top is attached to a panty-like bottom for easy tucking and smooth lines. They look a lot like your swim team uniform from when you were seven, but in a material not suitable for chlorine pools.

The top of a bodysuit can really be anything—deep v-necks, regular t-shirt necklines, work appropriate button downs. While most are form fitting throughout, some are tight only on the bottom and loose on top for a flowier look.

The bottom is either a full coverage panty—like the hipster panties—or a thong. Most people prefer to have a thong bottom to prevent panty lines. (Personally, at the humble age of 23, I gave up on anything that could feel like a wedgie, so I stick to full-coverage).

With an underwear type bottom, you’re probably wondering, “are you supposed to wear underwear with bodysuits?” Next up at 11/10 Central time, and the answer may surprise you! Just kidding, read below for all of the pros and cons of wearing underwear under a bodysuit, so you can make the best choice for you.


Woman wearing a gray and white v-neck bodysuit under a pair of white tapered pants in front of a wall of windows

You can wear a bodysuit in about a million ways. You can wear it under a skirt, hemp pants, jeans, sweatpants, or overalls.

For a sexy date night look, you can wear a deep v bodysuit with form fitting pants. Or make it more casual for a daytime look with a short sleeve bodysuit and boyfriend jeans.

Does anybody else remember how magazines and shows like What Not to Wear used to push the idea that outfits should be day-to-night ready? Anyway, if this was 2007, I would mention that bodysuits are easy to take from day to night by just pairing them with different shoes and jewellery.

They can also be worn as light shapewear if that’s something you’re looking for. While it won’t compress your body like traditional shapewear, it can create smoother lines.

I also love to wear a long sleeve one under sleeveless dresses for a sweet little moment, but that’s just me. However, because most people wear them under form-fitting bottoms, you might be wondering, “do you wear underwear with a bodysuit?”


woman in a black bodysuit cut so high that she must answer no to the question: do you wear underwear with bodysuits?

Drum roll please! The answer we’ve all been waiting for: do you wear underwear under bodysuit? Well… It depends. If you’re googling that question while sitting in a dressing room about to try on a bodysuit, the answer is a very loud YES! For everyone else, let’s walk through a few pros and cons of wearing underwear under a bodysuit.


Why do we wear underwear under any other piece of clothing? To protect your most sensitive bits and clothing from each other. Below I’ve listed out the five reasons to wear underwear under bodysuits.

woman in green underwear and striped t-shirt from behind walking along a sandy beach


Your down-there skin is pretty sensitive, so having it spend all day nuzzled up against some unknown fabric can make it pretty irritated.

Many bodysuits are made to be stretchy and form-fitting, so a lot of them are made from synthetic blends. Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex are more likely to cause rashes, itchiness, and scaly skin.

An underwear made of soft, sustainable fabrics will prevent skin irritation thanks to their breathability and moisture-wicking properties.


If you have a vagina, you know about panty staining All Too Well (damn you Jake Gyllenhaal). Vaginal discharge can cause staining in your underwear because of the vagina’s naturally acidic pH levels.

It’s 1000% natural and normal, so don’t be embarrassed if you leave behind a little bleached snail trail in your panties. However, you probably don’t want to stain your new bodysuit with your house-made bleach. Wearing underwear protects your bodysuit from stains.


a smear of menstrual blood on a hexagonal white tiled floor between two feet

I think everyone who has a period has at least one embarrassing period leak story. Mine has something to do with middle school, bright pink lacrosse shorts, and an Aeropostale zip-up hoodie tied around the waist.

I’m hopeless at tracking my period, so it always ends up surprising me. That’s partially why I wear underwear under a bodysuit. Instead of leaking onto my bodysuit and then through my pants, my underwear acts as the first line of defense. That way I just have to worry about how to get blood out of underwear instead of washing my entire bodysuit.


That same synthetic blend in your favorite bodysuit that can cause skin irritation can also lead to some pretty unpleasant infections.

Infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections thrive in hot, moist environments. And spoiler alert, a sweaty vagina might just be the hottest and moistest environment ever.

Wearing breathable underwear can prevent a sweaty vagina from ever beginning. Protect your puss from nasty infections by wearing natural fiber underwear under your bodysuit.

Close up of a woman’s pelvis wearing nude underwear with a black band under unbuttoned blue jeans


I don’t know about you, but I’m prone to wedgies if I’m not wearing the right kind of underwear. If you have certain butt shapes, different cuts of underwear can cause a wedgie within two seconds of wearing.

If you have to ask yourself, “Why do I keep getting wedgies in my bodysuits?,” it’s probably because you’re not wearing underwear underneath them.

Because bodysuits come in all one piece, it can be difficult to find ones that perfectly fit both your bottom and top. An ill-fitting bottom can cause a wedgie, so wearing underwear that’s perfectly fitted to you will prevent your bodysuit from crawling up your butt.

close up of the midsection of a woman wearing a matching green bra and panty set in front of a green wall


More and more people are choosing to go commando to follow minimalist clothing trends. Because they have built-in underwear, it makes sense that this breezy trend would carry over into bodysuits. Below you’ll find the top three reasons people choose to skip the skivvies under bodysuits.


The most common reason for ditching undies when wearing a bodysuit is to avoid panty lines. A lot of bodysuits come with thong bottoms, so adding a pair of granny panties underneath doesn’t make much sense.

However, you can avoid panty lines and still protect your vagina from irritation and infections by wearing thong underwear.


a light blue laundry basket filled with dirty laundry against a white wall

I think everybody in the world would prefer to do less laundry. I mean who actively likes doing laundry?? Certainly not me! By going commando under a bodysuit, you avoid having to wash another pair of panties.

However, if you learn how to hand wash underwear, you can avoid a big laundry load, wear your bodysuit a few times before laundering (barring any stains or especially sweaty activities), and still have fresh undies!

Plus, from a sustainability perspective, hand washing underwear uses a lot less water and electricity than an entire machine load of bodysuits you’ve only worn once.


woman’s body wearing a black long sleeve bodysuit sitting criss-cross and holding her legs in front of sheer white fabric

Bodysuits are sleek. They don’t get untucked, they make a clean contour against all of your luscious curves, and they’re not bulky. Adding a pair of underwear can make the look bulkier and give lines along the waistband that break up the smooth lines.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking bulkier or having a broken-up contour. Humans have lines, shapes, and curves that might be smooth or might not be. Who cares!

However, if you’re looking for a sleek look, wearing a bodysuit without underwear will give you the sleekest look.


So, you know the answer to, “why are you supposed to wear underwear with bodysuits?,” but you’re still not convinced. We all should have bodily autonomy (do you hear that @USsupremecourt), so I’m not here to tell you what to wear and what not to wear. However, as a staunch advocate of vaginal health for all, here are some tips to go commando under a bodysuit healthily.

woman wearing a pink jacket over a high cut black bodysuit with long brown hair over one shoulder at night


If you’ve ever looked closely at a pair of underwear, you’ve probably wondered, what is the pocket in panties for? It’s called a gusset and it gives your vagina extra protection from the outside world. It’s that little flap of extra fabric that usually extends from the beginning of the labia lips and past the vaginal opening.

Inspect the label sewn into your bodysuit that lists the materials used:

  • There should be a separate section that lists the materials used in the gusset specifically. If there’s not, red flag!
  • If the gusset has any polyester, nylon, rayon, or spandex, red flag!
  • If the gusset is made of non-organic cotton, red flag! Read up on the difference between organic cotton vs cotton especially in regards to vaginal health.
  • If there is no gusset, red flag!

The gusset should be made of organic, natural materials like organic cotton for ultimate breathability and protection. If you found any of the red flags listed above, throw on some natural underwear—better safe than sorry!


two people kneeling from behind with hands on each others butts & the woman wearing a green thong and the man in boxers

Do you wear underwear with a bodysuit that has a thong bottom? While you might initially think that you shouldn’t, it’s actually especially important to wear antibacterial underwear with a thong bodysuit.

Thong bodysuits made of synthetic materials can introduce butt bacteria to your vulva and vagina, which can cause infection. This is especially true for people who are more prone to getting UTIs or yeast infections.

I understand why people prefer thong bodysuits—no visible panty lines and a sleeker look—so I’m not suggesting you slap some granny panties underneath. Instead just double up with a breathable, anti-microbial thong for the best of both worlds.

two women with long dark hair laughing while wearing bodysuits and nothing else on a street corner


For optimal vaginal health and wellness, yes you should wear underwear made of breathable materials like hemp. It will help prevent skin irritation, infections, staining from discharge and period blood, and wedgies.

However, if you must nix your knickers, find bodysuits that have a gusset made of natural fabrics and avoid thong bodysuits.

After doing all of this research and asking friends the ever-present question, “do you wear underwear with a bodysuit?”, I’m all for doubling up down there. But I want to hear from the people, so tell me… do YOU wear underwear with bodysuits?

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