Best Underwear For Body Type: How To Choose

close-up of a woman’s tattooed butt wearing a black pair of undies

I think one of the worst tortures of today’s modern world is uncomfortable underwear. Everybody’s body is different and beautiful and amazing and deserves to be in only the most comfy of clothing! That’s why it’s important to find the best underwear for body type: to unlock ultimate comfort.

It can be nearly impossible to find perfectly fitting, comfortable underwear unless you take body type, butt shapes, lifestyle, and material into consideration. And if you don’t find the perfect fit? A sweaty vagina, wedgie, or uncomfortable pinching are all waiting for you. No bueno.

So let’s throw a virtual underwear party and get you into the best underwear for YOUR body type! Below you’ll find the most common issues you’ll run into if you choose the wrong undies. Then, I break down the best underwear for body type for women and men with specific recommendations. Let’s jump in!


smiling woman giving a peace sign wearing a grey shirt and black boyshort on a deck outside with one foot popped

Badly fitting undies are my worst nightmare. Here are the most common issues you’ll run into when wearing not-so-great undies:


Just like my stomach rolls when I bend forward, my undies want to do the same. If you’ve ever wondered, “why does my underwear roll down?,” you know the struggle.

The worst, though, is when your undies roll down under a dress, so your only option is to try to roll them back up through the dress material. It’s not my most seductive move and certainly isn’t appropriate in most settings.

Thin waistbands, mid-rise waists, and larger stomachs or small hips can all contribute to the roll-down ride undies take. If you find this happening a lot, read below for the best undies for an apple body for men or women!


pear shaped woman taking a mirror selfie in a matching black bra and panty set

Whether it’s visible panty lines or fabric bunching up in weird places, ill-fitting underwear can wreak havoc on a sleek look. It’s the same reason why people ask, “Do you wear underwear with bodysuits?” Under baggier clothing, it’s not the biggest deal aesthetically, but you still have to deal with the discomfort of pinching or bunching.

Obviously this is mainly a looks issue, but if something you're wearing isn’t boosting your confidence, then it’s got to go! Bye!


If you wonder, “why do I keep getting wedgies?,” I’m right there with ya! Underwear styles with less coverage like a bikini cut can turn into wedgie-central on bigger booties. Any butt in an ill-fitting underwear style can be wedgie-central, but big butt babes may know the struggle a bit more intimately.

Finding the best underwear for body type is also how to prevent camel toes (or what I like to call front wedgies), so it’s a win-win!

If you’re looking to erase wedgies from your life, check out the pear body type underwear recommendations below.


woman’s body in a matching black triangle bralette and high waisted underwear under an open button-up shirt

Too-tight underwear can cause uncomfortable pinching, but even the right size underwear in an underwear style that isn't best for your body type can cause pinching, red marks, and pain.

If you have thicker thighs or a bigger stomach, styles like boy shorts can be really uncomfortable. They might fit your butt, but small openings for thighs or a non-stretchy waistband can pinch your skin—not fun!


Underwear that doesn’t fit quite right can be sooooo annoying to try to move in. It either is too tight and chafes against your skin, it’s too loose and falling down, orit bunches up, making it hard to go about your business.

Finding the best underwear for body type is especially important when you’re looking for good workout underwear. I don’t know about you, but I’m not feeling a runners high while my undies try to constrict my glorious thunder thighs!


bottom half of a tattooed woman wearing a green bra and boy shorts set pulling up on the waistband of her undies

If you’re wearing the wrong underwear style for your body type, you could end up with a lot of extra fabric or really tight fabric around your most sensitive bits.

That’s not fun for a lot of reasons, but especially if you’re not wearing antibacterial underwear. It can turn into a wayyy bigger problem than a little discomfort. Soft, anti microbial sustainable fabrics like hemp or organic cotton are more gentle on your downstairs than a synthetic material, even if they are too loose or bunched up!



Women have many types of panties to choose from, but some are comfier on certain body types than others. We’ve listed the best underwear styles for apple, pear/hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle body types below.

If you’re not sure of your body type, each one also has a short description, so you can determine what works best for you!


apple shaped woman with short curly hair and glasses in a black bra and high waisted panty set

Being an “apple” basically means having a larger midsection or tummy area than hips and chest. Because of this, you’ve probably had to google search, “why does my underwear roll down?,” quite a few times.

Because your midsection is larger than your hips, the waistband on your underwear is going to want to roll down. If your underwear is too tight, it’ll roll down AND pinch your waist (worst combo deal ever).

Avoid having to do the discreet underwear roll up move by wearing high waisted underwear. Now, if my mom tried to sell me on high waisted underwear in middle school, I’d call her a traitor for trying to put me in granny panties, but now they’re all the rage—seriously! Why are high waisted underwear so great for apple shapes?

  • You get more tummy support
  • They provide soft protection from touch fabrics like denim on your sensitive bits
  • You don’t have to deal with weird pinching lines on your stomach

But not every high waisted pair is created equally, so make sure you grab a pair that:

  • Has a thick waistband to prevent any roll down and maximize comfort
  • Is made from a breathable fabric like hemp


woman taking a mirror selfie sticking her tongue out showing off her green sports bra and boy shorts

Pear and hourglass shapes only differ up top, which doesn’t matter in this underwear discussion. All that matters is the relative size of that gorgeous ass(et) of yours!

To support that booty and avoid a wedgie, you’ll want to go for:


close up of a woman’s hip wearing nude bikini undies as she’s holding the waistband to show they fit her shape well

Rectangle bodies have more straight lines than curves where the butt and bust is concerned, so it can be difficult to find underwear that doesn’t bunch up on the booty or roll down your hips.

The best underwear for rectangle body shapes are:

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a thong:

  • a thick waistband, so it doesn’t roll down
  • made of an anti microbial fabric like hemp fabric, so you can keep your downstairs clean!

As you can see, rectangle bodies pair great with cheeky underwear styles like things. But what is cheeky underwear you ask? It shows off more of your booty than a full-coverage pair like hipsters or boy shorts, but not as much as a thong. You won’t have to deal with any extra fabric like you would with high-waisted or boy shorts, which is great when your body is less curvaceous.


woman in a matching green sports bra and boy shorts set kneeling on her bed while looking at her phone

If you have a petite derriére and wider shoulders and waist, then you’ll want to avoid briefs or full coverage underwear that’s meant to hug just your booty. Inverted triangles have a lot of great choices for underwear like:

  • Bikini style underwear is great for an everyday pair, but if you find that’s still too much fabric, slip on a thong!
  • Boy shorts are great for when you want extra coverage and the non-wedgie feeling of a thong. What are boy shorts? They’re a full coverage option that go beyond the bottom of your booty to extend down your thighs a bit. They’re great for my small booty sisters because you get the full coverage without floppy material around your butt.


Fellas, let’s talk about body types. While women get introduced to the idea of comparing our bodies to fruit from a young age, it’s not as common for men to do the same.

Below, I’ve used the same labels for the same body types for women and men. If you’re not sure of your body type or what a certain one is, I’ve described the main shape you’re working with when trying to find underwear. Read through each one to determine what your body is most like. Happy discovering!


apple shaped, tattooed man wearing green boxers taking a mirror selfie with a red phone

Apple basically means a larger midsection and waist relative to your shoulders and hips. It’s round like an apple, get it? If you’re rocking the apple body we all know and love, classic mens boxers are a great option for you! They’re not tight to the skin, so you have some room to breathe. To find the best boxers, find a pair with:

  • A wide, flexible waistband, so you stay comfy and secure throughout your day without having them roll down.
  • Breathable, soft fabrics like organic cotton (or hemp!), so you don’t end up with a swampy nether region!


man’s legs and torso wearing nude boxer briefs that support his package outside in front of a chain link fence

Picture a pear. You’ve got the smaller top bit and then it rounds out *very nicely* to a bigger bottom. You really love to see it! Whether this means you’ve got an ample booty or thick thighs, you’re going to want to find underwear that supports and cradles you. Your pear shape could come from a voluptuous butt or thick thighs, which changes what type of underwear will work best for you:

  • butt-heavy pear shapes will love mens boxer briefs. If you don’t know up from down in the ancient boxers vs boxer briefs debate, boxer briefs are where compression shorts meets underwear. Form-fitting with a 5-6” inseam, they support that booty perfectly.
  • Thigh-heavy pear shapes will love mens briefs. They’re one of the only styles of men's underwear that doesn’t have material around the thighs, making them perfect for you!


muscular man wearing a grey shirt with black trunk underwear that perfectly fit both his front and back assets

Being a rectangle is pretty self-explanatory, but it basically means that your body doesn’t have a whole lot of variation in sizing. Your shoulders and hips are relatively the same size and your waist doesn’t curve in very much. Trunks underwear are a great option for you. Why? 

  • They give a sleek look with less fabric than boxers or boxer briefs.
  • They provide some thigh coverage and booty support.

Because trunks tend to end at the widest part of your thigh, make sure to find a pair made of a soft, flexible fabric like hemp so you don’t get pinched after a full day of wearing them.


man from behind wearing green briefs with his jeans around his thighs and a maroon flannel standing in autumnal woods

Inverted triangles have broad shoulders and smaller hips, usually with a smaller butt. This means you might deal with a lot of waistband roll down or undies that are baggy around your butt.

If so, a pair of mens briefs are a godsend. They’re the classic style we all know but maybe don’t love if your last interaction with them involved a dinosaur print (that your mom picked out). But fear not! Men’s briefs have come a long way. Guys love them because they:

  • Cradle your package supportively
  • Make your butt look nice and tight
  • Are made with a wedgie-free design
  • Have non-roll down waistbands


the back of two women’s legs and butts wearing dark brown bikini underwear that fits their rectangle body shapes well

The best underwear for your body type will support what needs to be supported, allow you to move freely and comfortably, and look damn good on you!

Whether you need a little extra coverage to avoid a pear-shaped wedgie or need a higher waist pair so you don’t have to spend all day dragging your undies back back, paying attention to your body type when choosing underwear is essential for a comfy day. You’ll get everything you need in a pair of undies!

Time for an FMK underwear edition! Which would you choose to f*ck, marry, or kill??

  1. a pair that won’t ever give you a wedgie
  2. a pair that makes your assets look even more amazing
  3. a pair that doesn’t roll down ever

For me, I think I’d go for F2, M1, and K3. What about you?

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